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Agenda & programme

Programme (includes buffet, meeting staff, meeting, concelebrated mass) and Agenda

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Cardinal Hume - Mass of Thanksgiving - Centenary of St John the Baptist Cathedral Church

pg1: Celebration of the Centenary with Cardinal Hume; Programme
pg2: Invitation for Press/Broadcasters to a reception at Cathedral House on 13 June 1984, Fr Harry Wace hosting
pg3-5: "Cardinal Hume Joins in Norwich Centenary Celebrations"; description of personalities, events and programme

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Day of the Diocese

pg 1: Celebration "Day of the Diocese" : 5th birthday of the Diocese; Dedication to "Renewal of Faith and Mission for the next 10 years"
pg 2: Diocese of East Anglia; Purpose of the "Day of the Diocese"; The programme; Contact (Mr Ray Sykes)

Manley, Robert Rev (-1983)

East Anglia plans welcome for Pope's Envoy

pg1: press release:
"Archbishop Barbarito, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Britain, begins a three-day tour of the Diocese of East Anglia on June 26th. The itinerary includes Norwich, Cambridge, Newmarket, and Walsingham.
Outline description of the programme.
pg 2: 3-day programme.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Event Programming

  1. 1971 - Spring & Summer Programme (March to November)
  2. 1994 - Major Pilgrimages as at 21-12-1993
  3. 1994 - Major Pilgrimages Easter to October 1994 (copy)
  4. 1996 - Pilgrimages Easter to October 1996
  5. 1997 - Shrine Centenary Year - August 1997 to September 1998
  6. 2001 - Mary Days
  7. 2011 - Richeldis 950 - programme March to September 2011 (previously XPD7 Walsingham File 3)
  8. 2001 - 2001 Major Pilgrimage Booklet
  9. 2002 - 2002 Major Pilgrimage Booklet
  10. 2003 - 2003 Major Pilgrimage Booklet
  11. 2004 - 2004 Major Pilgrimage Booklet
  12. 1995 - Pilgrimages 1995 - four-fold card
  13. 1993 - Review of 1993 season (Anne Milton)
  14. 1993 - Youth Week programme
  15. 1993 - Youth Week report

Walsingham Association

Fr Drury to John (Bishop's Secretary?): Programme for visitation on 8 June 1980

Programme for Bishop's visitation for the weekend of 8 June 1980:
7th - preach at 5.30 Mass; 8pm Wine & Cheese reception - meet Parish Council / KSC / SVP / Readers / Extraordinary ministers / etc.
8th - 8am Mass in St Ives; 9.30 Papworth Everard and commission 3 people; 11am Mass at St Ives and commission 12 Extraordinary ministers and confirm 20. 3pm main Mass and 40 for confirmation. After tea visit sick & house-bound, interview John Gardner as candidate for permanent Diaconate.
9th Morning Mass; visit to Papworth Hospital; visit to Village Settlement housing many physically handicapped people; lunch with local clergy.

Manuscript note: "have mentioned to John "Moratorium". He wonders what it means. John has been under preparation for 4 months or so."

Drury, John Patrick Rev (-2011)

Fr Hammond to Bishop: Visitation 3-4 May 1997

Suggested timetable for Bishop Peter Smith's Visitation to Aldeburgh and Leiston on 3-4 May 1997.
Sat 3 May: Visit Aldeburgh Cottage Hospital (Catholic Matron will show Bishop around) ; visit housebound; meet parishioners at presbytery; Mass at Aldeburgh; buffet in Church Hall, Leiston.
Sun 5 May: Mass at Leiston; Mass at Aldeburgh; Lunch; Garret House (Residential home for the Elderly) visit; Tea in presbytery


Major Pilgrimages 1995

List of Major Pilgrimages from April to September 1995 (as at 21-12-1994)

Walsingham Association

Pilgrimage / Conference programme

Pages 1-2 (A4) : Timetable/programme
Page 3 (A5): Suggested Evening programme / Suggested Workshop Material

Demsey, Myles (1928-2018)

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