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GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-09 · File · 2004
Part of RCDEA Photographs

A visual record of the trip in the form of a slideshow. Runs for 5 minutes and 46 seconds. Places named include: Laon, Rheims, Auxerre, Beaune, Paris. Images of the group, individuals, places, churches. Fr Walsh accompanied/lead the group.

File: NNOct04.wmv, 10.2Mb, 30 April 2005

Accompanying slip by Maggie Cooper explains how to run the slideshow.

Cooper, Maggie Mrs
GB ARCHON 2913 COL03-10 · File · 5 to 12 October 2006
Part of RCDEA Photographs

A record of the trip: 4 images and 1 text file. Trip to Spain (Valladoid and Salamanca). Fr Walsh accompanied/lead the group.
Text file: written my Maggie Cooper, is a short summary of each day on the trip. It incorporates the images into the text.
4 Images: Father Walsh and group; Avila City Walls; Plaza, Salamanca; San Estoban, Salamanca

Cooper, Maggie Mrs