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Bishop Cary-Elwes to correspondent: Distribution of £45 for Masses

To Miss Preston; £45 cheque received from solicitors in Manchester for distribution to poorer clergy of the Diocese. Lists 11 priests. As Fr Ketterer was the young man, going to be a priest, known to Mrs Gosselin, he has therefore received the larger sum [£2; rest received £2.10]

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Clark to Correspondent: Unhappy problem

Responding to a correspondent about situation at Downham Market. "I share your anxiety about Downham Market, and for some time now I have been endeavouring to find a viable solution to this unhappy problem." People with cars can drive to Oxburgh or Swaffham - but this is far from a happy solution.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Baker: Reorganisation of parishes

A considerable reorganisation of parishes and pastoral responsibilities in the area of Dereham and Swaffham. Downham Market will become part of the Swaffham parish with Fr Peter Marsh as its first parish priest; it may be re-established as a parish in the future. Fr Baker must be living on a pittance now that RAF Marham has its own chaplain. Providing him with an overview of intentions which will not happen until arrangements have been made for Fr Baker.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Famous Convent could close - press coverage

A school that featured in a television series [Channel 5 series Bad Habits, Holy Orders, in which five party girls spend a month with the school's sisters] and has educated pupils through two world wars is appealing for the public's help to save it from collapse. Sacred Heart School in Swaffham says it may have to close its senior school at the end of the academic year unless funding can be found to support it.

The school, run by the Daughters of Divine Charity, was founded in 1914 and moved to its current site in 1920. It now has 162 pupils aged from three to 16 across its nursery, lower and senior schools. Now, with the future for its 68 senior pupils in doubt, parents and staff at the Mangate Street school say financial help will be needed to support its operation and the work of its sisters.

News items from The Eastern Daily Press

Eastern Daily Press

Fr Baker to Bishop Clark: Expects to stay at Downham

Income in the parish has increased - so, not living on a "pittance". Willing to accept position as a curate so that the parish priest from Swaffham does not have to travel to Downham. His weekly visit to the convent in Swaffham means he could easily report to the PP. Changes would be detrimental to this parish. Suggest that any priest free to officiate do so at Oxburgh instead. Not impelled to move; willing to stay.

Baker, Oswald Charles Rev (1915-2004)

Fr Heptonstall to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Intentions received; Dispensation fee; Terrible cold

Received the mass intentions and the dispensations - 5/- fee enclosed. Severe cold from downpour in Lynn Pilgrimage and was wet through. Congregations from Hunstanton (25), Lynn (150) and Swaffham (50) went to Oxborough for their Procession, greatly pleasing Sir Henry and Lady Bedingfeld.

Heptonstall, Donald V Rev (-1954)

Fr Heptonstall to Canon Tonks: Swaffam nuns; convent; Fr Flynn to return documentation?

Swaffham nuns have secured a place 10 minutes walk from the church. With the Bishop's permission they hope to open in Easter. Fr Heptonstall happy to say Mass once a week there with no honorarium until the sisters are established. The drive to Bincham [air base] is in an open army lorry - despite that he has never felt so well. Fr Flynn is doing well at Sudbury despite the rumours heard over the years. Fr H's complaint is that Fr Flynn has taken with him the Inventory Book and the mission books - he is a most difficult person as he either never responds or sends a most rude letter. Can the Bishop get him to return the books?

Heptonstall, Donald V Rev (-1954)

Fr Noel Burditt to Fr Lydiate: Bishop pleased on RI for children (but manage it); Altar stone for Italian Camp; Plans for a church; Fr Flanagan & his furniture

Bishop has thanked Ely Council Education Committee regarding Religious Instruction for RC children. Fr Lydiate must ensure children attend and get back to school on time to avoid complaints. An altar stone secured for the Italian Camp - 30 shillings credited to account by Fr Hunting (manuscript annotation) - Bishop regards it as his when use finished. Plans for a potential church sent, Bishop wants Fr Lydiate to study them. Similar church in North Walsham built just before the war and Fr Lydiate encouraged to go and see it. Councillor Mallet is written to about jewellery. Return of chalice - check it is satisfactory and if it has been fire-gilt. Fr Mortimer Flanagan will be claiming back his furniture from March when he starts at Swaffham. Bishop hopes Fr Lydiate will be able to make suitable arrangements for his own furniture.

Burditt, Noel Rev (-2000)

Norfolk sisters mark Congregation’s 150th anniversary

The Daughters of Divine Charity, who have a convent and school in Swaffham and a small care home in Hunstanton, have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of their Congregation with events in Vienna and Norwich.

The Congregation was founded in Vienna in 1868 by Mother Franciska Lechner and an international celebration was held in the Austrian capital city for three days in early June.

Provincial Superior Sr Thomas More, Sr Danuta, Sr Kasjana, Sr Bernarda, Sr Linda and three Novices went to Vienna along with three girls from the Year 10 class at Sacred Heart and two teachers. There were also three young girls from Chesterfield who are interested in joining the Congregation and Fr Michael Johnstone, the former Parish Priest of Swaffham.

Bishop Alan Hopes also invited the Sisters, the school, friends and parishioners to an 11.30am Celebration Mass at St John’s Cathedral in Norwich on July 5 to mark the anniversary.

Sr Francis Ridler said: “The 150th Anniversary at the Cathedral was a very special occasion. The pupils sang with enthusiasm and all who had individual tasks exceeded expectations. It was a wonderful community effort with school staff, Bishop Alan, several priests, parishioners, friends and parents joining in our celebration.

“Many parishioners at the Cathedral praised the organisation and good behaviour of the pupils. The children enjoyed seeing the Sisters from Chesterfield and Hunstanton.”

The offertory procession included items that represented the Sisters and school such as a candle, its emblem, the mission statement and a globe. Year 6 escorted the Nursery children who held flags from the 20 countries in which the sisters work.

One of the highlights of the Mass was a Year 11 pupil, Emily Ringwood, singing a solo Pia Jesu and the angelic voices of Sr Michaela and Sr Danuta as they sang the responsorial psalm.

The Mass was followed by a barbecue in the Narthex gardens organized by staff from the Narthex and from Sacred Heart school.

The Sisters said they would like to thank Bishop Alan for his invitation and for allowing his staff to work with the Sacred Heart Team to organise the Mass and barbecue.

Pictured above at the Norwich celebration Mass are sisters, pupils, priests and Bishop Alan. Picture by Rod Glenister.

More pictures by Michael Hill can seen by clicking here https://www.flickr.com/gp/flik_pix/s8MkTW

Morris, Keith


Page 1: Petition text: loss of daily Mass and related devotions following proposed re-alignment of parish boundaries; much fund-raising done for the Church; Rural nature of Downham Market parish would make it difficult for a priest based at Swaffham. Hence request the Bishop reverse the decision affecting Downham parish
Page 2: 1 copy of petition names - column 1 35 names; column 2 32 names


Pyx/Oil container

Comprises: lid surmounted by a cross; pyx compartment for a host; 3-spilt compartment for oils; Pewter[?]

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

Pyx/Oil container assembly

3 parts - lid; pyx; 3 compartment oil container (this has the letters "I", "O" £& "C" stamped on the outside)

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

Reel of 8mm film - Swaffam

Labels on film reel:

  1. "Swaffham most ancient mission in Norfolk after Norwich"
  2. "Swaffham Church & House / Work on Foundation & beginning of brickwork 1960s"
    Film - appears to be 4 separate films wound onto the one reel

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

Sacred Heart approval - Press coverage

5 URLs to news story.
Sacred Heart School, in Swaffham since 1914, is a fee-paying school with some 160 pupils in its nursery, lower and senior schools. This year it has asked the community to help raise funds to keep it open. This was unsuccessful and the school recently announced that it would be closing at the end of the summer term. The Catholic Diocese of East Anglia has been working on plans for a new Catholic primary school, the first in Norfolk for decades, in its place. This week the plan was approved by Norfolk County Council.

Eastern Daily Press

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