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              GB ARCHON 2913 PA42-01-02-14a · Item · December 1941
              Part of The Sacred Heart Parish, Southwold

              Page entitled "A Clarification of facts re the Southwold Mary Gordon Legacy" signed by R F P Howarth MC "I am, yours obediently in C.J." which indicates he's a clergyman.
              Provided to help make the documents held in Northampton more intelligible.
              Addresses of the legal organisations involved; payments associated with the will/wishes of Mr Gordon; Gates, Cope Votive candle stand all mentioned as being in the possession of Southwold mission.
              Enclosures listed [not present]: 3 signature slips for Bank; 2 petitions for faculties to receive converts; letter from Gordon a/c executors; letter from solicitor Diocese Westminster; letter from Finance Board Westminster; Proof of £13 due to Mission a/c from Gordon a/c

              GB ARCHON 2913 ADC · Fonds · 1940 to 2002

              An ‘ad clerum’ ( Latin for ‘to the clergy’) is a letter or announcement primarily addressed to ordained ministers from their Bishop.
              There are regular, formal notices that the Bishop uses to inform or instruct his clergy for their awareness or action. There are also other ad hoc letters and notes about specific topics.

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA28-01-01-181 · Item · c 22 June 1929
              Part of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, King's Lynn

              Headed: "Holmes", an undated note from the previously arranged meeting held in Norwich with Bishop Cary-Elwes.
              Man is a convert from Wesleyanism; Woman is Irish, once a school teacher in Ireland; Girl aged 9.
              They had previously dealt with Canon Eeles. Have not sent their child to the catholic elementary school after she attended Mrs Ridsdale's school in King's Lynn. Being "flagrant" Fr Stokes is refusing them sacraments. They threatened to go to Prot. church instead. They cite other cases where catholic children are not being sent to the catholic school. The real reason for the meeting is they have the impression that this will affect whether the boy will gain a scholarship to the High School.
              Bishop advised that the boy can still gain a scholarship from the [catholic?] school; Bishop queries whether the parents will be satisfied.
              Final paragraph: "Holmes was secretary of school, his wife was a nuisance to all, and he had [?] [?] he has been forgiven..." "...Case of revenge".

              Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-05-01-02-01-133 · Item · 26 November 1975
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Compliments slip: Bishop Secretary: "Tony Sketch will arrange to deliver the enclosed - less the carbon - to all Downham Market parishioners when he distributes his invitations to the real Mass."
              Page 1: letter to the congregation at Downham Market - explaining, now that the legal procedure is over, the sorrow he feels in acting against Fr Baker. Obedience to the Holy Father means accepting the changes away from the Tridentine Mass. Expects support for Fr Sketch. Notes of explanation included.
              Page 2-3: Notes headed: "1. Your present position"; "2. The Missal of Pope Paul VI"; "3. The Bishop's dealings with Fr Baker"

              Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA38-04-01-1 · Item · 7 June 1979
              Part of The Sacred Heart Parish, St Ives

              Notes of a telephone conversation about Hugh Byron's Building Project.
              Wilson very concerned that things must be done properly using an architect and master builder. Should not be a "botch job". Fr Byron has to be persuaded to not object to paying proper fees for work done. NB planning permission might be required. Wilson quite critical and unimpressed with Fr Byron's projected house alterations. Yes, do school. Wilson suggests Fr Drury see Fr Byron and discuss the proposals. Need a known, architect e.f. Julian Limitani. Also Wilson considers getting an 85% grant to improve St MAr's school building is "just not on".

              Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-1-77-1 · Part · 1848-2-15
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              "Have the goodness to read the accompanying circular, and prepare your flock to aid the cause of Education, by their contributions on occassion of the Annual Sermon, which is fixed for Sunday 2nd July, throughout England."

              Wareing, William Rev (1791-1865)
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-00-07-19 · Item · c 1984-10-1
              Part of Walsingham Shrine
              1. Vicar General compliments slip: "E&OE bashed out quickly. Forgot to ask what about Stan Tucker. Mac"
                [E&OE - Errors and Omissions Excepted - document may contain mistakes or may not include some details]
              2. Notes for a no-nonsense meeting with Fr Birch. Many issues to address largely to do with Fr Birch doing his own thing despite directions from the bishop, the Vicar General and the Executive Committee. Several examples given of wayward behaviour - "my position becoming intolerable as a result". Decisions and actions taken which were not within Fr Birch's remit. Peter Wilson: "did you think we were fools... ?"
              McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)
              CEO Compliments slip
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA28-05-07-1-1 · Part · 11 August 1978
              Part of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, King's Lynn

              Covering note for the letter "With the compliments of the County Education Officer" - the RC Authorities are responsible for providing the mobile classroom. More information later.

              Norfolk County Council