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              GB ARCHON 2913 XM-CD-02 · Item · 23 June 2010
              Part of RCDEA Archive Media collection

              CD contains five folders:
              Folder1: "flower festival 2010" - 13 colour, digital images
              Folder2: "flower festival c" - 52 color digital images
              Folder3: "flower festival 2010 b" - 69 color digital images
              Folder4: "wedding dress" - 4 color digital images
              Folder5: wedding pann" - 15 colour digital images
              EXIN indicates taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S80

              GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-IMG007 · Item · unknown
              Part of RCDEA Photographs

              Photograph take around the day of Fr Denis Robert's ordination. They are standing before the door to what is now Cathedral House, Unthank Road, Norwich.
              from left to right: Fr Anthony Roberts, Fr Denis Roberts, Fr Christopher Roberts

              GB ARCHON 2913 MIS-01-18 · Item · June 1990
              Part of Miscellaneous Deposits

              Images were taken during the St John the Baptist 1990 Inventory.
              3 plastic 35mm Kodak slide boxes: Box 1 slides 31-34; box 2 slides 35-61; box 3 slides 61-101

              1990 Slide Inventory List (Slide #, Description) (images available in RCDEA Archives filestore)
              1) Brass Jug
              2) Cruets and tray
              3) Silver jug with wooden handle
              4) Silver ewer
              5) Decorated brass chalice
              6) Bishop's Chalice
              7) Brass ciborium
              8) Silver ciborium
              9) Silver ciborium
              10) Silver ciborium
              11) Silver ciborium
              12) Small silver chalice & paten
              13) Brass chalice lined with gold
              14) Silver chalice
              15) Pale gold chalice
              16) Miniature silver chalice & paten
              17) Chalice
              18) Gold monstrance
              19) Gold monstrance
              20) Gold monstrance
              21) Gold monstrance
              22) Silver thurible
              23) Brass thurible
              24) Processional cross
              25) Silver-plated thurible
              26) Parish Chalice
              27) Father Harry's [Wace] chalice – now in his possession
              28) Silver chalice one of eight
              29) Silver chalice one of two.
              30) Silver chalice, one of two.
              31) Silver tray for chalices
              32) Silver-plated ciborium
              33) Silver-plated ciborium
              34) Crucifix
              35) Crucifix
              36) Gold ciborium
              37) Brass candlestick, one of eight
              38) Two small bells
              39) Sanctuary bell-small
              40) Sanctuary bell—large
              41) Large brass bell for Christmas & Easter.
              42) Brass Jug & Plate.
              43) Copper Jug, used for Holy Oils
              44) Largest candlestick-one of 6
              45) Acolyte candlestick—one of 2
              46) Claw foot candlestick—one of 6
              47) 30'candelabra – one of 2
              48) 24' candelabra — one of 2
              49) 24" candelabra — one of 4
              50) 20' candelabra – one of 2
              51) 12" candelabra – one of 2
              52) Two single candlesticks, each one of 4
              53) 2 single candlesticks from Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA) - each one of 2
              54) Adjustable candelabra — one of 2- from LSA
              55) Candelabra one of 2 — from LSA
              56) Brass crucifix — from LSA
              57) Brass vase – One of 4
              58) Silver swinging candle holder – one of 4.
              59) Torch – one of 4.
              60) Holy Water container with handle
              61) Holy water container
              62) Copper container for Easter Holy Water
              63) Purple cope(back)
              64) Purple cope(back)
              65) Green cope(back)
              66) White embroidered cope (front)
              67) White embroidered cope (back)
              68) Father Harry's [Wace] Ordination chasuble. now in his possession
              69) Father Harry's [Wace] Ordination chasuble. now in his possession
              70) Red & gold chasuble with embroidered panels(back)
              71) Red & gold chasuble with embroidered panels (front)
              72) White heavily embroidered chasuble with red strips(front)
              73) Silver chasuble
              74) Embroidered altar frontal (Lamb, donated 1990)
              75) Best gold chasuble (back).
              76) Old white cope — Ecce Agnus Dei - (back)
              77) Old white cope — Ecce Agnus Dei - (front)
              78) Humeral veil matching 76 & 77
              79) Red chasuble—heavily embroidered (back)
              80) White chasuble-heavily embroidered panel(Back)
              81) Green 'tapestry' chasuble (back)
              82) Nativity figures - 2 sheep, 2 donkeys,1 ox.
              83) Nativity figures - 3 Kings, Our Lady carved in wood, Babe & crib (single item)
              84) Nativity figures - 4 shepherds
              85) Nativity figures - Our Lady, St Joseph (both plaster),recumbent ox.
              86) two plaster angels, Nativity figure of St Joseph (carved wood)
              87) Easter angel and 2 Holy Women (Easter garden)
              88) Crown from Sanctuary.
              89) not recorded
              90) not recorded
              91) not recorded
              92) not recorded
              93) not recorded
              94) Crown from Sanctuary.
              95) Crown from Sanctuary.
              96) Crown from Sanctuary.
              97) Ciborium
              99) Babe sculpted by Bettina Batten
              100) Ciborium on loan from Sheringham
              101) Ciborium on loan from Sheringham

              Inventory completed 1992.
              Later additions inserted December 1997

              Location of Items (by transparency number)
              Strong room Items 1-22,4 of 28,30,32,33,100,101,
              Sacristy Items 24,26,4 of 28,29,31,34,35,36-40,60,61,70-81,
              Servers' Sacristy Items 23,25,57-59,86
              passage cupboard 1 Items 63-67
              passage cupboard 2 Items 41-43,62,82-87,
              passage cupboard 4 Items 37,44-56
              Tabernacle Item 36
              Sanctuary Items 88,94,97
              House Oratory Item 97

              St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich
              Altar #3 at Long Melton
              GB ARCHON 2913 NTM-02-01-24 · Item · c1960s
              Part of Northampton Diocesan Travelling Mission - Fr McCormick

              Image of altar fully dressed.
              Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Pre Vat II Portable Altar - Third Model.
              This altar was made of oak by my friend. It was completely one folding unit. The op opened up to form the reredos, the bottom folded down to form the legs, the cabinet between the top and the bottom contained all the other mass requisites. Including the telescopic credence table! The whole altar fitted into a heavy brown canvas cover with carrying straps. See Landrover photo when I was loading all my gear! Taken in a house at Long Melford (Suffolk)(haunted?!)
              Altar No. 3"

              Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)
              Altar #4
              GB ARCHON 2913 NTM-02-01-26 · Item · c1960s
              Part of Northampton Diocesan Travelling Mission - Fr McCormick

              Altar dressed for Mass; Madonna & Child to left (in its carrying case); framed poster of the crucifixion to right; seven chairs set for the congregation.
              Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Altar No. 4. This is post Vat II.
              This was in two main pieces - a heavy wooden folding table & a large wooden case made of marine plywood with aluminium protective moulding on all corner edges. The case has a detachable lid which when removed allowed the altar top to be unfolded outwards - under this folding top were stowed all the altar requisites.
              This was the altar I left at Mr St John Foti's museum at Downham Market.
              Note. This photo shows my hand-carved statue of O.Lady in a protective oak case - I used to stand it near my altar. On the left is one of my seasonal posters by an artist friend. (Boxford Suffolk)
              Altar No. 4"

              Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)
              Altar set for house Mass
              GB ARCHON 2913 NTM-02-01-27 · Item · c1960s
              Part of Northampton Diocesan Travelling Mission - Fr McCormick

              Altar dressed for Mass with family[?] posing alongside.
              Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Post Vat II Portable Mission Altar No. 4.
              This is as described on the photo taken at Boxford, Suffolk.
              This one was taken at the house-mass at Snettisham, Norfolk - can't remember the year!
              Altar No. 4"

              Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)