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A memorandum on Long-term planning for the Shrine

Memo with main headings: 1968 Bishop Grant's long-term plans; The situation today; A Forecast; Proposals for - Authority, Land, Buildings Maintenance, Inadequacies of Buildings, Development of Slipper Chapel Area (Parish Church, Confessions, Sacristy, Blessed Sacrament Chapel); Shelter; Development in the Village; Finance; Staffing (Lay, Priests, Volunteers).

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)

Appeal / Donor Pamphlet

Side 1: Landscape drawing of St Nicholas Church; "St Nicholas Ecumenical Centre"
side 2: History
side 3: The project
side 4: Plan drawing
side 5: The Appeal
side 6: The Foundation

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal Committee Report to Shrine Council

Introduction - Three meetings held and the report represents current thinking
Stage 1 - National collection
Stage 2 - An appeal to individuals, institutions, charitable trusts.
Outline of intent and organisation and resources required to see the Appeal reach out to religious groups and obtain the support of the Pope.
13 August 1980 - Preliminary artwork
26 August1980 - Tender issues
1 October 1980 - Tender receipt
1 October 1981- completion

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Architect Report - Future Planning for Slipper Chapel - June 1979

  1. Present Building; 2. Existing Layout of the Site; 3. The Open Sided Church; 4. Requirements for Further Accommodation; 5. Suggested Plan; Approximate Costs; Further Action.
    Provided funds secured and once planning permission obtained, 8 weeks to prepare bills of quantities and obtain tenders, possible to start early Summer 1980.

Purcell Miller Tritton & Partners

Architect's Progress Report - summary

Page 1: Summary of progress; Drawings & Bill of Materials prepared, Cost balanced by savings, Tender accepted (cost £409,800), late revisions (partitions, confessionals, storage, WCs), Programme (completion mid August 1981)
Page2-3: Extract from Bill of Materials for purposes of designated Gifts - "Certain works to be included in the overall project cannot be specifically designed or detailed at the tendering stage and the following estimated costs are including for such items, and are listed below:"
[From] "Pews, benches, sundry internal fittings and fixtures £10,350", etc.
[through] "Work of a specialist nature will be executed by specialist subcontractors and comprise the following:
Supplying to site precast concrete cappings to walls and precast concrete surrounds to doors and windows £12,850", etc
[including headings for:] Substructure and floor slab, Walls, Roof, Doors, Plumbing work, Finishings, Paining and decorating, External works, Items not included in the main tender sum (Organ £5,000, Thurible £250, etc.)

Purcell & Johnson

Arthur Young to Bishop: Plans for Aldeburgh Church

Forwarding the sketch plans and drawings for Aldeburgh Church design. Describes the church, Gothic with Round Tower (typical of Suffolk, with flints and plan roofing tiles). Chesham Bois church has similar floor area. Rough costing £1500 to £1600 a further £500 to complete Tower and porch. Fawcett Road is cramped and not suitable, but Fr Delaney has indicated The Terrace site, which is much better and allows room for future requirements.

Arthur Young / Allan D Reid

Basil and David Hatcher to Dr Heley: Borough's Vestry scheme

Vestry scheme will take three months from instructions to proceed.
Borough's letter not specific but they have declared an intent to address the drainage problem. Suggest instruct to go ahead and inform IHCT and Borough that you have done so on the basis of their letters. Need to meet you and Mr Mellamphy to finalise the brief so can start on the drawings

Basil and David Hatcher

Bishop Alan's Five-year Plan

"In a hardback book published today (Tuesday Nov. 29th), the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia presents a five-year diocesan plan which foresees a growing role for lay people in the mission of the Church."
Deepening and Widening our Faith, Price £2.25, from Catholic Presbytery, Geneva Street, Peterborough.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Clark to Mrs Bramley: Appointment of Governor

Bishop was surprised that she did not get a letter thanking her for her service - as is the Bishop's custom. The projected ecumenical school would not have survived after the Anglians had "pulled out" of the scheme. Informed Fr Aelred of her protestation.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Brewer: Beccles Presbytery approval; Plans for St Joseph's Modern School, Slough

Cannot see that the Commission can refuse approval for the Beccles Presbytery (despite it being away from the church). Note Beccles has not paid into the School pool.
Asks how Fr Brewer's school is progressing - May 1 pm suitable for Foundation Stone?
Have not seen any plans for St Joseph's Modern School at Slough.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Fr Lydiate: Copy Osborne letter; plans for suitable church for March at St Mary's, Littleborough; lost kid gloves

Bishop writes: included copy of letter to Mr Osborne (Director of Education, Isle of Ely Council) ; received plans of a church which would be suitable for March - St Mary's Littleborough (nr Rochdale); Lost a pair of grey old kid gloves in presbytery or at Parson's.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Canon McBride: Halt called to Slipper Chapel Project

Decision to call a halt is sad and harsh, but, a projected cost of £1.3 million would require the full support of the Bishops in the Catholic community. Hope that the work done is not seen as in vain. Have asked the architect Mr Wingate to consult with Fr Birch on making fit the "Outside Altar" for say £300,000. Despite all this, the Cardinal begged that we must retain "what he loves at Walsingham: its simplicity".

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Doupe: Detailed suggestions about the design / restructure of the chapel for £2000.

Bishop writes to Fr Stephen Doupe saying that there is little money for a new Church at Papworth. Not having seen the existing chapel he makes assumptions and provides a lengthy set of suggestions regarding the design and restructuring of the chapel - somewhat similar to that at Walsingham which cost far less than £2000. Porch stays; WC converted with present pipe. Herewith a photo of Walsingham church. The Bishop will be in Cambridge for December 9 to 12th. The next Finance Board meeting is on 24th November perhaps Fr Doupe could provide descriptions or a scale drawing?
Pencilled notes regarding plot size and church size.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Fr Shannon: Acknowledges proposed changes

Acknowledged both letter and telephone conversation about proposed changes. Good to hear that the Deanery seems to support them. Decision best made locally. Need to exercise his diplomatic and pastoral skills with Hemsby people to allay apprehensions and disappointments.

Smith, Peter David Gordon Rev LLB JCD (1943-2020)

Bishop to Fr Shannon: Option for Hemsby

Option 2 recommended by the Bishop. Fr Shannon should inform the Finance Board [Diocesan Trustee] and Council of priests. Give Fr Dick Wilson and Fr Tony Sketch the facts and figures. This matter remains confidential until both bodies have replied.

Smith, Peter David Gordon Rev LLB JCD (1943-2020)

Bishop to Mr ASG Butler: Regarding design work for Wymondham and Dereham churches.

Bishop confirms the plans are with him. They are not unpleasing but he may have said rather brusquely to Fr Ketterer that no priest may commission an architect without the Diocesan Authority's approval. He had intended visiting Wymondham in November but this will not now happen until Spring. Your plan may cost thousands but Fr Ketterer only deals with hundreds! No building is possible at present but if you could give a rough idea based on pre-war values of the cost of your design. The bishop has studied the site and visited the church in Wells. Another Diocesan rule is that we must have half the money in hand prior to starting a project. "We suffer very much from debts which are too heavy for the localities."

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

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