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Bishop Alan's Five-year Plan

"In a hardback book published today (Tuesday Nov. 29th), the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia presents a five-year diocesan plan which foresees a growing role for lay people in the mission of the Church."
Deepening and Widening our Faith, Price £2.25, from Catholic Presbytery, Geneva Street, Peterborough.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Clark to Fr Langley: Fr Peters or Fr Joe Parr at Blakeney

Bishop praises Fr Langley's generosity but Fr Brendan Peters is unlikely to want to go to Blakeney (Bishop did offer it to him before Fr Langley). Similarly Fr Joe Parr (and housekeeper, Betty) will not want to move from his home in Peterborough.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Consider retirement

Bishop thanks Fr Hammond for being a splendid host and working it all out for him. It is hard but Fr Hammond should consider being looked after himself in retirement as a Nursing Home or a Residential home. Bishop has written to Harry Wace as a member of the Sick Clergy Fund board to ensure all is settled properly in Fr Hammond's favour. Bishop meant what he said at Mass and was pleased how the congregation clapped Fr Hammond.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Celebration & Dedication of Marriage - Connolly/Newton

pg 1-2: Outline of the circumstances, issues and actions arising out of the service for Mr Connolly and Miss Newton. The priest, Fr John Murphy, was not empowered to perform this ceremony according to the regulations of the Roman Catholic Church. Bishop Clark intervened after discovering facts about the ceremony including that 150 people had attended.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Federation of Catholic Priestst (FCP) letter

FCP has a membership of 2,000. Bishop of Elmham (Bishop Clark) gave a talk to the Peterborough Diocesan Association about ARCIC agreed statements. Wish to ask a question: "What do you now more require of us to make possible a reconciliation between our two churches?"

Federation of Catholic Priests

First Pre-Vatican II portable altar (2)

Portable altar with people stood around; candles lit; (during?) Mass.
Reverse: "Fr Mac2's First Pre-Vatican II portable altar as used in Travelling Mission work. I took this at a "house-Mass" in 1959. The man with the glasses looking into the camera used to be deputy head of All Souls School at Peterborough.
Altar No 1."

Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)

Fr Healey to Bishop Clarke: Guild of St Stephen

Request from Jonathan Salt to establish a branch of the Guild of St Stephen at St Peter and All Souls, Peterborough. First branch for both sexes in the Diocese. Rules of the Archconfraternity require that the Diocesan Bishop makes the request in writing to the Cardinal. The National Director (in Wembley) will arrange for the parchment to be written for the Cardinal's signature and approval.

Healy, Richard Rev

Fr Page to Bishop Keating: Fr Flynn illness

Whilst staying with friends near Hunstanton he received a call that Fr Flynn was ill and could he go to him. Fr Flynn has gastritis, nervous breakdown and is being attended to by a doctor. He will not be able to do Sunday Mass - hence request for Peterborough to cover Wisbech whilst Fr Page looks after Hunstanton. Fr Flynn had concocted a story to cover his being ill in bed and unable to to answer the [door] bell whilst the Housekeeper was away. He is not absent and regrets the tale, having seen the letter sent by the Bishop [checking on his whereabouts].

Page, George Joseph Rev (-1937)

Fr Page to Bishop Keating: Telegram - Illness; Supply

Telegram #403 sent 6.23pm from Hunstanton received Northampton 7.1pm ; Message in pencil manuscript: "Reply Pd Bishop of Northampton / Northampton / Am with Father Flynn he is too ill for duty if Peterboro could do Wisbech for sunday I can stay am writing fuller particulars / Page Presbytery / Hunstanton"

Page, George Joseph Rev (-1937)

T M Measures to Bishop: Concern about the health of her brother, Fr Hammond

Suggests to the Bishop that whilst her brother, Fr Leo (Ben) Hammond, will not admit it, that he is finding Aldeburgh a strain. His forgetfulness worries him. Would the bishop consider a chaplaincy at the Sue Ryder house in Peterborough? If he could help at All Souls' (which was built by their grandfather) and where Ben was baptised, confirmed and ordained. She is returning to Aldeburgh with Fr Hammond to help for a few days.

Measures, Theresa M Ms

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