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              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-3-86 · Part · 1 May 1867
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              This has the instruction "To be kept in the Archives of the Mission"
              This document describes/retells the interchange, and decisions made, between the Bishops of England and the Vatican over the nature of masses designated "Pro Populo".

              Amherst, Francis Kerril Rev (1819-1883)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-05-01-02-01-152 · Item · 22 July 1976
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Expectation that priests and laity obey and respect the Pope and Bishops and celebrate Mass and Sacraments in the Church's way. Warning against attending an unofficial Latin Mass. Establishes that Archbishop Lefebvre and supporters are opposed to Vatican II and are operating outside the orders of the Pope and Bishops. To attend their Mass is to risk parting company with the Pope and the Catholic Church.

              Lindsay, Hugh Rev (1927-2009)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-2-60 · Part · 19 March 1857
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Latin Text [a translation below]:
              Omnibus has visuris sautem et beneditionem in Domino.

              Synodum dioecesanam hoc anno, Deo juvante habituri, ut SS Patrum instituta, praeceptaque sequamur; ne pereat fructus ille, quem ex ea capere omnes possumus, monemus in Dominio, ac poenis sacrorum Canonum, seu aliis ad arbitrium nostrum proponendis, jubemus in virtute Sanctae Obedientiae Ecclesia nostrae Cathedralis Canonicos omnesque etiam Regulares, curae animarum in Dioecesi nostra addictos, et quoscunque tam e Clero Saeculari quam Regulari, qui ratione Facultatum quas a nobis obtinent, vel ex alio aliquo titulo Synodo hujus Dioecesis interesse debent, die sexta mensis maii proximi in nostrum proCathedralem Ecclesiam sancti felicis convenire, neque vero pro se alios mittere; nisi qui legitima causa sint impediti, quam nobis probaverint. Volumus autem ut haec Synodi indictio affixa valvis proCathedralis ecclesiae perinde omnes, et singulos interesse debentes afficiat, ac si fuisset singulus singulatim intimata.

              in Feriis Quintis ante Synodum a die 16 aprilis Missae de Spiritu Sancto fiant, vel Collecta dicatur, et in Dominicis ac Festis Diebus, Litaniae Sanctorum ante Missam recitentur.
              Datum Northantoniae Die 19 Mensis Martii A. D. 1857

              Rough Translation:
              To all health and blessing in the Lord.

              We will have a Diocesan Synod this year, with the help of God, so that we may follow the institutions and precepts of the Holy Fathers; lest that fruit be lost, which we all can take from it, we warn in the Dominion, and by the punishments of the sacred Canons, or by proposing to others at our discretion, we command, by virtue of Holy Obedience, the Canons of our Cathedral Church, and all the Regulars also, committed to the care of souls in our Diocese, and any both from the Secular and Regular Clergy, who, by reason of the Faculties which they obtain from us, or by reason of some other title, must attend the Synod of this Diocese, on the sixth of May next, in our pro-Cathedral Church of St. Felix, and not send others in their stead; except those who are hindered by a legitimate cause, which they have proved to us. This notice of Synod will be affixed to the gates of the Cathedral church, should equally affect all those who must attend, as if it had been intimated to each one individually.

              On the Thursdays before the Synod from the 16th of April Masses on the Holy Spirit should be held, or the Collect said, and on Sundays and Feast Days, the Litany of the Saints should be recited before the Mass.

              Given at Northampton on the 19th day of March, A. D. 1857

              manuscript annotation on reverse: "The Synodal mass will be at 9. Each one should bring his cassock, surplis, biretta and praxis Synodi Diocesanes."

              Wareing, William Rev (1791-1865)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-05-01-02-01 · File · 28 June 1975 to 11 August 1976
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              1 folder containing:
              [ID prefix A= own AtoM record; N= no AtoM record]
              N1. letter 20-5-1975 correspondent Local priest not following rite changes
              N2. letter 28-5-1975 correspondent Downham Market situation not good
              N3. letter 25-5-1975 Bishop's Office Letter passed to Bishop Clark for rely
              A4. letter 15-7-1975 Bishop Clark Understand anxiety. Working on a solution
              N5. letter 31-7-1975 correspondent Support for Bishop Clark's action seen in press
              A6. letter 7-8-1977 Bp Clark Reorganisation of parishes in Dereham/Swaffam
              N7. letter 8-8-1975 correspondent Unhappy re loss of parish priest and daily Masses
              A8. letter 9-8-1975 Fr Baker Time to consider Bp's letter; Happy Birthday to Bp.
              N9. letter 9-8-1975 correspondent Bp's wrong understanding lead to wrong decision
              A10. letter 10-8-1975 correspondent Petition sent to Bp Grant & Bp Clark
              A10-1. petition 10-8-1975 correspondent Covering letter and Petition against changes at Downham
              N11. letter 11-8-1975 Bp Clark Details to be confirmed - Masses will be held at Downham
              A12. letter Aug 1975 Fr Baker Position at Downham comfortable/flourishing - no need for concern
              A13. letter 12-8-1975 Bp Clark Explanation of changes; need for obedience to your Bishop; request to resign
              N14. letter 12-8-1975 correspondent Retired priest saying Mass is more edifying at Downham than anywhere
              N15. letter 12-8-1975 Mrs V M Gillick Request to reconsider decision about Fr Baker
              N16. letter 12-8-1975 correspondent [an extract] advising caution for such a small matter / parish
              N17. letter 14-8-1975 Bp Clark cannot allow disobedience; need to be resolute
              N18. letter 14-8-1075 Bp Clark Correspondent's tone? decision is with pastoral concern
              A19. letter 16-8-1975 Fr Baker Wishes Bp Clark Happy Birthday; will reply when Bp Grant responds
              N20. letter 16-8-1975 correspondent Entreats reconsideration of Downham decision
              N21. letter undated correspondent quotes "Gentleman Jack" by Robert Herrick; cautions Bp
              N22. letter 18-8-1975 correspondent challenges the Bp to produce the Papal document imposing "New Mass"
              N23. letter 15-8-1975 correspondent Copy of letter to Fr Baker; crime is to say Mass!; Bp will pay
              N24. letter 19-8-1975 correspondent Support for pastoral role of Fr Baker; leave him unmolested
              A25. letter 19-8-1975 Bp Clark Asks Fr Baker to announce that courtesy and Christian Charity should be reflected in letters
              N26. letter undated correspondent Dismay at closure of Downham Market as a parishes
              N27. letter 20-8-1975 correspondent Questioning decision to remove a much loved parish priest
              A28. letter 20-8-1975 correspondent Robust letter challenging the Bishop's decision; copied to Hierarchy
              A29. letter 20-8-1975 Fr Baker Unfortunate Anglia TV programme; sorry about intemperate letters
              N30. letter 20-8-1975 correspondent Anglo-Catholic priest supports Fr Baker as a good parish priest
              N31. letter 21-8-1975 correspondent long letter addressing the attempt to dismiss Fr Baker
              N32. letter 22-8-1975 correspondent Support for Fr Baker; dislike of a watered down Mass
              N33. letter 22-8-1975 correspondent Support for Fr Baker; many attend for Tridentine Latin Mass
              N34. letter 22-8-1975 correspondent Press reports on Fr Baker and Bishop's decision - false ecumenism
              N35. letter 22-8-1975 correspondent Press reports on removal of Fr Baker; a grave injustice
              N36. letter 23-8-1975 correspondent Indulgence for different forms of Mass but not for Tridentine
              N37. letter 23-8-1975 correspondent Plea to allow "the glorious Tridentine Mass"
              N38. letter 23-8-1975 correspondent Wide ranging letter: CofE; sects; secret societies; bogus ecumenism
              N39. letter 23-8-1975 correspondent Allow Folk masses and pop music; why not Tridentine?
              N40. letter 24-8-1975 correspondent scotch rumours causing pain and distress re Tridentine
              N41. letter 24-8-1975 correspondent Always priests of Fr Baker's calibre
              N42. letter 25-8-1975 correspondent incomprehensible harshness of decision; staunch/holy Fr Baker
              N43. letter 25-8-1975 correspondent Sad about Fr Baker; refugees fleeing the Anti-Christ
              N44. letter 25-8-1975 correspondent Denial of Spiritual Nourishment from Mass at Downham
              N45. letter 25-8-1975 correspondent protest at action taken against Downham priest
              N46. letter 25-8-1975 correspondent support for new rite and replacement of Fr Baker; silent majority
              N47. letter 26-8-1975 correspondent keep Fr Baker and Tridentine Mass
              N48. letter 26-8-1975 correspondent many praying for a change of priest at Downham
              N49. letter 26-8-1975 correspondent offensive proposal to interfere with Bp's authority
              N49-1. notice 26-8-1975 "Pilgrimage to Downham Market and Day of Prayers"
              N49-2. letter 26-8-1975 correspondent Asks Fr Baker "Aught we not to obey?"
              N50. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Kentucky Rev distressing news about Fr Baker being ousted
              N51. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Reconsider decision
              N52. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Enclosed verse expresses writer's feelings; sorry for Bishop
              N52-1. verse "Now, Downham Market's Golgotha,"; 8 four line verses
              N53. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Suppression of traditional Mass; not wipe Fr Baker off the map
              N54. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Daily Mail report of Mass with sliced bread and paper cups
              N55. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Allow Mass at Downham; support for Fr Baker
              N56. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Allow Fr Baker to follow his conscience
              N57. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Reconsider changing parish boundaries.
              N58. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent Old Mass wanted; parishioners fortunate to have Fr Baker
              N59. letter 27-8-1975 correspondent dismayed at boundary changes and removal of Fr Baker
              N60. letter undated correspondent by what authority is the Bishop doing what he is doing?
              N61. letter 28-8-1975 correspondent Fr Baker well regarded; change your decision
              N62. letter 28-8-1975 Bp Clark Grateful for the letter; inundated with condemnation;
              N63. letter 28-8-1975 Bp Clark appreciate the courtesy; next few weeks will be difficult
              A64. letter 28-8-1975 Bp Clark To Bp Grant. Diocese division; Downham Market; PPs changeover on 7 October
              N65. letter 28-8-1975 correspondent suggesting alternative solution to suppressing Latin Mass
              N66. letter undated unsigned wide ranging polemic; geopolitics, Russia, Israel, history & ills of Catholics in England
              N67. letter 29-8-1975 unsigned "do not commit your dirty deed on Father Baker"
              N68. letter 29-8-1975 correspondent schizm [sic] arisen over adoption of New Mass
              A69. letter 29-8-1975 correspondent support for the good job Fr Sketch is doing in Downham
              N70. letter 29-8-1975 correspondent silent majority support Bishop's approach
              N71. letter 30-80`975 correspondent support for Latin Mass
              N72. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent protest against removal of Fr Baker
              N73. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent farmer using the metaphor of the shepherd and his sheep
              N74. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent protest at attempts to oust Fr Baker; exercise right for old Mass
              N75. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent Why discard the old Mass? Pride?
              N76. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent No choice given; suppression of old teachings
              N77. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent admiration for Bishop's stand at Downham
              N78. letter 31-8-1975 correspondent one-sided media reporting; feels for the Bishop
              N79. letter 29-8-1975 correspondent Retired priest [?] on English Indult vs. Novus Ordo
              N80. letter 1-9-1975 correspondent "Ildephonsus", Lynford, a pity Fr Baker did not resign and retire as Fr Houghton did
              N81. letter 1-9-1097 correspondent Allow both rites; Bishops not in touch with laity
              N82. postcard 1-9-1975 unsigned randomly covered with sketches, phrases, recusant references
              N83. letter 1-9-1975 correspondent support for Bishop's efforts to implement Vatican II
              N84. letter 2-9-1975 correspondent in support of Archbishop Lefebvre, Fr Baker; Curia is destroying the Church
              A85. statement 2-9-1975 Bp Clark To Catholic Herald, taken by Mr Duggan - Downham affair
              A85-1. notes 2-9-1975 Bp Clark Manuscript answers to questions put by Catholic Herald
              N86. letter 2-9-1975 J Todhunter Support for Bp; Mention of Justice Cumming-Bruce drink driving conviction
              N87. letter 2-9-1975 correspondent Pope Pius V 1570 rite in perpetuity; grave suspicion over new rite and other changes
              N88. letter 2-9-1975 correspondent reconsider making Latin Mass inaccessible in East Anglia
              N89. letter 2-9-1975 correspondent diatribe against shabby treatment of Fr Baker and the changes being implemented after Vatican II
              A90. letter 4-9-1975 The Table Editor: piece on Downham Market; Fr Baker really exemplary?
              N91. postcard 5-9-1975 correspondent distress at being forbidden the worship of our martyrs
              N92. letter 5-9-1975 correspondent church acting in haste; do not wrong Fr Baker
              N93. letter 5-9-1975 Revd KV Ensor Anglican making observations about ecumenical changes
              N94. letter 5-9-1975 correspondent Blame on Bps Butler and Clark for Catholic Dogma damage
              N95. letter 7-9-1975 correspondent support for Latin mass; exemplified by the CCR, etc.
              A95. letter 7-9-1975 Bp Grant Requests Fr Baker to attend in Northampton for discussions
              A96. letter 8-9-1975 Bp Clark[?] To Tablet editor, article honest appraisal of Downham affair
              N97. letter 8-9-1975 correspondent distressed at possible dismissal of Fr Baker for Latin Mass
              A98. letter 9-9-1975 Bp Clark Fr Baker on women's attire; Bishops looking for a solution
              A99. letter 9-9-1975 Bp Clark To Rev Ensor, touched by letter; misery at Downham
              A100. letter 9-9-1975 Bp Clark Bp Grant has waited; will use Canon Law not act summarily
              A101. letter 9-9-1975 Bp Office Copy of letter from Bp Grant to Fr Baker via Fr Hammond
              A101-1. letter 9-9-1975 Bp Grant Fr Baker is acting against Church Law; invited to resign
              N102. letter 9-9-1975 correspondent distressed at Fr Baker being censured
              N103. letter 9-9-1975 correspondent sorry about vicious letters; laity's resistance to changes; left wing favoured over right wing; hardening attitudes
              N104. letter 9-9-1975 correspondent bill of St Pius V was never repealed
              N105. letter 9-9-1975 correspondent stop aligning Catholic with Anglican liturgy/theology
              N106. letter 10-9-1975 correspondent American family visiting enjoy Latin Mass; reconsider proposed actions
              N107. letter 11-9-1975 correspondent No respect for sacred aspects of the Mass or Church
              A108. letter 11-9-1975 Alan Smithies Poet: short treatise on development of English language liturgy; providing 4 hymns
              N109. letter 11-9-1975 correspondent support for Bishop after seeing him on TV; convert from Marxism
              A110. letter 11-9-1975 Sr Bede The changes are proper; implementation / explanation poor
              N111. letter 11-9-1975 correspondent Tho' pro-Latin faction is vociferous; many have accepted new Mass
              N112. letter 12-9-1975 correspondent Let Fr Baker continue his holy duties and say Latin Mass
              N113. letter 13-9-1975 correspondent against me or for me; support for Fr Baker & Archbishop Lefebvre
              N114. letter 14-9-1975 correspondent inconsistent approach by Bishops; overnight decrees changing life long habits
              N115. letter 14-9-1975 correspondent support for Fr Baker; lowering of liturgy standards
              N116. letter 15-9-1975 Bp Clark Catholic Herald's Douglas Brown article ".. what is really happening."; Thanks for the encouraging letter
              A117. letter 15-9-1975 Bp Clark D Brown's article was right; Times' Clifford Longley's good overview of what is at stake
              N118. letter 14-9-1975 correspondent General discontent at Fr Baker situation in Downham; look forward to arrival of Fr Sketch
              N119. letter 14-9-1975 correspondent Anglicans can choose service types - why not Catholics? Allow Fr Baker to continue
              N120. letter 15-9-1975 correspondent innovation is destroying the church; Fr Baker is an example
              N121. letter 22-9-1975 correspondent support for Fr Baker; removal of Bp Clark
              N122. letter 23-9-1975 correspondent Silent majority want life in the parish and not Fr Baker - list of 140
              N123. letter 24-9-1975 correspondent appeals for a sympathetic approach for Fr Baker
              N124. letter 1-11-1975 correspondent liberals depriving traditional Catholics of Latin Mass
              N125. letter 8-11-1975 correspondent puzzled about Downham affair; demonstrate paternal charity?
              N126. letter 11-11-1975 correspondent maintain the parish as it is; keep a priest, which are in short supply
              N127. letter 14-11-1975 correspondent a good priest being harshly dismissed; change decision
              N128. letter 15-11-1975 correspondent conformity for itself; allow both rites together
              N129. letter 18-11-1975 correspondent why punish a priest for doing what he was ordained to do?
              A130. letter 20-11-1975 Bp Grant Covering letter for official decree removing Fr Baker
              A130-1. decree 19-11-1975 Bp Grant Decree for the removal of Fr Baker from Downham parish
              A131. letter 24-11-1975 Bp Grant Consequences of the Decree for Fr Baker
              A132. letter 25-11-1975 Bp Grant unbalanced account given in Daily Telegraph re Downham
              A133. notice 26-11-1975 Bp Grant Explanatory notice for Fr Sketch to give to parishioners
              N134. letter 27-11-1975 correspondent tolerance for "pop-masses" but not for traditional rite
              N135. letter 28-11-1975 correspondent high-handed treatment of Fr Anthony Roberts and Fr Baker; Gorleston ceremony marred by an ungenerous disposition - astonished and is not forgotten
              A136. letter 26-12-1097 Fr Baker cover letter to unidentified editor for a statement; asks for 24 copies of the edition it appears in
              A136-1 statement 26-12-1975 Fr Baker Statement including objections to "New Mass"
              N137. letter 28-12-1975 correspondent lengthy letter challenging Bp Grant's line on Fr Baker
              N137-1. encl. undated unknown included example received of attack on traditional ways
              N138. letter 30-12-1975 Cath. Herald Editor for Bp Clark's view [on Fr Baker's letter of 26-12]
              A139. letter 2-1-1976 Bp Clark To Cath. Herald editor; Fr Baker not correct to attack Bp secretary
              N140. letter 15-1-1976 correspondent Cover letter for copy of letter to Bp Grant
              N140-1. letter 15-1-1976 correspondent challenges the authority of action against Fr Baker
              N141. review undated Tom Sutcliffe "Amen Corner" - unknown source - review of Long Play (LP) record of Mass at Downham Market on All Souls November 1975
              N142. letter 5-7-1976 correspondent Why is Tridentine Mass so wrong after a thousand years?
              N143. letter 6-7-1976 correspondent Bp Clark's Pastoral letter heard with sadness. A mature Church can disregard Fr Baker and the "rebel Cardinal"
              N144. letter 8-7-1976 pseudonym Bp Clark's extraordinary outburst against Fr Baker [in Pastoral Letter]; silly and stupid laws will be disobeyed
              N145. letter 9-7-1976 correspondent Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge: church is driving the faithful away; Bp and similar are suppressing the Catholic Mass
              N146. letter 10-7-1976 correspondent without forgiveness Fr Baker and his followers will not find their way back
              N147. letter 11-7-1976 Fr Atkinson Understanding is key; need to explain the changes clearly
              N148. letter 12-7-1976 correspondent Attack on Fr Baker; traditionalist do not discredit the Church
              N149. leaflet 12-7-1976 unknown "Pray for the Return of the Latin Mass" [printed]; M/s: pray that Bp Clark stops his vendetta against Fr Baker
              A150. letter 14-7-1976 Bp Clark Sad that must address Fr Bakers' activities; tried many times to build bridges; but the refusal to accept new teachings
              N151. letter 18-7-1976 correspondent Press cutting from Cambridge; sorry missed Bp Clark's ordination
              A152. statement 25-7-1976 Bp Lindsay Warning about Marcel Lefebvre's group organising an unofficial old Latin mass
              A153. letter 30-7-1976 Fr Baker cannot accept unquestioning and bind obedience
              A154. letter 4-8-1976 Bp Lindsay Fr Baker is neglecting guidance from many sources
              A155 letter 9-8-1976 Bp Lindsay Press cuttings; Fr Baker causing embarrassment in Newcastle
              A155-1 press 4-8-1976 Press 3 pages; copies of press cuttings
              A156 letter 9-8-1976 Bp Lindsay Requesting Fr Baker not to return to Newcastle
              N157 postcard 11-8-1976 pseudonym Attacks on Fr Baker set back Church Unity
              A158 letter 29-6-1976 Bp Clark writing to priests in RCDEA re Fr Baker and consequences of his actions and warning against interacting with him; excerpt of Archbishop of Birmingham's digest of the Pope's speech

              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-05-01-02-01-130-1 · Part · 19 November 1975
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Fr Baker's ministry is harmful being direct and open disobedience of the Holy See. A review of the documents sent by Fr Baker were considered by the Synodal Examiner and the Pro-Synodal Examiner as not a sufficient answer and his ministry was harmful. Fr Baker had refused to resign and hence the Bishop is removing him from his office as Parish Priest at Downham Market. He has to hand over to Father Sketch.

              Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-04-7 · Item · c. November 1920
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              A draft notice. Note at top: “This is interesting was typed for the congregation to read.”

              Aldeburgh. A presbytery has been purchased, and repairs executed, amounting in all to £900. The presbytery has been fitted up & furnished. A temporary Oratory has been fitted up & furnished. A site consisting of 6 plots of land has been purchased freehold.
              A sum of £100 for the building of a Church at Aldeburgh has been found [annotation in a different hand: ”by Bp Keating!”].
              A Catholic architect has been engaged, & I hope to begin the building of the Church early in 1921, to be completed & opened on the Feast of the S. Heart 1921.
              A little over a year ago the Bishop wrote me concerning the approaching departure of the French Community, & whilst allowing me a little while to see what I could do to save the two missions of Aldeburgh & Leiston, which I had founded, told me that the Diocese could do nothing to help me.
              In this time at Leiston a freehold site has been purchased. A Church has been erected & finished, Lighting installations have been paid for. Ornaments, Sacred vessels & Vestments have been secured. A motor cycle has been purchased by means of which I have been able to hold regular services at Leiston & visit my large district of 20 miles radius.
              Anyone can read between the lines of this short review, & doubtless one will ask how has it all been done, because apart from all this there has been the up-keep of the two missions, & personal & household expenses.
              Concerning the up-keep of the two missions, this has been a difficult matter for the last year but I am to be relieved of this in the future by the perfect organisation & running of an Altar Society in each Mission.
              As regards other expenses, this will also be an easier mater in the future.
              With all this bright & happy outlook, there is yet a stranglehold on the mission.
              It may be asked I have said, how has all this good work been accomplished. Doubtless with much personal self-sacrifice, & at most times by allowing personal & household debt to stand & accumulate in order to keep the missions afloat, & supply all necessary for the continuance of the Divine Services. That is I say now a stranglehold & I am being pressed for payment, I have been requested to try & settle all by Dec 1st 1920 & in order to do this I shall need at least £100.
              I present this little review to you & appeal to you to stretch out a helping hand to me. I do not come to you before my days work, but at the close, when though tired and weary, I feel happy & thank God, that He has given me the courage and strength to face the crisis, to work for Him, His Holy Church & for you all & that he has blessed & made that work prosper.
              I intend to have a flag day on Sunday Nov 28th & I trust in Divine Providence & your generous Catholic hearts that you will enable me to surmount my difficulties on Dec 1st.
              Praying God to bless you & yours.
              I am
              Yours devotedly etc.

              Delaney, Vincent Rev
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-06-28-2 · Part · c. October 1979
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              "Many thousands" request a Mass celebrated for their individual intentions
              Novena of Shared Masses makes it possible to be included in 12 noon Mass in the Slipper Chapel for nine consecutive days, and, your offering will be used to develop the Shrine. Place your offering and intention in the envelop provided.
              Otherwise a private Mass for your intention will be said but not necessarily at the Shrine.

              Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-3-102 · Part · 1 June / 10 July 1869
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Latin Document in response to a series of questions arising from the Apostolic Letter of 11 April 1869.
              First section is from Congregation Indulgentiarum [Congregation for Indulgences and Sacred Relics] - signed by Cardinal Bizzarri on 10 July 1869
              Second section is from Poenitentiariae [Apostolic Penitentiary] - signed by Cardinal Panebianco on 1 June 1869

              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-01-65 · Item · 23 April 1942
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              Side 1: Letter, dated 28-12-1942, from John [illegible] to Father [unknown] about printing arrangements for pictures and text. Mention of air raid in Aldeburgh - MOI (Ministry of Information) may allow a reference to it for next month's magazine.
              Side 2: Printed notice from John Provost Freeland, dated 3 May 1932, addressed Catholic Rectory, Unthank Road, Norwich about the Obsequies of the late Bishop [Cary-Elwes] - Tuesday, 8pm Solemn Dirge, Friday 11am, Solemn Requiem, Burial afterwards at Billing Hall.

              GB ARCHON 2913 GLG-04-00-6 · Item · 1990-9-2
              Part of Guild of Our Lady of Grace / Meryemana

              "Stop Press" Notice
              Bronze Relief, designed and created, by Mr Robert Mellamphy, to be unveiled by Mr Michael Irvine MP in the presence of The Mayor and Mayoress and Chief Executive (Mr James Hehir) of Ipswich
              Reverse has the 1528 processional route map from St Peter's church to Lady Lane

              The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich