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Anne Clark 25 years Service - press coverage

A parishioner at St John's Cathedral has been honoured for 25 years service to Catholic overseas mission Missio with a medal and
certificate Anne Clark has been a Local Secretary for APF-Mill Hill, which is part of Missio, for 25 years since volunteering for the role back in 1993.
Missio is the pope's official charity for overseas mission and is part of the worldwide Pontifical Missionary Societies.

News items from The Catholic Universe

The Catholic Universe (1860-2021)

Bishop Cary-Elwes to Fr Mason: Approve of Guild plan; Priest swop acceptable; Mass in the parish

Agrees to missions with Fr Davidson one Sunday a month. Likes the plan for a Guild of St Felix and St Edmund.
Permission to offer Mass in the area - some advice on what to do - never use a bedroom to say mass in.
Saw that the ferry-boat had sunk so the railway reopening will be welcome.

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Bishop Clark to Fr Kerby: Papworth Celebration - cannot make it, clashes with Diocesan Council. Acknowledges he has received letters...

Unable to attend Papworth Celebration - clashes with postponed Diocesan Council. (16 June 1932). Has received several letters (unanswered as yet) which indicate the parishioners do not find his ways as their ways. Do not take refuge in being "old-fashioned"; say Mass more warmly, more slowly, less exclusively "ex opera operato"? Grateful for your pastoral care and uninterrupted visiting.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr O'Toole: Questionnaire "Twenty Years after the Second Vatican Council" - received

Bishop appreciates Fr O'Toole's reports, especially his own. The resonse to "Twenty Years after the Second Council" has a remarkable convergence. Bishop asks Fr O'Toole to thank his parishioners for their "diligence and generosity in meeting to mull over the question".

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Mrs Griesen: Fr Kerby appears gruff & unsympathetic - but he's not really like that. Urges her to go see the Pope

Fr Kerby may seem gruff & unsympathetic - he's not really like that - he possibly did not know how many places the Parish would be assigned. The Vicar General, Mgr. McBride is writing to priests about the selection process. Bishop urges her to add her name and that she won't be the only one with a partner who is not a Catholic.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Parishioner: Fr Kerby a devoted priest with own ideas. Bishop to consider the matter.

Bishop understand her frustration but will not comment on the details. Fr Kerby is a devoted priest but has his own ideas. Th Bishop will consider; he will not fail to discharge his responsibilities. "I ask you to continue your excellent and faithful catechetical ministry in spite of difficulties."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

[Bishop Keating]: Petition to Rome re Mr Crimmen


Episcopus Ordinarius Northantoniensis in Anglia, ad pedes Sanctitatis V. provolutus, suppliciter rogat ut Crucem 'Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice’ concedere dignetur clarissimo viro Jacobo Crimmen de Southwold in hac Diocesi.

Praeter pietatem insignem optimamque famam qua gaudet apud omnes, Domus Crimmen speciali honore dignus videtur propter sequentes rationes.

Quum apud Southwold auxilia religiosa omnino defuerunt, de licentia Ordinarii Oratorium publicum in propriis sedibus atque ex propriis facultatibus paravit, omnesque impensas liberrime fecit ut sibi aliisque Catholicis in illis regionibus degentibus sacra nostra praesto essent. Insuper in mente habuit novam ecclesiam aedesque pariochiales aedificare, nisi rebus infeliciter transactis prohiberetur. Attamen juxtra vires et ultra vires semper sua bona in pias causas profundere non cessavit.

Die 11 Augusti proxime sequentis pecuniis ab alio benefactore legatis erectio novae ecclesiae inchoabitur. Opportunum autam putamus ut hac praesertim occasione Sanctitas Vestra pro gratia et benignitate Sua viro tam bene merito honorem praedictum concedere dignetur.

Et Deus etc.

Rough translation:

Blessed Father,

The Bishop, Ordinary of Northampton, England, kneels at the feet of Holiness V., humbly begs to the Cross 'For the Church and the Pope’ to honour the distinguished James Crimmen of Southwold in this Diocese.

In addition to his remarkable reputation, he is the best of all men distinguished for their piety, Crimmen is worthy of special honour from this house for the following reasons.

When, without the aid of the religious, not present in Southwold, and with the Ordinary’s permission he created a public Oratory from his own resources, covering all the expenses, provided me with complete freedom to place a priest there, where Catholics were living without one of their own. In addition, he planned to build a new church, but unfortunately this was not possible. However, [juxtra?] goods for pious causes, his fortitude overcame difficulties without cease.

On August 11 with additional money from another benefactor, they will begin to erect the new church. I consider it opportune for the Holy Father, for your grace, and goodness, to think that His Holiness will deign to grant the aforementioned honour to a man of such good service.

And God, etc.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Commentary / Criticism

Undated and unsigned. A critical commentary about Fr Malecki's performance and interaction with parishioners. Comparison with the behaviour and actions of Fr Heley. Possibly this prompted the Bishop's letter.


"Fiesta" for 2,000 Catholics

"More than 2,000 Roman Catholics, including a big contingent from Norfolk / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire are meeting at Cambridge tomorrow (Saturday 18) to consider a 10-point plan to strengthen their church in East Anglia."
The plan intends to give parishioners a more active role.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Fr Brown to Fr Maddison: Diocesan Medals - four parishioners suggested

Fr Brown suggests a "Resignation Honours List" after his 14 years in the parish. to recognise he very hard work some parishioners have done over the years. He will do his own Certificate of Commendation but names 4 (with rationale) that he would like to receive a Diocesan Medal: Mrs Mary Fairman, Mrs Anita Dowsing, Mrs Veronica Pell, Mrs Jennifer Lysons. He encloses £100 to cover the cost and would like to issue them on 1st June.

Brown, Peter Rev

Fr Fulton to Bishop Riddell: Building style; Shrine Lamps

"... building in the Gothic style, that Norman; good thick walls & piers - massive & without ornamentation."
Hopes to find a perpetuity lamp (promised) before the Shrine of the Sacred Heart and seven perpetuity lamps before the Shrine of "Our Lady of Pitie" for the conversion of England. £50 to endow a lamp in perpetuity. Anne Kenyon received the Last Sacraments. Joseph Kenyon returned today for his Christmas holiday.

Fulton, Francis Meinrad Dom OSB (1860-1912)

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