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1987 Dean's report on Aldeburgh

Dean's summary report on Aldeburgh parish. Fr Ben Hammond is happy at Aldeburgh; should address his Sunday schedule; has no financial worries. The house is well decorated and in a good state. Church has new heating being installed. Concern about influx of workers at Sizewell B (last time, for Sizewell A, this resulted in the construction of Leiston Church).

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

A Marketing Plan for the Promotion of Walsingham

Report for Executive Association authored by John Rayne-Davis.
Title Page
Page 1: Background; Objectives; Promotion of the Association is to promote Walsingham
Page 2: Competition between Walsingham and Lourdes; Suggested strategies; Information Days
Page 3: Branch Activities; Recruitment of younger members
Page 4: Local media; Talks at Catholic Churches; The Internet
Page 5: Appendix - Talk to Churches in York after Sunday Mass

Walsingham Association

"A Time for Building" - a report from Parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes, Sawston

Prelimimary (1 page): Introduces Sawston as a rural parish covering a large area. Total mass attendance at 4 church centres is 360. The booklet "A Time for Building" was taken by 110 parishioners. Parishioners met 4 times prior to a general fifth meeting. 40 people attended the smaller groups, 29 of whom were at the final meeting. A lay reader chaired the small groups and the Chairman of the Parish Advisory Committee chaired the final meeting - the parish priest was present for this. Each group submitted its own report.

Report 1 (3 pages): Sawston Group - 4 sessions described; Findings: approve of discussion groups; how to contact those who had not attended this group; each group must have clear purpose, be open and ready to adapt.

Report 2 (2 pages): Great Shelford Group - overall impression of "A Time for Building" is that it is a difficult read, not a positive basis for discussion, had little mention of Christ in His Church. Summary of discussion follow. Final paragraph says "We did not finish discussing the rest of the report but the general feeling ... was that if we were all better Christians the report would not have been necessary". Interesting that there was a call for greater understanding of the Bible - should be Bible study groups.

Report 3 (3 pages): Little Shelford Group - 10 points followed by ".. the Laity could do more in the administration of the Parish .." but this was qualified by the need to take care to chose the right workers otherwise harm may emerge. A page of minority comments is followed by a half page addition which identifies Ecuminism as generally a good thing, but depored a decline in the recognition of authority, and the failure to stress authority and discipline was a serious omission in "A Time for Building".

Report 4 (8 pages): Haslingfield and Harston Group - Could not obtain "The Church in the Year 2000" which was mentioned several times in "A Time for Building". The latter was "difficult to follow because it contained too many long and diffuse sentences, much jargon and a number of deliberate ambiguities. It was generally badly written and contained an apparent political bias". They looked at the membership of the committee which produced the booklet and consider that the absence of lay members from the shop floor or professions instead of the preponderence of social workers was reflected in the content and harmed the booklet. This group then examined in detail each section of the booklet: Preface & Introduction / The Church in England and Wales since Vatican II / Human and Material Sources / Mission of the Church / Development of the Right Attitudes / Formation, Structure and Worship / The Christian Mission in Different Life Situations / Mission for Caring Concern / Conclusions. This is followed by 3 pages of comments on the report.

Sawston Parish Advisory Committee

"A Time for Building" comments

Topics addressed: General Comments; Statistics; Leadership; Small Groups; Future Role of Priests; Celibate and/or married clergy; Future Role of Bishops;
Role of Women


Alfred Fisher: Proposed West Window, Slipper Chapel

Comments by the designer, Alfred Fisher, on the design and purpose of the new window and its design. Closes with a statement about the Webb window, his understanding of its status and the way this influenced the draft (emphasised) design.

Fisher, Alfred MBE FMGP FRSA

Appeal Committee Report to Shrine Council

Introduction - Three meetings held and the report represents current thinking
Stage 1 - National collection
Stage 2 - An appeal to individuals, institutions, charitable trusts.
Outline of intent and organisation and resources required to see the Appeal reach out to religious groups and obtain the support of the Pope.
13 August 1980 - Preliminary artwork
26 August1980 - Tender issues
1 October 1980 - Tender receipt
1 October 1981- completion

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Architect Report - Future Planning for Slipper Chapel - June 1979

  1. Present Building; 2. Existing Layout of the Site; 3. The Open Sided Church; 4. Requirements for Further Accommodation; 5. Suggested Plan; Approximate Costs; Further Action.
    Provided funds secured and once planning permission obtained, 8 weeks to prepare bills of quantities and obtain tenders, possible to start early Summer 1980.

Purcell Miller Tritton & Partners

Architect's first report on water penetration...

The report commences from 19 June when Fr Birch first reported leaks (in the washroom). Report provides several paragraphs of evidence, considers the preliminary deductions, and makes recommendations (essentially to gather more evidence and engage with Lusher & Sons over how to take this forward).

Purcell Miller Tritton & Partners

Architect's Progress Report - summary

Page 1: Summary of progress; Drawings & Bill of Materials prepared, Cost balanced by savings, Tender accepted (cost £409,800), late revisions (partitions, confessionals, storage, WCs), Programme (completion mid August 1981)
Page2-3: Extract from Bill of Materials for purposes of designated Gifts - "Certain works to be included in the overall project cannot be specifically designed or detailed at the tendering stage and the following estimated costs are including for such items, and are listed below:"
[From] "Pews, benches, sundry internal fittings and fixtures £10,350", etc.
[through] "Work of a specialist nature will be executed by specialist subcontractors and comprise the following:
Supplying to site precast concrete cappings to walls and precast concrete surrounds to doors and windows £12,850", etc
[including headings for:] Substructure and floor slab, Walls, Roof, Doors, Plumbing work, Finishings, Paining and decorating, External works, Items not included in the main tender sum (Organ £5,000, Thurible £250, etc.)

Purcell & Johnson

Audit comments on Accounts for 1997

Comments form audit cover:
Overall Summary (page 11)
Activities (Page 11)
General income and Expenditure (page 12)
Administration/Bureau (page 13)
Shrine (page 14)
Hotel and dining room (page 15)
Slipper Chapel Shop (page 16)
Walsingham Association (page 17)

MacIntyre Hudson

Bishop Clark's evaluation of Tansley Witt notes

General Observations - general agreement; schedule A redrafted; diocese allows appeal funds to accumulate not offset debt
Responsibilities (at the Shrine) - Director (shrine to pay its way): Bishop Clark (oversight) answerable to Bishop Grant (and Fiance Board)
The Pilgrim Church - to await loan reaching whole cost is unrealistic / uneconomic ; need a loan - will the Diocese guarantee it?
Personal Comment - transition form local to national shrine; charge to Diocese remains and must be honoured; focus on Pilgrim Church, rest in suspense
Interest charges - puzzling - Diocese levying interest on itself?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Branch Meetings & Reports

Minutes (and some papers) for 129 meetings (AGMs & Branch Executive meetings); mainly typescript, a few handwritten; includes separate reports from special interest groups, national meetings, camp events. Occasional financial information provided by the treasurer.
Meetings held around the Diocese e.g. Ipswich, Thetford, Newmarket, Sprowston, Hellesen, Ely, Fakenham. Majority of meetings help in St John's Hall, occasionally at the convent across the road.

Branch Report February 2006

Membership of 72 with core 25-30 members. Standard format: Mass, meeting, guest speaker, discussion with refreshments and raffle.
Oxburgh Chapel Annual Mass well attended. Thanks to the Bedingfeld family and National Trust for making the chapel available. Westminster trip in September. Christmas visit to the Thursford Extravaganza.

Walter, Pat Mrs

Branch reports 1993

A number of summary reports received from Walsingham Association branches as at 6 November 1993
Each report is formatted: Name; members numbers/ renewals /new; Report for 1993; plans for 1994

Walsingham Association

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