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Correspondent to Bishop: Requesting help to identify the church with memorial to WW2 FEPOWs

Correspondent Miss Mary Dobson, Teddington, Middlesex, writes to identify the church with a memorial book for Japanese held POWs in WW2. Interested in her brother's record (John Robert Dobson) being in the book. Also, Sister Isabel at Sacred Heart Primary School in Teddington is interested in her relation - Donald Lawless.


Fr Knowles to Bishop Parker: Fund management; Dispensation for mixed marriage

Mr John Coney (approved by the Abbot) as a replacement trustee for Dr Helsham, deceased.
Separate account kept for the Church Fabric Endowment Fund - details enclosed [not present]
Dispensation requested for Hickey who is expecting embarkation leave and wishes to be married before returning to his unit. The girl, a non-catholic, is well disposed and attending instructions.
1941 Baptismal and Marriage entries copy to be sent soon.

Knowles, F Wulstan Rev OSB (1881-1965)

Hunstanton shrine restored in memory of war soldiers - press coverage

A shrine to Our Lady in Hunstanton in North West Norfolk has been restored and consecrated in memory of Polish troops who helped defend the county from the threat of invasion during the Second World War. When The Church of Our Lady and St Edmund in Hunstanton was built in 1905, it was no larger than a Lady Chapel and could only seat a few people. In 1940, a unit of Polish soldiers, billeted at nearby Heacham, came to man an armoured train that protected the coast as far as King's Lynn. They built an altar and a shrine in the garden and outdoor services were held. Expansion of the church in the 1950s lead to the demolition of the shrine and altar. A Polish lady parishioner, with the support of the Polish and parish communities, decided to rebuild the shrine in the grounds of the Church to commemorate all the troops.

News items from The Catholic Universe

The Catholic Universe (1860-2021)

Notes on the FEPOW Memorial Cabinet & Cover and Books of Remembrance

Front cover: title page with line drawing of Wymondham Church and Presbytery; 1. Memorial Cabinet; 2. Cabinet Cover; 2. Symbolism of Embroidery; 5. Memorial Triptych; 6. Books of Remembrance; 7. Memorial Books; 10. Index of Defence Forces; inside rear cover: Acknowledgement to Embroidery research and design by Sister Theresa Keswick, Carmelite and booklet author, Peter Wiseman.

Wiseman, Peter Mr

WW2 rear gunner training film

1 reel of 400ft of film - initially content unknown. Following digitising, the content is identified on the first few frames as "Reel One" / “Customer USN” / “Tailcone Attacks” / “Title Series 2 / “Prod M1154”
This appears to be part of WW2-era equipment used for training rear gunners on bombers for situations when their plane comes under attack by (various) fighters - mainly Japanese but also 2 German planes (Messerschmitt 109 and 110). It is possible that US aircrew were being trained in Norfolk for the Pacific Theatre.
The attached PDF provides some research information.

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich