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Articles listed as sent to Woburn by Association of Perpetual Adoration (copied from list provided by Fr Phillips)

Copy of Fr Phillips' list of articles sent by the Association of Perpetual Adoration (assumed Wymondham put instead of Woburn by mistake).
Note added by Bishop, dated 21 November 1930, saying unknown whether these have arrived, list was sent to Wymondham but no sign of the items.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Banham: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn

Seems to have been a muddle about vestments, etc. which you asked for from Ass. Perpet. Adoration, Horseferry. Bishop has a list of items from Fr Phillips and is writing to the Assoc. It will come right. They seem to have been very generous.
Bishop grants faculties to the Jesuit Father who is going to stay with the Lyons at Christmas.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Beware of cultivating an "inferiority Complex"; suggestions as to distribution of contents of parcel.

Bishop's advice: "good to have a good supply of humility handy, and acknowledging one's weaknesses and worthlessness, put more and absolute reliance on Almighty God. But it is not good to cultivate what is known in the modern jargon, an 'Inferiority Complex'. That is never either useful or right. Go on quietly in your own simple way, and God, who alone controls these things, will give the increase."
As to the unexpected Vestments - take what you need for Wymondham and E Dereham and see whether Woburn Sands (Fr Banham) or N. Walsham (Fr Snowden) are in want. Let the Association know. It might just be a mistake since Woburn Sands have asked for such a selection.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Explanation for muddle provided by Association of Perpetual Adoration. Cope coming.

The Association of Perpetual Adoration have explained the muddle. List was not for favours to come but recording past gifts, in view of a request from you sent at the same time. Bishop has sent the Association a cheque to cover all the little Missions which they have helped. These little places should not be expected to pay since they are too poor!
White cope on its way to you.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn. Loan of Ciborium. Look for a Cope

It does seem to be a mistake by Society [sic] of Perpetual Adoration. Bishop considers he should have realised when Fr Phillips told him about the list, that Fr Banham had asked for a quantity of things. He will write to them.
Bishop can supply a Ciborium - it comes from the old Hall Mission of Ashby-St-Legers, Northants. He'll also sort out a Cope of sorts. Notes the Dereham service times, and hopes it will not prove too much for Fr Phillips, or put the noses of Wymondham people out of joint.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Rev. Mother: Mix-up between Wymondham and Woburn

Writing to "Rev Mother" (no name or address) the Bishop explains that there is confusion about the contribution of vestments, etc. between Woburn Sands and Wymondham, both poor missions in his Diocese. He is writing to Fr Banham at Woburn Sands for more information. He ends by saying "I am extremely grateful for your generosity to my poor Missions."

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Cappello Romano

1 black felt hat (Cappello Romano /Saturno / Priest's Hat) lined with white silk. Size "9S".

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

Cappello Romano underside image

Hatband inscription: gold lettering, "Barbiconi / Via S. Ignazio 6/ Roma" , "Lastoro"
Red silk in the dome of hat printed with Pope Paul VI's coat of arms in gold.

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

Cappello Romano with tassels

1 beaver fur hat (Cappello Romano /Saturno / Priest's Hat) with two black tassels attached by black cord. Hat dome lined with red silk.

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

CWL (Salford Diocesan Branch) to Bishop: Offer to help with vestments and other articles

CWL (Salford Diocesan Branch, Manchester Section) Miss Gertrude Jarvis (Hon. Sec.) after having heard the Bishop and Mr K G Chesterton [sic] speaking about the difficulty in supplying Diocesan missions, say that the "Association of Perpetual Adoration & Work for Poor Missions" is run by CWL (Manchester) and can help a little with vestments. Invites the Bishop to fill in the application form.
Manuscript annotation: "Wrote to Miss Jarvis to send a form to Fr Phillips at Wymondham. Had previously sent him this letter which he returned today. Nov 12 / 26."

Fr Delaney to congregation: Situation report; appeal for support

A draft notice. Note at top: “This is interesting was typed for the congregation to read.”

Aldeburgh. A presbytery has been purchased, and repairs executed, amounting in all to £900. The presbytery has been fitted up & furnished. A temporary Oratory has been fitted up & furnished. A site consisting of 6 plots of land has been purchased freehold.
A sum of £100 for the building of a Church at Aldeburgh has been found [annotation in a different hand: ”by Bp Keating!”].
A Catholic architect has been engaged, & I hope to begin the building of the Church early in 1921, to be completed & opened on the Feast of the S. Heart 1921.
A little over a year ago the Bishop wrote me concerning the approaching departure of the French Community, & whilst allowing me a little while to see what I could do to save the two missions of Aldeburgh & Leiston, which I had founded, told me that the Diocese could do nothing to help me.
In this time at Leiston a freehold site has been purchased. A Church has been erected & finished, Lighting installations have been paid for. Ornaments, Sacred vessels & Vestments have been secured. A motor cycle has been purchased by means of which I have been able to hold regular services at Leiston & visit my large district of 20 miles radius.
Anyone can read between the lines of this short review, & doubtless one will ask how has it all been done, because apart from all this there has been the up-keep of the two missions, & personal & household expenses.
Concerning the up-keep of the two missions, this has been a difficult matter for the last year but I am to be relieved of this in the future by the perfect organisation & running of an Altar Society in each Mission.
As regards other expenses, this will also be an easier mater in the future.
With all this bright & happy outlook, there is yet a stranglehold on the mission.
It may be asked I have said, how has all this good work been accomplished. Doubtless with much personal self-sacrifice, & at most times by allowing personal & household debt to stand & accumulate in order to keep the missions afloat, & supply all necessary for the continuance of the Divine Services. That is I say now a stranglehold & I am being pressed for payment, I have been requested to try & settle all by Dec 1st 1920 & in order to do this I shall need at least £100.
I present this little review to you & appeal to you to stretch out a helping hand to me. I do not come to you before my days work, but at the close, when though tired and weary, I feel happy & thank God, that He has given me the courage and strength to face the crisis, to work for Him, His Holy Church & for you all & that he has blessed & made that work prosper.
I intend to have a flag day on Sunday Nov 28th & I trust in Divine Providence & your generous Catholic hearts that you will enable me to surmount my difficulties on Dec 1st.
Praying God to bless you & yours.
I am
Yours devotedly etc.

Delaney, Vincent Rev

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Acknowledged receipt of vestments; CWL letter and application sent to London

Decided to wait until after first Mass in Attleborough to tell Bishop of receipt of vestments. Sent CWL application to London; additional vestments (Cope & Humeral Veil) badly wanted as mice have eaten hole sin them and the material is perished. Notices that Miss Jarvis offer included these items, so could cancel London application. Will send details of Tabernacle veils and other articles required.
Manuscript annotation: "Ans: Have asked Miss Jarvis to send you a form to be filled up and countersigned by me. Nov 12 / 26."

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Choice of Copes; Holy Hour permission requested.

Perpetual Adoration written about sending a Cope (White) but CWL Manchester promised one too. What to do? Association suggested donation of £2 which is a bit high. Permission to start Holy Hour. Anyone in the diocese with the required procedure?
P.S.: Received £5 donation as a result of the Pastoral.

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: List of Vestments from Association of Perpetual Adoration; Loan of a Ciborium?

Details of East Dereham's service, fear they are too late for Directory.
List sent by the Association of Perpetual Adoration is included - the articles themselves have not arrived - perhaps "Wymondham" was a mistake for Woburn". No Cope or Ciborium at Dereham - cannot afford to buy either. Help with a loan of a Ciborium please?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Self-deprecatory remarks; Notified of unasked for Parcel of Vestments.

Thanking the Bishop for his letter and blessing on his work. "... it is my own poor Spiritual level that retards the spread of the faith here; also I begin to realize my inexperience , and often wish I could be a Curate so as to have the opportunity of learning from an older Priest."
The Assoc. of Perpetual Adoration notified him that they are sending him a magnificent parcel of vestments, etc. Unasked for and more than he requires - so can he replenish the Dereham Vestments and requisites and send the remainder to Northampton?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Hatbox and lid

Cardboard box with lid for storing a Cappello Romano.
Manuscript inscription on the lid: "Christopher Back / [crossed out] W.B. Beer / c/o 8, Museum Rd. / Oxford [/crossed out] / S. Stephen's House Oxford"

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)