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Advent Course

Outline for an Advent Course [possibly planned for 5 to 13 December 1990], headings:
Possible venues
Preparation and Personnel
Format of Evening Sessions
Information pack
Outline of the course (3 sessions described)

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Advent Day

Paper/Proposal for the committee to consider and approve. Headings:
Timetable of Preparation (13 November to 8 December 1991)
Preparation and Personnel
Format (Programme)
Course Leaders

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Reconciling historical and metaphysical approaches; "Faith" attack

Sorry Bp Clark cannot attend the clergy In-Service Training . Fitzpatrick / Von Hugel - problem of reconciling the historical and the metaphysical approaches to reality. Disregarded the latest attack in "Faith" - quoting my letter without permission. The Nun's action was not representative; Dick Sutherland and two others came up with the same name for her.

Butler, Basil Edward Christopher Rev OSB (1902-1986)

Bishop Calls for more Priests

Bishop Clark 's pastoral letter for Sunday 2 March 1986 appeals for men to offer themselves for the priesthood. Currently, 125 priests serve in the diocese with 11 in training. More priests are needed as numbers of priests decline and the Catholic congregation increases - from 65,000 ten years ago to 80,000 now.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Cary-Elwes to Fr Campbell: Visitation date

Suggest Wednesday July 2nd - arriving on the day as have another appointment in the area. Sorry to hear about Dr Helsham, his Jesuit brother gave a poor account of it. Cyril Banham is doing well - have to curb his enthusiasm to keep him within his health compass.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Clark to Fr Allen: Youth Project; Donation; Ordination; Training

Surprised that the Timothy Matthews project had no contact with anyone. Finally forwarding cheque from Poor Clare community in USA. David Jennings accepted for September training. Looking forward to ordaining Peter Rollings in July in Middlesborough

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clarke to Cardinal Hume: Agenda for Hierarchy meeting

Sketching out the agenda for the Hierarchy Meeting and for the debate of the Statutes. Perhaps Cormac, Pat Kelly, Vincent and self, etc. to meet. Points to make:

  • dispensation from celibacy for married clergy judged suitable candidates for priesthood
  • Holy Father and CDF said be "generous" and "flexible" - too hasty a response will send wrong signals
  • several Bishops (Southwark, Arundel & Brighton, East Anglia) putting their men through a two year part time course at Wonersh - two years should be a minimum.
  • time prior to preparation should include that already undertake
  • ordination should not be presumed
  • finance needs spelling out

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clarke to Cardinal Hume: "Anglicana"; Commission; retirement

Surprised the Cardinal revealed all - picked up by Catholic Herald and the Telegraph - have since turned down an invitation to speak on Radio 4. Cormac has been in contact. Major hurdles itemised by Bishop Clark in respect to the nature of the ministry of married (and elderly/pensionable) Anglican Clergy within the Catholic Church; managing the sceptics in Rome notwithstanding some Bishops already have candidates in training; use of a Canon Lawyer (Peter Smith ideal). Suggests a structure to clarify lines of responsibility, if the post holders are agreed. Started moving personal effects in to the retirement bungalow - "I wonder whether my hunch will be verified/vindicated."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to James Fyfe: Confirming his appointment to St Ives as pastoral diaconate.

Bishop confirms appointment to St Ives for James Fyfe. Fr Kerby is an excellent and very experienced parish priest. James Fyfe is to exercise his ministry in St Ives until the end of the year when the Bishop will be happy to ordain him. Need to talk in due course. Bishop considers 4 to 5 months should be enough time instead of a whole year. Suggests he get in touch with Fr Kerby to make the final arrangements.
in a postscript the Bishop mentions enclosing a small sum to help towards expenses and holiday.

Smith, Peter David Gordon Rev LLB JCD (1943-2020)

Correspondent to Cardinal Hume: Course in Cambridge

Commenting on the "heresy" to be found in a course advertised in the weekly new sheet from Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge. It was run by the Diocesan education Department. The writer quotes from the course, course material and a book he bought subsequently. Considers "Informed Criticism" will demolish all belief - "surely we must have some form of indoctrination?"


David Jennings to Miss Wiffen: Thanks for letter as he starts training to become a priest

David Jennings is writing in response to a letter from Miss Wiffen. He says he will miss Walsingham after seven years of working for the Walsingham Association at the national Shrine. The road to priesthood will not be easy but he is confident the prayers of the Walsingham family will help sustain him.

Jennings, David Rev

Education Project

Report addressing a proposed Education project for the Meryemana Foundation / Guild of Our Lady of Ipswich.
Three components: Adult Christian Education; Study days for schools; Local history studies
The report explores these and offers proposals for each.

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Ex-vocational students of RCDEA (Restricted Access)

  • GB ARCHON 2913 EXS
  • Fonds
  • September 1974 to July 2006

Each folder includes: correspondence; application forms; letters; performance assessments; etc.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

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