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GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-06-03-2 · Item · 1985
Part of Walsingham Shrine

"Chapter 10 / The Joyful 1980s / continued from Page 69"
4 columns of text: "First ever undenominational Youth ANV - RC Golden Jubilee 1984 - Accommodation to include facilities for the sick and handicapped - Demand for Youth Accommodation - RC Directors' change - Mother Julian SSM"
Publisher's Note: "... in the event of a second edition being called for, as seems likely, it is not proposed as matters stand at present to make any alterations other than the foregoing to Chapter 10."

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)
2 Glass Paperweights
GB ARCHON 2913 MIS-01-33 · Item · undated
Part of Miscellaneous Deposits

1 paperweight; spherical; clear glass; small flat for standing; large flat with etching "Our Lady of Walsingham 1897 - 1997" plus outline of Slipper Chapel.
1 paperweight; lozenge shape; clear glass; etching on underside "Our Lady of Walsingham RAF Mildenhall UK" plus outline of Our Lady of Walsingham icon.

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich
GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-02-02-66-2 · Part · 9 April 2021
Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

"Bishop Alan Hopes joined other religious from across the diocese and further afield in celebrating
Mass at the Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham on the first anniversary of the Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary on 25th March 2020. Six hundred years ago King
Richard II placed England under the protection of Mary. Ever since England has been known as Mary's Dowry." Story continues
Image caption: "Bishop Alan Hopes is pictured left at the Catholic National Shrine"

The Catholic Universe (1860-2021)
GB ARCHON 2913 WAL-01-03-5 · Item · June 2002
Part of Walsingham Association - National Body

Report for Executive Association authored by John Rayne-Davis.
Title Page
Page 1: Background; Objectives; Promotion of the Association is to promote Walsingham
Page 2: Competition between Walsingham and Lourdes; Suggested strategies; Information Days
Page 3: Branch Activities; Recruitment of younger members
Page 4: Local media; Talks at Catholic Churches; The Internet
Page 5: Appendix - Talk to Churches in York after Sunday Mass

Walsingham Association
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-01-1 · Item · 1978-1-17
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Memo with main headings: 1968 Bishop Grant's long-term plans; The situation today; A Forecast; Proposals for - Authority, Land, Buildings Maintenance, Inadequacies of Buildings, Development of Slipper Chapel Area (Parish Church, Confessions, Sacristy, Blessed Sacrament Chapel); Shelter; Development in the Village; Finance; Staffing (Lay, Priests, Volunteers).

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-02-02-19-1 · Part · 1972-7-11
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Bill for:
List of dates and amounts of advertising and where placed (Catholic Herald, Universe, Catholic Pictorial, Catholic Fireside, Novena, CWL Magazine, Pace)
Fee plus artwork at cost

Leonard F Noble & Partners
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-02-02-25-1 · Part · 1973-3-31
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Bill for:
List of dates and amounts of advertising and where placed (Universe, Catholic Pictorial, Catholic Fireside, CWL Magazine, Pace)
Fee plus artwork at cost
Agency Fee counter-entry as a donation to the Appeal

Leonard F Noble & Partners
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-02-01 · File · 1969-11-24 - 1997-12-31
Part of Walsingham Shrine

1968 Balance sheet (covering letter by Claude Fisher); Oct 1969 Statement of Funds; 1969 Income/Expenditure; 1970 10 Year Cash flow spreadsheet (including Diocese and Bishops' individual donations listed); 1971 Income and expenditure analysis; 1972 Administrator's report and accounts; 1973 Administrator's report and Accounts; 1974 Administrator's report and Accounts (plus usage statistics); 1975 Balance sheet plus notes; 1976 1st Quarter summary sheet; 1976 2nd Quarter summary sheet; 1976 3rd Quarter summary sheet; 1975-1976 Insurance specification (Walsingham properties); 1975/6 Accounts; 1977 accounts; 1977 budget comparison; 1978 accounts; 1979 accounts (draft); 1980 accounts (audited); 1979/1980 manuscript spreadsheet outgoings; 1981 accounts; 1981 Estimated Cash flow - Slipper Chapel; 1982 Accounts; [c October 1982 - auction] Analysis of Expected revenue and expenditure; 1984 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1984 Accounts; 1985 Accounts; 1986 Accounts; 1987 Accounts; 1988 Accounts; 1989 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1989 Accounts; 1990 Accounts; 1990/91 Income & Expenditure estimates; 1991 Accounts; 1992 Accounts; 1993 Accounts; 1994 Accounts; 1995 Trust Annual report and Accounts; 1995 Accounts; 1996 Accounts; 1997 Trust Annual report and Accounts

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)
GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-02-02-31-3 · Part · 9 August 2019
Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

"An updated version of the standard historical work on pilgrims and pilgrimage to Walsingham, including new research on the possible discovery of the original Our Lady of Walsingham statue, has been published written by Fr Michael rear a priest in the Diocese of East Anglia." Story continues.
Image with caption "Fr Michael Rear with his book at Walsingham.".

The Catholic Times
Ad Fratres
GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-45 · Item · Easter 1993
Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

The Great Triduum; Walsingham and Easter TV Mass, parish participation in Diocesan Pilgrimage; The Permanent Deacon - guidance of Mgr J Drury and Mgr Tony Philpot, 3 year training programme being established; The Place of Women in the Church - promotion of women in the life of the Diocese and parishes, woman priests a last straw for our anglican brothers; Anglican Reconciliation - not easy for either side; New Financial Responsibilities; We, the Priests - brutal attack on Fr Michael Clothier in Beccles, Paul Hypher ordination in 1994, Mgr Michael Cassidu as Emeritus Chancellor; The Diocesan 'Team' - next Bishop will be reassured by the 'service to the Diocese'; More? - Bill Mason to be ordained as our second former anglican priest

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
Ad Sorores
GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-33 · Item · Easter 1988
Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

Easter; Walsingham - the Shrine, Pilgrimage of 1948; The Meeting of the Religious; Council or Commission - discussion on the religious life; On the Road - visitations; The DPC

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
Agenda & programme
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-01-22-1 · Part · 1982-4-29
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Programme (includes buffet, meeting staff, meeting, concelebrated mass) and Agenda

Phillips, Murial Mrs
Agenda for 20 November 1981
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-01-17-1 · Part · 1981-11-13
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Agenda - 3 items marked as having been sent to the Executive Committee

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-02-38 · Item · 1987-6-5
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Director's Report
Amenities area
Tabernacle re-siting
manuscript additions:
"W. A Constitution. Tea in Elmham House
Growth in number of Pilgrims
Sound System £2,800 - loop
Wals Trust (Stan & Michael)"

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh
GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-01-42-1 · Part · 1987-11-4
Part of Walsingham Shrine

Programme and agenda for meeting on 3 November 1987:
Agenda: Director's report; Repository shop (Messrs. Goodliffe Neal - due for review); Devotion at the Shrine

Phillips, Murial Mrs