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              A rewarding visit for all
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-02-02-112-3 · Part · 22 March 2024
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              "Bishop Peter Collins enjoyed a wonderful day at St John Fisher Catholic High School, Peterborough, during which he met many of the students and staff. Accompanied by diocesan schools' service director Dr Andy Stone, the bishop toured the school, followed by Mass in the chapel concelebrated with Fr Karol from St Peter and All Souls." Story continues.
              image caption: "Bishop Peter with just some of the students and staff he met during his day at St John Fisher."

              Universe Catholic Weekly (2021-)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-01-28 · Item · 23 September 1926
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              (French manuscript) Abbot Neve has pleasure in telling the Bishop that the Prioress of the Bethany Monastery [Priory?] agrees to send a professed religious to Aldeburgh with a view to a foundation there. She will not be able to come before 8 December. The Prioress will send details to the Superior of the Oblates of Aldeburgh. The nun must contact Rome to obtain canonical direction for the new congregation - this will not happen until next Spring. After that they will come under the Bishops control. Finishes by saying he will be in England at the end of October and will try to meet the Bishop.
              Manuscript annotation "Wrote [undecipherable]. Away till Nov. 10 home till 17th Nov. Oct. 28/26.".

              Nève, Théodore Dom (1879-1963)
              Ad Fratres
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-29 · Item · April 1987
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Worth Leaving?; Human Fatigue!; "Together"; Shortage of Clergy?; Permanent Deacons; CAFOD; The Pro-Nuncio's visit; Financial Administrator - Matthew Duffin & Rev Richard Wilson; Ordinations - Nicholas Kearney, Peter Rollings; The Brethren - Fr Brendon Peters, Fr Arthur Tomlinson, Fr Jim Smith

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              Ad Sorores
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-30 · Item · April 1987
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Just You!; Ecumenism; Schools; Religious Apostolates; The Sisters Day; The Pro-Nuncio's Day 27 June at 10am in Newmarket; Easter Greetings

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA42-01-01-11 · Item · 28 October 1902[?]
              Part of The Sacred Heart Parish, Southwold

              Annie Allnutt congratulates the Bishop n withholding consent to start building in Southwold. She is concerned over the low level of involvement of Mr & Mrs Crimmen in the recent visit by the Bishop, given their generosity in time and resources for the Mission. Asks the Bishop to be quite sure that Fr Mason is the right priest in the right place. Comments on his approach to certain congregation members of good standing - her own "unpardonable sin is that I advised Fr Mason some years ago to quit Southwold at once and seek a post in the Bishop's House where he would have work and supervision; he being young, full of life and animal spirits and fond of the good things in life." Comments that the building fund has not increased in years (except for the £100 donated by the Bishop) in spite of fund raising events.

              Attendee list
              GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-02-3-1 · Part · 2005-03-28
              Part of RCDEA Photographs

              list of 48 names + driver

              Walsh, James Rev
              GB ARCHON 2913 EABC-00-01-85 · Item · 30 June 1982
              Part of East Anglia Bishops' Correspondence

              His Beatitude Maximus V (Hachim), Melchite Patriarch of Antioch (Jerusalem and Alexandria) is to visit 1 to 6 September 1982 after his visit to Ireland.
              Bishop Clark has become unwittingly involved in the (complicated) preparations for the Patriarch's visit and wishes to visit London after Ireland before returning to Syria. The emissary, Mgr Jena-Clement Jeanbart, and the Bishop have agreed some ground rules (5 of them). However, the dates are wrong because Catholic Authorities are still "en vacance" at the time of the visit. Could the Cardinal help and ask a home Bishop to host the visit and provide suitable accommodation for the Patriarch and his entourage?

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-00-08-18 · Item · 1987-7-6
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              Recording his appreciation of the effort to make the Pro-Nuncio's visit a marvellous success. Likes the idea of him closing the Martian Year and blessing the amenity block. the three of us to meet a long but regular intervals [to discuss religious support]

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-00-08-5 · Item · 1980-10-22
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              Points briefly, but not intended to be brusque.

              1. irresponsible to promote this distasteful campaign to induce a visit
              2. No decisions taken; matter surely on the agenda of the November Hierarchy Meeting; to involve Carding and Archbishop Worlock
              3. finances do not work out - the Irish still paying off a large debt [for the Papal visit to Knock]
              4. issues over meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury at Walsingham
              5. disparaging remarks about "taking out Lady to the Pope" do not deter Bishop Clark - she is more important than her shrine
              6. Fr Birch exaggerates. Canterbury visit (probably) of far greater significance
              7. Once the Hierarchy decided on priorities, Bishop will be clear and uncompromising - no blame nor chiding - his idea can be sold to the nation and a community which wants to glimpse the Pope
              8. "I am not letting you down..."
              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA22-02-01-9 · Item · 25 October 1982
              Part of St Michael the Archangel Parish, Huntingdon

              Programme is:

              • leave Poringland and arrive at 9.30pm - bed for the night please
              • preach 8.45 mass at St Michael's
              • opening words at 10am mass at The Good Shepherd
              • confirmation mass at St Michael's
              • lunch with neighbours
              • sick visits
              • cuppa and head for Poringland - to prepare for the November Hierarchy meeting on Monday
              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA40-02-01-9 · Item · 23-2-1981
              Part of Our Lady of Lourdes and St John Fisher Parish, Sawston

              Bishop happy to go to Sawston and commission Special Ministers. He will do so after his visitation to Our Lady of English Martyrs (OLEM) in Cambridge. Each candidate must have adequate catechesis, be in possession of the CTS blue handbook and have a certificate for the Bishop to issue.
              Delighted to hear that the parish is geared to Saturday 16th May.

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA47-b-01-01-18 · Item · 1977-5-14
              Part of Church of the Annunciation Parish, Walsingham

              Wednesday June 8 to meet informally with the St Henry's people. Important that the parishioners see him now they have a parish in their own right.

              Reverse side: Meeting manuscript [probably Bishop's handwriting] notes but no date/subject/objective - Philpot / Drury / Rogers all mentioned - topics "prayer", "Preaching" "human relationships", "emotive issues"

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-01-09-02-27 · Item · 21 January 1986
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Bishop Clark is travelling, with Fr Philpot, to Bolivia to visit one of his priests, Fr John Drury. Fr Drury has been in South America for 5 years and the last 12 months have been spent in the foothills of the Andes. He returns to East Anglia in the Autumn and has sent an open letter to all those in the diocese who have helped him with the prayers and alms.

              Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)
              Bishop in Battambang
              GB ARCHON 2913 XM-VHS-12 · Item · 2004
              Part of RCDEA Archive Media collection

              Video recording of Bishop Michael Evans' visit to Battambang, Cambodia in 2004
              Duration - 37 minutes
              digital file - 671 Mbytes
              opening titles:
              White House / Amateur (very!) Productions presents" "The Bishop in Battambang 2004" "jumbled rambling images of two weeks in Cambodia"
              Opening river scenes, gathering of children and adults; "To a floating village / with Father Heri / Chong Knies"; "The Old Church at Ta Om"; "A serious evening with the sisters, the girls and Father Franco"; "Mass with Mgr Kike at Ta Hen"

              Evans, Michael Charles Rev MTh (1951-2011)