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Phillips, Murial Mrs

Bishop Clark to Bishop Cleary: Attendance at Chapel dedication

Understands the problem. Asks Bishop Cleary to read the minutes of the Shrine Council. Bishop Clark is worried as the man hoped to take the post of Administrative Officer (Manager) has jibbed. Main concern is the bewildering indebtedness of the day-today running of the shrine. "Clive seems impervious to my directive ... he'll have to go. But I want your wise counsel."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Birch: Executive Committee 11 May 1982

Line of communication require that Mgr. McBride, as chairman, is consulted first. Must have employment contracts prior to grievance and disciplinary procedures. Pay back overdraft now - end of season at latest. Over-manning?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Canon McBride: Aide-memoire for interview with Fr Birch

  1. Vicar General compliments slip: "E&OE bashed out quickly. Forgot to ask what about Stan Tucker. Mac"
    [E&OE - Errors and Omissions Excepted - document may contain mistakes or may not include some details]
  2. Notes for a no-nonsense meeting with Fr Birch. Many issues to address largely to do with Fr Birch doing his own thing despite directions from the bishop, the Vicar General and the Executive Committee. Several examples given of wayward behaviour - "my position becoming intolerable as a result". Decisions and actions taken which were not within Fr Birch's remit. Peter Wilson: "did you think we were fools... ?"

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

Director's report April 1982

Reservation of Blessed Sacrament in Slipper Chapel - decision required from Shrine Council
Sacrament of the Sick
Masses Timetable
New Organs - requests for use by eminent organist and to make a commercial recording
Sub-committee report - (formed by Bishop Clark to consider financial matters) - number of decisions and policies need to be made by Shrine Council & Executive Committee
Publicity - a number of decisions made by the director for which he apologies, not having realise that he should have consulted with Shrine Council
Papal mass - Listed the 20 seats decided by the Exec Committee; Fr Colven has his own invitation; insure the statue and gold crown for £10,000
Conclusion - despite the gloomy financial situation; the shrine was built through faith and hope; Walsingham embraces all walks of life, and increasingly, denominations

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Director's report. March 1990

Winter about completing building works and planning for the next season (theme Evangelization); 1990 centenary of Cardinal Newman's death; Pope wants next decade to 2000 to characterise evangelisation - Walsingham has a part to play.
Maintenance; conversion to accommodation; decoration; Fr Gerry Rimmer of Manchester (his walks and sponsorship helped fund a lot of the work)
Priests offering confessional services; Society of Mary contacted Bishop re meeting the needs of the Shrine in coming years.
Coming Events
Pilgrimages; music (organ); Sunday Express' March feature on Walsingham; Apostolic Pro Nuncio

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1992

Report (2 pages)
Introduction - quiet Winter; not used overdraft; various repairs effected
Finance - £88,882 banked with Diocese; £5,569 in Walsingham Trust Account; new financial procedures working well; Mr Warwick in new role as bookkeeper and clerk.
Winter Activity - retreats; planning for next season; audio tapes being produced by "Herald Recordings"
Staff - Nigel Kerry leaving to prepare for ordination as an Anglican priest
Estimates of Income and expenditure 1991/2 - (4 pages)

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1993

Report - 2 pages
Introduction - Fr Allen now at Ushaw College; Flood damage; contract awarded for lighting scheme; property behind Black Lion Hotel
Finance - account in annex; new marquee ordered; Coker's Hill car park sold
People - very friendly and open
Spiritual Theme - "Mary, first disciple of the Lord"
Coming Year - representation of the Shrine; priority for youth
Annex 1 - 7 pages - Estimates of Income & Expenditure
Annex 2 - 2 pages - Pilgrimage report 1993 season

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. March 1995

Accommodation - new map for Pilgrims; roof repairs; property boundary discussions
Elmham House - bulk container for calor gas; table license
Walsingham Trust - Shrine to operate under Diocesan charity number - Walsingham Trust will need to be reviewed
Spiritual Theme - "Our Lady of Walsingham - Woman of Faith"
People - staff changes; Mr Warwick retiring; volunteer chaplains
Ecumenism - increasing number of ecumenical groups visiting Shrine; Anglican counterpart had to withdraw from some traditional ecumenical events in Walsingham

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. March 1996

Property - final phase of conversion of St Annes' House and St Joseph's House
Finance - draft accounts examined by Executive Committee
Security - burglary - loss of 13 ciboria and chalices - insurance £7,900
People - Fr Tom Goonan has left for Sheffield; Tim McDonald working with the Director on the Centenary
Spiritual Theme - "Our Lady of Walsingham, Image and Mother of the Church"

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. November 1987

Main report (3 pages)
Pilgrim season
Marian Year
National Pilgrimage
Guild of Ransom
Walsingham Association
Walsingham Trust
Pilgrim Numbers
Information to Pilgrims
Appendix 1 - Income and Expenditure estimates 1987/88 (2 pages)
Appendix 2 - Pilgrimage Report - Season 1987 (2 pages) (J E Hawkes)

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. October 1989

Main report (6 pages)
Pattern of Pilgrimage - assessment of pattern and type of pilgrimages - see appendix for numbers
Events and Visitors - variety of clerical and non-clerical visitors; Major of Norwich (David Bradford) and Sheriff of Norwich (Rev Jack Burton)
Ecumenical Scene - pattern of visits by pilgrims of both churches to each Shrine now a regular feature; other details.
Farewells and Welcomes - review of staff joining and leaving; Fr Ventham left for Chicago in August.
Future Planning - 26 major day pilgrimages; visited USAF Chaplain, Fr Lattus with Mr Warwick to discuss a 50th Anniversary pilgrimage for 2nd World War.
Buildings and Maintenance - discussion of range of work required to maintain the buildings and the services to pilgrims.
Walsingham Association - outline of the state of WA - new federations; association's retreat being organised
Finance - wage increase of 6% but Wage Council laid down 10%, hence higher costs; remaining debt to the Diocese is £10,000
Conclusion - glorious weather; pilgrim numbers stable
Appendix I - Estimates of Income & Expenditure - 1989/90 (2 pages)
Appendix II - Pilgrimage Report - 1989 Season (2 pages)

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. October 1990

Introduction - Bp Wheeler; opening of Richeldis House
Youth Pilgrimage - eleven European countries represented by young pilgrims; Walsingham Association to run a youth camp
Guild of Chaplains - is now constituted; Cardinal Hume patron
Staffing - Russell Frost (MC & Sacristan) going to Wonersh; Mark Hackeson to Rome; Mr Warwick's illness leads him to go part-time; Anne Milton now General Secretary of the Walsingham Association
Pilgrim Hostel - some bad behaviour of resident pilgrims; trying to ensure an atmosphere of prayer; various suggestions being considered
Finance - debt will be just under £50,000. car park development; if approved should raise £60,000.
Conclusion - Marist brethren at Walsingham
Annex I - Estimates of Income and Expenditure 1990/91
Annex II - Pilgrimage Report - 1990 season

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report October 1993

The season - Easter Mass celebrated by Bp Clark and broadcast by Anglia TV
Ecumenism - Fr Roy Fellows retired and replaced by Fr Martin Warner as Anglican Shrine Administrator
Memorial Book - Commemorative Book of the pilgrimage of the Crosses in 1947
Finance and Major Projects - allowance being made for major items of expenditure next year; property behind Black Lion to be completed soon and accommodation available to pilgrims
Walsingham Trust - donations to Romanian Orphans appeal
Walsingham Association - working with them
Music - Festival funding issues; successful first season for Mr John Jordan as Director of Music
Staff - John Hawkes retires; other staff changes

[no surname] Lucian

Director's report. October 1994

Report (2 pages)
Season - Dowry Pilgrimage led by Bp Clark and Cardinal Adrianus Simonis , Archbishop of Utrecht
New Accommodation - property behind Black Lion completed and open for use on 24 June
Finance - Summary of financial standing. 1994-5 budget approved by Executive Committee
Walsingham Association - decided to raise funds for new accommodation
Ecumenism - good relations with Anglican community; number of Guardians of the Shrine (Anglican) have been received into the Catholic Church
Staff - changes described
Liaison with outside authorities - Police and local Council concerned about coaches in the village
Appendix 1 - Pilgrimage Season (2 pages)
Appendix 2 - Estimates of Income and expenditure - 1995/95 (9 pages)

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. October 1995

Report (1 page)
Season - good weather; large number of groups; Bp Clark retired; Bp Peter Smith led Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage
Pilgrim Hostel - bar and cold cellar complete; tariff increase of 50p per night; work programme delayed to November
Finance - budget for 1995-6 approved by Executive Committee; essential work required for organ and public address system
Walsingham Trust - Shrine will continue to operate under the Walsingham Trust
Walsingham Association - think tank established for new membership drive
People - changes noted
Appendix 1 (2 pages) - Pilgrimage Report 1995 Season

Williams, Alan Rev SM

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