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Bishop Clark to Fr Mossey: Will be missed; departure

Thanks Fr Mossey for his priestly work in the diocese over the years; apologises for any failure in support. Fr Mossey will be missed; the sisters remarked how in spite of frailty he does his utmost to provide their daily Mass. Ben Hammond's generosity means Henry will cover when Fr Mossey leaves for Northampton on June 9th. Bernard [Nesden] will be launched once more on the pastoral road - please pray for him there has been too much grief in his life.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Sloan: Carry on

Bishop will have to supply at Aldborough as David [Thomson] has gone into hospital. Would like to release you, but practically, cannot do so. Let him know if cannot do the minimum. "Your people have got to realise that they are privileged to have a priest celebrating Mass." There is no replacement.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Higham: Moving to Blakeney

"Mr Dear Joe, I am very glad to hear that you are able to go to Blakeney, but sorry to hear that you have got to the stage when you have to retire - what is the matter? However, I have great pleasure in giving the faculties you ask for confessions and preaching, subject to the restrictions in the Code. I hope to see you some time at Blakeney, but I am just off to Rome until mid-December. I hope that you will have better health; Blakeney is a delightful place, but has very few Catholics. I presume you will have a housekeeper as it would be very lonely without one. "

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Consider retirement

Bishop thanks Fr Hammond for being a splendid host and working it all out for him. It is hard but Fr Hammond should consider being looked after himself in retirement as a Nursing Home or a Residential home. Bishop has written to Harry Wace as a member of the Sick Clergy Fund board to ensure all is settled properly in Fr Hammond's favour. Bishop meant what he said at Mass and was pleased how the congregation clapped Fr Hammond.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Retirement to Park House; "Golden Oldies"

Bishop was with fellow Bishops in London Colney. Hopes Fr Hammond will retire to Park House and be very comfortable and that he has contacted members of the Sick Clergy Board (Harry, Philip and John McNally). Lists various clergy on the move or retiring - "The Golden Oldies are on the move!"

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Hammond to Bishop: House-keeper trouble; ill health; retirement

Updating the Bishop on his situation. Bad case of shingles nearly over and almost recovered. Housekeeper had to retire due ill health and replacement is unacceptable. Sister helping out for now. However, if the situation does not improve he cannot manage on his own and may retire to Peterborough near his family.

Hammond, Leo A Rev (-1999)

Fr Higham to Bishop Clark: Notice to leave Blakeney

Proposing to leave on Wednesday 20 October with his housekeeper. Has informed the PP Fr Murphy SM
Never expected to be in Blakeney so long. His infirmities require him to retire and will go to Lancashire to live in a rent-free cottage offered by a Catholic farmer. Provides basic information in Sunday congregation numbers and income.
No reply needed.

Higham, Joe Rev

Fr Lloyd to Bishop Smith: Future at Blakeney

Would like to return to retreat work and so intends to leave Blakeney at end of June.
Clare Richards is retiring from teaching. She and her husband are friends and Fr Lloyd says there may be a celebration at Sion Convent in Notting Hill (the site of the old Corpus Christi).

Lloyd, Thomas Rev CP (1932-1998)

Fr Mossey to Fr Wilson: Calamitous start to 1981

Returns delayed due to calamitous start to 1981; difficulties have been added to. Housekeeper had virulent flu, then Fr Mossey, parishioner assistance with documents made things worse; covenant signatures in limbo, locked in a safe with key mislaid. "I have no doubt that I ought to retire to prevent more mayhem..."

Mossey, John J Rev Hon. CF (-1995)

Fr Sloan to Bishop Clark: Requests to resign

Will be 71 in August and wishes to resign. Finding the demands of 5 week-end masses, 4 hospitals, driving to Halesworth are too much. Offered a home by a couple and would like to give an answer by June 20th.

Sloan, James Rev (1913-1988)

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