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Bishop Clark to Mr Power: Hostel Development

A new Director taking over at the Shrine; most matters left to Vicar General and so did not realise the urgency in the letter. Naturally grateful to the Walsingham Association for the pledge of raising £60,000. Do keep Mgr McBride and the Executive [Committee] in the picture. Every blessing.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Dinley: Arrival advice; Programme; Mgr Forbes

Bishop encloses the normal advice for his arrival which contains the form of Blessing, etc., which may be useful. Programme fine. Believes Mgr. Forbes to be an old Scots College companion. Has to leave on Monday. Will try to come for Friday from King's Lynn where he will be for the Pilgrimage on Thursday 12th.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Kerby: Visitation 23/24 May 1992. Protracted Confirmation; Cannot change it.

"You have me by the hip" when you quote the last time I came - but he was 3 years younger then. Not really the point. This is now a protracted Confirmation (administration of) which is not really what a Bishop's visitation is about. "You see, I like visiting St Ives - but FOUR confirmations!!!"
manuscript annotation: asking how necessary is it to accommodate all the relatives threatening to descend on St Ives? To late to do anything "effective" but think on it, It will almost certainly be another Bishop next time (I shall miss the occasion!)

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Charles Hawkins to Fr Birch: National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

Following meeting with Brother Hawkes and Mr John Salter regarding developments since the last report [October 1981]. Stresses that in dealing with its properties (sales, tenant, renovations, budgets, etc.) the Shrine needs a coherent rolling programme - not a fragmented and piecemeal approach.

Charles Hawkins & Sons

Committee minutes

7 in attendance
Plaque replacement - £400 replacement cost; £63 received after an appeal to members; same design better material
Programme 1987 - detailed discussion
AOB - promoting the Guild Aims; Guild currently in a "rut"

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Committee minutes

6 in attendance
Pilgrimage Walk - arrangement discussion
Future programme - some revisions ; Nov/Dec meeting - still awaiting Fr Elias
Plaque - Mr Mellamphy to sent report
AOB - invite John Gummer MP to Pilgrimage Walk

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Committee minutes

7 in attendance
Election of Officers: Chairman - T Cooke; Treasurer - Mr H Youngs; Secretary - Miss M Newell; Public Relations Officer - Miss J Fell
Future meetings - programme
Plaque - ready soon
Statue - complete; local MPs informed; Book of patrons;
Sub-committee visit to St Nicholas Church - £10,000 for interior work contacts provided; official letters to be copied to Anglican and Catholic Bishops

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Director's report. February 1985

(one month in post)
Bishop's working party
Working relationships
Programme changes
Building development
Preparations for 1985 season

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report, November 1982

Introduction – Director to perform a more spiritual role / Manager to run the Shrine; multiple reports to consider: Stan Tucker on administration, Jim Bolton on properties, Don Healey on catering and retail
Properties – properties sold (£76,500); fund debt of £50,000
Shrine – arrangements for manager; repairs for roof of Slipper Chapel
Administration and Staffing – commercial activities run by Manager (Mr B Warwick); Director (of Spiritual Life) to deepen pastoral role, and related activities; Br J Hawkes to step down; Sister Eileen as Director's secretary; redundancies
Finances – Financial year to end on 30 November; Lloyds Bank account
Shrine and Spiritual activities – religious duty presence; exposition; Divine Office; Tabernacle; Young people
1982 Events – Papal visit impact (fewer pilgrims and Bishops visiting); Papal Bicycle bought; National Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham; National Pilgrimage (lead by Bishop Couve de Murville); Ukrainian Church split meant both Orthodox Bishops did not come; Statue of Our Lady at Wembley (lap of honour)
Future – programme of dates; Projects

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Dinley to Bishop: Visitation Schedule and arrangements

Fr Dinley states that the programme will be similar to that of 3 years ago (1927):
8.30 Bishop's Mass
11.00 Missa Cantata coram Episcop with Sermon by the Bishop; After Mass Reception in Sodality Hall
6.30 Confirmation & Solemn Benediction.
He asks the Bishop for details of arrival so he can arrange for a car at the station. Passes on Mgr Forbes greetings.

Dinley, Patrick Rev SJ

Fr Hyland to Fr Smith: Visitation schedule revised

Bishop arrives after 8pm, 13 November, dines and stays the night. Schedule for Sunday:
9am Mass at Hembsy - Bishop preaches
11am Mass Yarmouth - Mass for dead of two World Wars
3.30pm Confirmation Mass
6.30 pm Mass - Bishop to preach
7.30pm Evening tea
Monday 15th: Visit to primary school; visits to sick and house-bound (not so many)

Hyland, John G Rev OSA

Fr Kerby to Bishop: Visitation 23/24 May 1992. Sorry the Bishop finds the programme "rather heavy".

Fr Kerby checked the Code and it is all clear now. Sorry that the Bishop finds the programme rather heavy - it is the same as the last time he came. The reason is the lack of space. 11am Mass is normally full and with the Confirmands and family and friends ... Fr Kerby explains the issues which lead to the programme being constructed this way. He considers the arrangements to be the best in the circumstances and hopes the Bishop will accept them.
p.s. Anne Kellock is providing the meals.

Kerby, Raymond Rev (?-2009)

Jackaman Smith & Mulley to Dr Heley: St Nicholas - proposed alterations and use

Elwood writes. Bibleway and Meryemana discussion on use of St Nicholas. Request indication of income to assist in setting lease rent level. IHCT want information about the programme of work over the next 12 to 24 months in time for their next meeting. Risk exists that IHCT takes control of the Church and makes it available to organisations on a function by function basis, this could exclude Meryemana from a controlling interest altogether.

Jackaman & Sons

Let's Look at Broadcast

Pg1: Invitation to a day led by David Self with Sr Margaret McHard
pg2: Programme 10.30am to 4pm: Story so far; Matching the Station Sound; A morning in the life of a BBC Local Radio Station; Radio in the Nineties; The Way Ahead

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Martin Hall Associates: Report on the Proposed Extension to Elmham House

Pg1: Title page (clear plastic)
Pg2: Map of site (paper)
Pg3: Green card
Pg4: Introduction; Contents (4 Phases; conclusions; appendixes)
Pg5: Phase 1
Pg6: Elevation and plan for phase 1
Pg7: Phase 2
Pg8-9: phase 2 plans
Pg10: Phase 3
Pg11-14: Phase 3 & 4 plans
Pg15: Phase 4
Pg16: Conclusions; Phasing; Total Costs
Pg17: Notes
Pg18: transparency overlay showing phases in colour
Pg19: Site plan (existing)
Pg20: Site plan (proposed)
Pg21: Feasibility Study (Title page) 6 January 1984
Pg22-26: Feasibility Study (including budgetary estimates from G DC Baxter and Associates (Chartered Quantity Surveyors)
Pg27: Green card back cover

Martin Hall Associates (-2018)

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