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1968 Balance sheet (covering letter by Claude Fisher); Oct 1969 Statement of Funds; 1969 Income/Expenditure; 1970 10 Year Cash flow spreadsheet (including Diocese and Bishops' individual donations listed); 1971 Income and expenditure analysis; 1972 Administrator's report and accounts; 1973 Administrator's report and Accounts; 1974 Administrator's report and Accounts (plus usage statistics); 1975 Balance sheet plus notes; 1976 1st Quarter summary sheet; 1976 2nd Quarter summary sheet; 1976 3rd Quarter summary sheet; 1975-1976 Insurance specification (Walsingham properties); 1975/6 Accounts; 1977 accounts; 1977 budget comparison; 1978 accounts; 1979 accounts (draft); 1980 accounts (audited); 1979/1980 manuscript spreadsheet outgoings; 1981 accounts; 1981 Estimated Cash flow - Slipper Chapel; 1982 Accounts; [c October 1982 - auction] Analysis of Expected revenue and expenditure; 1984 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1984 Accounts; 1985 Accounts; 1986 Accounts; 1987 Accounts; 1988 Accounts; 1989 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1989 Accounts; 1990 Accounts; 1990/91 Income & Expenditure estimates; 1991 Accounts; 1992 Accounts; 1993 Accounts; 1994 Accounts; 1995 Trust Annual report and Accounts; 1995 Accounts; 1996 Accounts; 1997 Trust Annual report and Accounts

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Agenda for Executive Committee, June 1987

Director's Report
Amenities area
Tabernacle re-siting
manuscript additions:
"W. A Constitution. Tea in Elmham House
Growth in number of Pilgrims
Sound System £2,800 - loop
Wals Trust (Stan & Michael)"

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant: Wells; Walsingham Trust; National Shrine

Letter from Gambling - Wells getting cold feet - not use them after Christmas. Walsingham Trust will be in place to ensure the Appeal is pursued. Laurie Tanner's (General Secretary of the Catenians) devastating constructive criticism has been very helpful. Can't be with you because at Lowestoft to bless the new cemetery.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Wilson: Walsingham - the Project; financial management

Bishop Charles and Bishop Derek have offered support for "THE PROJECT". Cardinal Basil thinks there will be no difficulty in raising £150,000. Appeal being run by Fr Birch; financial responsibility to be the Diocese'. Helpful for Fr John Drury to help Fr Wilson? There is no treasurer worthy of the name. Charitable trust set up by Michael Ward. Bishop leaving it to Fr Wilson to address the how, when and what.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Innes: Fund management; Leaving for Liverpool

Includes [not present] documentation required for Fr Trafford - grateful if he will undertake to hear the Lowestoft nuns confessions.
The management of the Banham Trust is quite constrained and has worked until now - sets out major aspects of the trust. The Bishop recommends that it stays as it is. However he'd be interested to hear anything Mr Coney or the Abbot can come up with.
Wishes him well in his new activity in Liverpool.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Director's report. April 1989

Introduction - Fr Gerry Rimmer's annual walk from Manchester to Walsingham (devotional and fund raising). 15 November, end of season dinner for volunteers; word processing software purchase, also accounting software; yellow lines in the village an improvement
Walsingham Association - Mass at Westminster (attended with Mark Hackeson), Archbishop Barbarito celebrated
Buildings - winter maintenance; bedrooms being created; common rooms established; building on-going but with delays
Finance - wages review; pension scheme; computer systems for word processing and accounting
Clergy help at the Shrine - Fr Ventham been at shrine since 1984 is going to USA

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1995

Accommodation - new map for Pilgrims; roof repairs; property boundary discussions
Elmham House - bulk container for calor gas; table license
Walsingham Trust - Shrine to operate under Diocesan charity number - Walsingham Trust will need to be reviewed
Spiritual Theme - "Our Lady of Walsingham - Woman of Faith"
People - staff changes; Mr Warwick retiring; volunteer chaplains
Ecumenism - increasing number of ecumenical groups visiting Shrine; Anglican counterpart had to withdraw from some traditional ecumenical events in Walsingham

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report October 1993

The season - Easter Mass celebrated by Bp Clark and broadcast by Anglia TV
Ecumenism - Fr Roy Fellows retired and replaced by Fr Martin Warner as Anglican Shrine Administrator
Memorial Book - Commemorative Book of the pilgrimage of the Crosses in 1947
Finance and Major Projects - allowance being made for major items of expenditure next year; property behind Black Lion to be completed soon and accommodation available to pilgrims
Walsingham Trust - donations to Romanian Orphans appeal
Walsingham Association - working with them
Music - Festival funding issues; successful first season for Mr John Jordan as Director of Music
Staff - John Hawkes retires; other staff changes

[no surname] Lucian

Director's report. October 1995

Report (1 page)
Season - good weather; large number of groups; Bp Clark retired; Bp Peter Smith led Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage
Pilgrim Hostel - bar and cold cellar complete; tariff increase of 50p per night; work programme delayed to November
Finance - budget for 1995-6 approved by Executive Committee; essential work required for organ and public address system
Walsingham Trust - Shrine will continue to operate under the Walsingham Trust
Walsingham Association - think tank established for new membership drive
People - changes noted
Appendix 1 (2 pages) - Pilgrimage Report 1995 Season

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's Report, October 1986

Main report - 4 pages
Pilgrim Report - Season 1986 (J Hawkes) - 1 page
Diocesan & National Pilgrimages for 1987 (as at 6-10-1986 - 1 page
Estimates of Income & Expenditure 1986/86 - 3 pages
Walsingham Trust Statement of Accounts to 5-4-1986 (Tucke/Allen) - 1 page

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Brewer to Abbot (Downside): Beccles School and Presbytery

Advising the Abbot that the Bishop is unable to attend to Diocesan affairs for the next few weeks, hence this letter as reply.
Bishop has been quite clear, i accordance with other Bishops, on the approach to be taken. Firm approval from him for the scheme at Beccles. Covers a range of funding/income issues associated with Beccles parish. Note that Gorleston Catholic Modern Secondary school will have Beccles as a feeder school.
typescript annotation: "Fr Abbot's letter gave the agreed valuation as follows:- Playing field £1260, House and Garden £4,100. All this will be sold to the Authority for £5360. The playground will be retained in the ownership of the Authority. The remainder will be conveyed back to Downside Abbey Beccles School trust. 'It looks as though out of this Beccles will be "clear" about £3000'".

Brewer, Arthur T Rev BCL (-1972)

Fr Innes to Bishop Parker: Fund management

Disagrees with the Bishop. Considers the trust funds could be better managed and not allowed to deteriorate in returns - draws a comparison with Downside's better fund management. Quotes Canon Hunting that too much effort is required to maintain too little income.

Innes, M Benet Rev OSB

Fr Knowles to Bishop Parker: Fund management; Dispensation for mixed marriage

Mr John Coney (approved by the Abbot) as a replacement trustee for Dr Helsham, deceased.
Separate account kept for the Church Fabric Endowment Fund - details enclosed [not present]
Dispensation requested for Hickey who is expecting embarkation leave and wishes to be married before returning to his unit. The girl, a non-catholic, is well disposed and attending instructions.
1941 Baptismal and Marriage entries copy to be sent soon.

Knowles, F Wulstan Rev OSB (1881-1965)

IHCT to Dr Heley: Pews; Dig; Lease; Keys

JS Hall - no objection in principal a dig in the church (need to discuss with Mr Hatcher); reluctant to have pews removed on a permanent basis. Dr Heley to write a short article on Meryemana for the Trust's newsletter? Mr Mellamphy should return keys (even those he may have had copied) to the Trust until the lease is completed.

Ipswich Historic Churches Trust

IHCT to Jackaman Smith & Mulley to Dr Heley: Lease; Fixtures and fittings

James Hall of IHCT, lease proposals were in writing and these form the basis of discussion. Await Foundation's decision. Inventory of contents enclosed [not present] - no attempt to define any fixtures in a legal sense. Concerned that nothing should be removed from the church - encourage Foundation to examine the inventory and confirm it as correct.

Ipswich Historic Churches Trust

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