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Articles listed as sent to Woburn by Association of Perpetual Adoration (copied from list provided by Fr Phillips)

Copy of Fr Phillips' list of articles sent by the Association of Perpetual Adoration (assumed Wymondham put instead of Woburn by mistake).
Note added by Bishop, dated 21 November 1930, saying unknown whether these have arrived, list was sent to Wymondham but no sign of the items.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Banham: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn

Seems to have been a muddle about vestments, etc. which you asked for from Ass. Perpet. Adoration, Horseferry. Bishop has a list of items from Fr Phillips and is writing to the Assoc. It will come right. They seem to have been very generous.
Bishop grants faculties to the Jesuit Father who is going to stay with the Lyons at Christmas.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Beware of cultivating an "inferiority Complex"; suggestions as to distribution of contents of parcel.

Bishop's advice: "good to have a good supply of humility handy, and acknowledging one's weaknesses and worthlessness, put more and absolute reliance on Almighty God. But it is not good to cultivate what is known in the modern jargon, an 'Inferiority Complex'. That is never either useful or right. Go on quietly in your own simple way, and God, who alone controls these things, will give the increase."
As to the unexpected Vestments - take what you need for Wymondham and E Dereham and see whether Woburn Sands (Fr Banham) or N. Walsham (Fr Snowden) are in want. Let the Association know. It might just be a mistake since Woburn Sands have asked for such a selection.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn. Loan of Ciborium. Look for a Cope

It does seem to be a mistake by Society [sic] of Perpetual Adoration. Bishop considers he should have realised when Fr Phillips told him about the list, that Fr Banham had asked for a quantity of things. He will write to them.
Bishop can supply a Ciborium - it comes from the old Hall Mission of Ashby-St-Legers, Northants. He'll also sort out a Cope of sorts. Notes the Dereham service times, and hopes it will not prove too much for Fr Phillips, or put the noses of Wymondham people out of joint.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Rev. Mother: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn

Writing to "Rev Mother" (no name or address) the Bishop explains that there is confusion about the contribution of vestments, etc. between Woburn Sands and Wymondham, both poor missions in his Diocese. He is writing to Fr Banham at Woburn Sands for more information. He ends by saying "I am extremely grateful for your generosity to my poor Missions."

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Fr Banham to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Dates for Woburn Sands

Suggests Nov 24-30 for going to Woburn Sands. Will write to Canon Tonks. Supplying at Gillingham Hall; Mrs Todhunter hopes the priest will return on 22nd.
manuscript annotation: "Week 24-30 Nov will do very well. Let Canon Tonks know definitive date. Nov 20/29"

Banham, Cyril Norbert Rev (-1963)

Fr Banham to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Report enclosed; Dr Helsham improving

Writing from home in Beccles. Report enclosed. Wiser about not doing too much - even when there is a lot to do. Dr Helsham is improving. Supplied at Gillingham Hall, Fr Pillot CRP is back next week (currently in Holland with his sick father).
manuscript amendment:

  1. "Will tell you in a few days where to go to. Till then, be of use to Gillingham and Beccles; it will help to break you into harness again! Nov 8/29"
  2. "Wrote & told him to go to W. Sands [remainder illegible] Nov 12/29"

Banham, Cyril Norbert Rev (-1963)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: List of Vestments from Association of Perpetual Adoration; Loan of a Ciborium?

Details of East Dereham's service, fear they are too late for Directory.
List sent by the Association of Perpetual Adoration is included - the articles themselves have not arrived - perhaps "Wymondham" was a mistake for Woburn". No Cope or Ciborium at Dereham - cannot afford to buy either. Help with a loan of a Ciborium please?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)