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Bishop Clark to Mrs Griesen: Fr Kerby appears gruff & unsympathetic - but he's not really like that. Urges her to go see the Pope

Fr Kerby may seem gruff & unsympathetic - he's not really like that - he possibly did not know how many places the Parish would be assigned. The Vicar General, Mgr. McBride is writing to priests about the selection process. Bishop urges her to add her name and that she won't be the only one with a partner who is not a Catholic.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Birch: Establishment of Walsingham as the National Shrine

Discussions with the Cardinal (in Denmark, with Canon McBride) suggest that the Shrine will be the National Shrine. The Shrine Council should not forget the intense efforts over the last 15 years, in which Roland Connelly should receive much credit. Given that the Ordinary of East Anglia is considered “accountable” for Walsingham Shrine, then the Bishop has directives:

  1. the Vicar General (Canon McBride) to be chair of the Executive Committee
  2. the Cardinal insists that “we get it right”: the Mass will be the Mass of Our Lady, statue of Our Lady is to go to Wembley for the Pope’s visit; Fr Birch to produce the detailed programme
  3. A statue of our Lady of Walsingham should be in the Chapel of Reconciliation – tapestry idea is troubling
  4. Anglican Administrator invited to Wembley for Ecumenical representation
  5. Slipper Chapel development to be completed before property initiative
  6. Consecration on 25 March to be low key with Shrine Council members in attendance and any others who can attend; not specifically inviting the Hierarchy.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Director's report April 1982

Reservation of Blessed Sacrament in Slipper Chapel - decision required from Shrine Council
Sacrament of the Sick
Masses Timetable
New Organs - requests for use by eminent organist and to make a commercial recording
Sub-committee report - (formed by Bishop Clark to consider financial matters) - number of decisions and policies need to be made by Shrine Council & Executive Committee
Publicity - a number of decisions made by the director for which he apologies, not having realise that he should have consulted with Shrine Council
Papal mass - Listed the 20 seats decided by the Exec Committee; Fr Colven has his own invitation; insure the statue and gold crown for £10,000
Conclusion - despite the gloomy financial situation; the shrine was built through faith and hope; Walsingham embraces all walks of life, and increasingly, denominations

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Bishop: reply to letter - Establishment of a national Shrine

  1. Chair of Executive committee
  2. stature transported by foot from King's Lynn; Rvd Colven to accompany him in Wembley
  3. 7th meeting decided on a tapestry
  4. answered
  5. Fire regulations affect hostels - Fir Officer Report expected
  6. Consecration - "low key" but with some publicity
    Might I [Fr Birch] have exceeded my responsibility? Asks for clarification as he is unaware of doing so, although Canon McBride says he has. Not repentant since given no limits to his brief.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Minutes of 12th Executive Committee, April 1982

Matters arising:
Auditors - Canon McBride to apologise to Auditors; Dedication date; Tapestry - cancelled; Liturgy - strong reaction against change - refer back to Shrine Council; Holy Family Statue - in abeyance - Jane Elphric not to label her model as commissioned for Walsingham
Bureau Finance and Staffing - sub committee formed (Bishop, Fr P Wilson, Canon McBride, Fr Birch to deal with finances) - Diocese not prepared to underwrite more overdraft - no new orders to be placed - moratorium in place.
Chapel of Reconciliation - Finance, Building
Shrine Buildings - Slipper Chapel; Other; Ancillary needs - Tea shop
Properties in Village - Fire Officer; Saleable properties (Charles Hawkins report); provision for sick and handicapped
Papal Visit
Staff representation on Shrine Council

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Minutes of Executive Committee, February 1982

clarification of previous meeting's minutes
Dedication of Chapel of Reconciliation
Properties in the Village
Financial Position
Liturgy in the New Chapel
Papal Mass
AOB - Notepaper, Holy Family sculpture, Notices, Tea Shop, Resident Volunteers, 1984 Jubilee Year, Appeal

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Minutes of Executive Meeting, November 1981

Canon McBride to chair meeting at Bishop's request.
Bishop's letter also addressed: Papal Visit, Chapel of Reconciliation, ecumenical representation at Wembley, Consecration of Chapel, Rationalisation of Property
AOB - design for Holy Family sculpture, designs for Chapel altar furnishings, cost associated with these meetings, frequency of Exec meetings, advertising

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Parishioner to Bishop Clark: Unhappy with Fr Kerby following his response to a request to see the Pope at Wembley

A request to Fr Kerby to add her name to the list for those wishing to see the Pope in Wembley elicited an upsetting response. After her and her husband have provided so much support to the Church in St Ives, she asks whether she is thought of as being "second class".
Manuscript annotation: "cc. Bishop's letter to Fr Kerby"

Grieson, Norah Mrs