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Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Final text - critique

Final text is nearly identical to the first draft - the mood is quite different. Some questions arose which he's not the time to develop. "What I believe in is the Church which Christ founded which entailed a ministry.. slowly revealed in the New Testament... the famous 'hierarchy of truths'". "After all, the question of validity is largely obsolete, whereas the question of authenticity of ministry is right up to date and requiring resolution."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Campbell to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Additional candidate for Ordination at Beccles

Glad to accommodate another candidate for the ordination. A room made ready for the Bishop - sleep might be disturbed by a nightingale, recently returned. Options for a sermon - 10.30am or 6.30pm mass.
manuscript annotation: "Answered. 10.30 very well. No sermon, but you may read notices, Ep. & Gosp. at usual place. Will fall in with any arrangements for lunch; but give me a cup of tea & toast immediately after Mass. It more convenient to stay at St Benet's Ap. 26/26."

Campbell, Henry Martin Dom OSB

Fr Dinley to Bishop: Arranging visit to Bishop

Proposes a date for his visit to the Bishop. Yarmouth air agrees with him very well and the people are friendly. On Wednesday and Sunday evenings in Lent he & Fr Riley are giving courses of sermons on Eternal Truths.
Manuscript annotation: "Asked for 22nd instead, in case I had to go to Plymouth for Bishop's Jubilee on the 20th. Asked for statistics form to be filled in, as owing to Fr Thompson's death it was not done. Enclosed a 1925 copy as a guide. Ap 9/27."

Dinley, Patrick Rev SJ

Fr Dinley to Bishop: Bishop now recovered; Lent going well in Yarmouth; converts increasing; Sisters' excellent work

Mgr Freeland informed him that the Bishop is quite recovered and able to resume work. All is well at Yarmouth for Lent - giving a series of sermons on the Passion and the Fundamentum of the Exercises. Number of converts is steadily increasing. The sisters in the convent are doing excellent work and seem very happy.
Manuscript annotation: "[illegible] Thanks. Apr. 2/28"

Dinley, Patrick Rev SJ

Sermon by Rev John Freeland at Opening of Hunstanton Church

Title Page (front cover): "Sermon / preached at the Opening of / Our Lady & St Edmund's / Church, / Hunstanton / on Thursday Evening, July 21st, 1905 / by the / Rev. John Freeland / of Ely."
Printed by S G Street, Pier Gate Library. 1905.
Imprimatur Arthur Riddell, Bishop of Northampton

Freeland, John Francis Rev (1861-1940)

"The Second Vatican Council"

Collection of sermons by Fr Oswald Baker; titles:
How can it have happened?
The evil of Vatican II
Faith and Morals: The Vatican II assault
Verdict on Vatican II
Papal infallibility and papal power
The Catholic Church and the Conciliar Church

Baker, Oswald Charles RevĀ (1915-2004)