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GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-08-3 · Item · c 1 October 2002
Part of RCDEA Photographs

Page 14 photocopied from an unknown publication. Article is a short summary of the Normandy trip under the by line of "Margaret Turner"

GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-col · Item · January 1984
Part of RCDEA Photographs

Clipping [Norfolk Fair?]; copy; Letter text:
"Dear Sir,
In October's copy of Norfolk Fair, there is a photograph of part of a religious procession from St John's, now the Catholic Cathedral here in Norwich. Underneath is the date, given as about 1930s.
In the 1930s a great event took place at St John's, which I believe was the 50th anniversary of the opening of St John's in 1894. This marvellous edifice succeeded the Roman Catholic church built in 1794 in Maddermarket Church Alley. We know it as the Maddermarket theatre. The Stranger's Hall nearby, was used for exactly one hndred years as the recorty.
Going back to the episode depicted in the photograph, I personally remember it quite well. Although not a Catholic myself, I was supplied with a ticket to attend the pontifical high mass at 11 am on this particular Sunday, which I believe took place either during July or August of 1934.
This mass was sung and celebrated by the Archbishop of Cardiff, Mostyn by name, the doyen of the hierarchy at that time. It was sung in the presence of Cardinal Bourne of Westminster. In the afternoon the cardinal, archbishop, bishops and laity journeyed to open the slipper chapel at Walsingham. The procession of the Blessed Sacrament too place outside, in Norwich for the first time since the Reformation. The sacred host was carried under a white, richly-embrodered canopy held over the heads of the dignitaries, with the monstrance. Supporting staves were held by four Knights of St Columba."

Thorn, Peter Mr