St John the Baptist - Photographic Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 St John the Baptist Collection: Pre-1976 Photographs - Index File c.1894 to 1976 View
SJB20B 348 WW1 Wounded men in Little Sisters of the Assumption ward, Norwich Item c. 1914
SJB20B 349 WW1 Little Sisters of the Assumption ward, Norwich Item c.1914
SJB20B 443 WW1 Grave marker - Sapper BE Seely Item after 5-11-1916
SJB20-113 Celebration of Centenary of Catholic Emancipation Item 23 June 1929
SJB20A 429 Canon Parker & Altar servers in 1940s Item 1940s
SJB20-160 Priest Group and Tess in SJB grounds Item 1944-1947
SJB20-197 St John the Baptist High Altar Item 1950s
SJB20-232 SJB Cathedral House and garden - National Monuments Item late 1970s
SJB21-571 SJB Garden from East Item c. 1980s
SJB21-572 SJB Garden from South West Item c. 1980s
SJB21-132 Blessing of Brownies' Trefoil Rosebed Item August 1984
SJB21 396 Notre Dame Convent – last mass - with Fr Tony Seely Item 5-5-1994
SJB20A-821 Bishop Evans blessing Columbarium at SJB, Deacon Limacher in attendance Item 1 November 2006
7 Ceiling Boss - The Resurrected Christ Item 1980
9 Ceiling Boss Item 1980
10 Ceiling Boss - presenting the head of John the Baptist Item 1980
11 Ceiling Boss - Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist Item 1980
14 Ceiling Boss - Pelican piercing its breast Item 1980
18 Ceiling Boss - Temptation in the Garden of Eden Item 1980
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