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Bishop Clarke to Cardinal Hume: Summary of Joint Working Group

Three days in Rome as Co-Moderator of the Joint Working Group (between the Holy See and the World Council of Churches [WCC]). Summary of discussion with Bishop Duprey: Cardinal Hume handled the matter admirably; not to support the "Papua New Guinea Solution" (Archivist would not let Bishop Clark look at the Papua New Guinea file); hostile to Conditional Ordination; explore Supplemental Ordination?; As CDF [The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Curia, Vatican] did not accept ARCIC approach to Apostolic Succession there may be a problem.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Smith and Cardinal Hume visit to Vatican

12 glossy colour images of Pope John Paul, Cardinal Hume, Bishop Smith and others - meeting.
6 images scanned and presented in AtoM under this record
6 other photographs cover a meeting between Pope John Paul II and Bishop Smith with two other clergy (all these copyright "Foto FELICI")

Smith, Peter David Gordon Rev LLB JCD (1943-2020)

Business Card: Vatican Secretary of State

printed text: "Il Card[inale] Segretario di Stato con distinti ossequi prega di rimettere a destinazione l'unita lettera, qualora la S V e nulla abbia da osservore in contrario"
rough translation: "The Cardinal Secretary of State, with distinct respects, requests that the item be returned to its destination, if the [Court?] and Reverence does not object."
manuscript annotation: "Blessings from Pope to Miss Corrine Lestrange Campbell on her book 'Old Glastonbury. Send it on please Nov 25/27 Hunstanton"


Cardinal Casaroli to Bishop Clark: Golden Jubilee Booklet - Message from Holy Father

Cardinal Casaroli, Secretary of State, Secretariat of State, Vatican, writes that the Holy Father well remembers venerating the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham on 29 June 1982. His token of participation in the Golden Jubilee is to impart his Apostolic Blessing to those present at the various events.

Casaroli, Agostino Rev (1914-1998)

Cardinal Hume to Cardinal Ratzinger: Married convert clergymen

Employment of married convert clergymen - difficulties in funding and housing married men and their families for most Diocese. Quotes text which he will put to the Bishops of England and Wales for approval. Asks for a response in time for the Bishops' Conference after Easter.

Hume, George Basil Rev (1923-1999)

Catholic Priesthood for former Anglican Minister

"The Vatican has granted permission for another former Anglican clergyman, a married man, to be ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church." Mr. John Heley was CofE vicar at St Edmund's Hunstanton.
Permission had also been given for two other former Anglican ministers earlier in the year.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Diocesan Papal Bull

Translation of Latin text:


That which the second Vatican Council laid down concerning the delineation of ecclesiastical boundaries We judge to apply to the Diocese of Northampton, which it appears opportune to divide so as to create a new diocese. For by God’s favour the welfare of the Catholic Church in the large eastern part of the diocese seems to have prospered, and seems likely to prosper further in the future.

At the request therefore of our Venerable Brother Charles Alexander Grant, Bishop of Northampton, with the support of Episcopal Conference of England and Wales, that we should establish a new diocese by the division of the same. We, on the advice of our venerable Brother Bruno Bernard Heim, titular Bishop of Xanthia and Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain, by our Apostolic power determine and ordain the following.

From the Diocese of Northampton We remove those counties known in English as Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk, and erect them into a Diocese to be known as East Anglia, to be circumscribed by and coterminous with the said counties. Its See is to be located in the City of Norwich, and the Bishop’s cathedra set up in the church of Saint John the Baptist, in the same city, which is to be its cathedral. To the Bishop we grant those rights proper to, and impose upon him those obligations incumbent upon, resident bishops. The said diocese shall be suffragan to the metropolitan See of Westminster, and the Bishop subject to the Archbishop of the said See. The Bishop’s support is to be provided for from the income of the diocesan Curia, the moneys given by the faithful and that part of the diocesan property agreed upon by the ordinaries concerned, whilst respecting the wishes of any respective pious founders or benefactors.

Until such time as a Chapter of Canons shall be established, diocesan Consultors are to be appointed according to law. As far as the government and administration of the diocese are concerned, the election of a Vicar capitular, and other similar matters, are to be strictly adhered to. A seminary is also to be set up, and boys and young men are to be educated therein, according to the norms of the Second Vatican Council and the rules laid down by the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education. As for the clergy, we determine that those priests be assigned to the Diocese of East Anglia who hold a benefice or ecclesiastical office therein: other clergy are to belong to the diocese in which they lawfully reside. However, the diocesan Bishops, on consultation with the priests and clerics concerned, may if necessary make other provision for their incardination, as seems fitting.

Finally, the documents and acts concerning the diocese of East Anglia are to be sent to its Curia to be preserved in its archive.

Let our aforementioned Venerable Brother Bruno Heim provide for the execution of these matters which we have prescribed, and on their conclusion send an account of the same to the Sacred Congregation for Bishops.

We wish these Apostolic letters to be ratified, now and in the future, all things to the contrary notwithstanding.

Given in Rome, at St Peter’s, on the thirteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy six, the thirteenth of our Pontificate.

+John, Cardinal Villot +Sebastian Cardinal Baggio
Secretary of State Prefect of the S. Congregation for Bishops
Godfrey Mariani, Protonotary Apostolic

Paul VI (1897-1978)

Extracts from Congregatio pro Cultu Divino 1970 document

Relevant extracts from "Instructions on Particular Calendars on the Selection of Mass Propers [Congregatio pro Cultu Divino], 24 Jun,1970" assembled by Fr Dewis regarding the introducing of a feast day for Our Lady of Walsingham

Dewis, John P Rev (1912-2019)

Ex-vicar to become Catholic priest

"For the third time in two months, the Pope has given permission for a former Anglican priest to be ordained as a Catholic priest." Comment from Peter Cornwall, one of the earlier priests referred to. Comment by the author on celibacy in the priesthood.

The Independent

Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Meeting; Quidenham

Thanks the Bishop for the lunch and for listening to him sympathetically. He will put pen to paper in the New Year.
He encloses a letter to the "Prior of 'Jerusalem'". Philip cannot understand how and why the Congregation for the Faith should be involved in such matters. "Ratzinger makes him see red, I think!"

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

John Paul II and Bishop Smith

John Paul II and Bishop Smith in room with marble floor, chair, occasional table with statue, and painting on wall.


John Paul II and large group of senior clergy

John Paul II and others in semi-circle for a group photograph. Cardinal Hume to Pope's right. Large well lit room (chandeliers), bookcases to either side, table with 10 chairs on two sides in centre of room, marble floor and carpet, large picture of risen Christ on far wall.


John Paul II leading others in prayer

John Paul II in room with large number of senior clergy, all seated. Cardinal Hume on left of image. Room has statues, marble floor, chairs, carpet, stone clad walls.


Mgr Sepe to Bishop Clark: Papal Blessing

Holy Father pleased to hear of the celebration of the closing of the Marian Year at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Mention of his Encyclical Letter on the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Pilgrim Church. Imparts his Apostolic Blessing to all those taking part in the ceremonies.

Sepe, Crescenzio Rev (1943-)

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