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? to Fr Purcell: Board of Trustees asking for a response to their letter of 15 December 1909

The writer is direct by the Board of Trustees to ask for a reply to their letter of 15 December 1909. Fr Purcell is asked what arrangements he has made regarding the properties from which he receives rent. The writer call to Fr Purcell's notice that if the properties are not kept in good repair then "Mr Pauling, the great benefactor of your mission may cease to take further interest in the work at St Ives".
[The letter ends at this point - it is an unsigned draft]


Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant

Suggesting that an individual should go to Oscott or Innsbruck for "deepening". manuscript annotation by Bishop Grant - "I think Oscott - as a convert he still has a lot to learn about the Church in England"). Long explanation about why Bishop Clark circumvented his own processes to spend money on a strip of land which joins up Elmham House to the boundary of the Church and which came up a short notice. He and Fr Connelly paid for it out of income.
All this makes it more desirable to establish a management committee at Walsingham:
himself; Roland [Connelly]; Michael Ward (Solicitor, King's Lynn); Col. Cary-Elwes (Thurton); Philip Browning (Poringland); Mr Jameson (N. Elmham).
Turnover at Walsingham is too large for one man. Expenditure must include an annual repayment to the Diocese to offset the debt.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Moorcraft: 39 High Street, Walsingham

Claude Fisher had mentioned other properties but they are no ours. We only have 389 High Street. Bill for repairs and paintings to the Whit e House in Poringland - have no money perhaps Fr Moorcraft can honour the bill?
On a personal note, he comments that Fr Moorcraft looked tired at Clapham - with current shocks on the Stock Market it must be hard to sleep at night!

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Wilson: "Mileham"

Two matters:
If Warwick's request is in order, I imagine you will forward it.
What of Luker? Some decision will be needed.
Manuscript notation: "Ring Kelleher" [Witham Weld & Co.]

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to North Norfolk DC: Coach Park, Walsingham

Bishop writes to NNDC's District Secretary (Mr Philip J Sage, ACIS) about toilet accommodation at the Coach Park in Walsingham. Despite initially writing to Sr Moran, the matter will have to be resolved at Diocesan level. Fr Connelly has left but is right about offering a contribution. However, as for the DC, the Diocese is short of cash, so would appreciate the figure being kept small.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Birch: Establishment of Walsingham as the National Shrine

Discussions with the Cardinal (in Denmark, with Canon McBride) suggest that the Shrine will be the National Shrine. The Shrine Council should not forget the intense efforts over the last 15 years, in which Roland Connelly should receive much credit. Given that the Ordinary of East Anglia is considered “accountable” for Walsingham Shrine, then the Bishop has directives:

  1. the Vicar General (Canon McBride) to be chair of the Executive Committee
  2. the Cardinal insists that “we get it right”: the Mass will be the Mass of Our Lady, statue of Our Lady is to go to Wembley for the Pope’s visit; Fr Birch to produce the detailed programme
  3. A statue of our Lady of Walsingham should be in the Chapel of Reconciliation – tapestry idea is troubling
  4. Anglican Administrator invited to Wembley for Ecumenical representation
  5. Slipper Chapel development to be completed before property initiative
  6. Consecration on 25 March to be low key with Shrine Council members in attendance and any others who can attend; not specifically inviting the Hierarchy.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Brown: Strategy for presence in Attleborough

Bishop considers the points raised by Fr Brown. Setting aside the Diocese's "penury", it is important to have a goal in mind - permanent church (small such as in Blakeney) or church centre? Bishop tends to the latter with a view to ecumenical sharing. although the Anglicans are currently building their own. What about the Methodist Church and its buildings?
Re Sr. Alies, provision for her will be largely at Wymondham's expense. but the idea is worth exploring.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr. Provincial: draft letter: Need information for Charity Commission return regarding Diocesan properties

Draft letter believed to be from Bishop Leo Parker to the SJ Provincial [Terence Corrigan?].
Having to make a submission on Diocesan properties to the Charity Commission before the end of March to meet the needs of the new Charities Act. No records of what the Society hold. Caister Chapel and cemetery seem to be leasehold and not freehold. Also who are the owners of St Mary's parochial school? Need information from the Society by return. The Diocesan solicitors are Witham, Weld and Co of 11 Ashby Place.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Charles Hawkins, report on properties at Friday Market and High Street, Little Walsingham

Page 1: Front page
Page 2-3: Elmham House
Page 4: The Old School
Page 4-5: Friday Market Church with Extended Sacristy
Page 6: 12 Friday Market
Page 7-8: 37 & 39 High Street (The Youth Hostel and building plot)
Page 8: 37 & 39 High Street; accommodation east of Number 37; plot with frontage to Coker's Hill
Page 10-12: Analysis and Recommendations
Page 12: Valuations
Page 13: signature
Page 14: map with reviewed properties marked

Charles Hawkins & Sons

Claude Fisher to Fr Birch: Sick etc. Accommodation

Sell Wells' Priests' House; history of occupancy and use (Fr Gerry Hulme / Fr Symes / Marists / Fr Murphy). House not needed and the former Congregation Hall across the road is available to borrow when necessary.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Dean's Annual Report - Sacred Heart, St Ives - 1986

An annual report form signed by A Philpot, completed prior to the next Bishop's visitation on 28 May 1986. Series of questions under the headings: 1. Condition of the Church; 2. Parish Registers; 3. Record of Parishioners; 4. General Condition of Parish Property.

Philpot, Anthony Rev (1935-2016)

Dean's Annual Report - Sacred Heart, St Ives - 1996

An annual report form signed by Dean Rogers, completed prior to the next Bishop's visitation on 11 September 1996. Series of questions under the headings: 1. Condition of the Church; 2. Parish Registers; 3. Record of Parishioners; 4. General Condition of Parish Property.

Rogers T (?) Dean 1996

Dean's Annual Report Form

Data about Aldeburgh: Last Bishop visitation 18-11-1984; present visitation 23-3-87; Last Dean's visitation 8-4-1983. Main headings: Condition of Church; Parish Registers; Record of Parishioners; General Condition of Parish Property.

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

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