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1061-1985 - supplement to "Walsingham - A Place of Pilgrimage for All People" by Claude Fisher

"Chapter 10 / The Joyful 1980s / continued from Page 69"
4 columns of text: "First ever undenominational Youth ANV - RC Golden Jubilee 1984 - Accommodation to include facilities for the sick and handicapped - Demand for Youth Accommodation - RC Directors' change - Mother Julian SSM"
Publisher's Note: "... in the event of a second edition being called for, as seems likely, it is not proposed as matters stand at present to make any alterations other than the foregoing to Chapter 10."

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

An Open Letter to a New Bishop

"The following letter will be sent to Fr X in the unlikely event of his becoming a Bishop".
No excuse for Their Lordships
Time-serving opportunists
Orthodoxy not enough
Men wanted
The significance of Cardinal Beaton
Episcopal Virtues
Masonry's Influence - Yesterday and Today
The Bishop's Cross
What the Cross Implies
Clericalism before Vatican 2...
...And After
The "Renewalist" Thesis
Episcopal Naivete
Pluralising the Sin of Adam

Fraser, Hamish (1913-1986)

Annual Pilgrimage Walk

Side 1: "Annual Pilgrimage Walk 5th September 1989"; image; "Theme: Seekers after Truth"
Side 2 & 3 : Itinerary
Side 4: Prayer; Blessing; image

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Annual Pilgrimage Walk

Page 1: "Commemorating and celebrating the procession ordered by His Grace, Cardinal Wolsey, which took place on the same day in 1528 Our Lady's Eve exactly four hundred and fifty one years ago"; "Unity through Grace" prayer
Pages 2&3: Itinerary -
Page 4: Walk/shrine history

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal / Donor Pamphlet

Side 1: Landscape drawing of St Nicholas Church; "St Nicholas Ecumenical Centre"
side 2: History
side 3: The project
side 4: Plan drawing
side 5: The Appeal
side 6: The Foundation

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal Pamphlet

6 panels:

  1. Title
  2. Why Development? - Cardinal Basil Hume
  3. What is Happening?
  4. How did it all start?
  5. Patrons / How Can I help / For Further Information
  6. Verse & Map

Hume, George Basil Rev (1923-1999)

Hymns for Pilgrimage Walk

Side 1: "Hymns for Pilgrimage Walk, 1987"
Side 2: "Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come" - 7 verses
Side 3: "I'll sing a hymn to Mary" - 4 verses
Side 4: "The Church's one foundation" - 4 verses
Side 5: "O, purest of creatures, sweet Mother, sweet Maid" - 5 verses
Side 6: "Thy hand, O God, has guided" - 3 verses

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Meryemana Membership Pamphlet

side 1: Meryemana logo; "One Lord... One Faith... One Family... ... One Church ONE DAY...?"
side 2: Meryemana Foundation / Members / Centre (cost £250,000)
side 3: In the Meryemana Centre...
side 4: Members and friends of Meryemana...
side 5: Enrolment form
side 6: Meryemana Centre: Activities/Facilities

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

News cuttings 1924-1950

Inside front cover
Glued to page - 4 side commemorative leaflet – front page “Laying of Foundation Stone of the Church of Our Lady and St. Peter by the Rt. Rev. Dudley Charles Cary-Elwes Bishop of Northampton. Aldeburgh-on-sea. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; July 16 1924. Image from South. Side 2 blank. Side 3 – menu for cold luncheon, Brudenell Hotel. Side 4 – not accessible.

Page 1 – 2 cuttings
a. “Aldeburgh Church / Bishop performs ceremony for first time since elevation” - First church that the Bishop (Cary-Elwes) has opened as bishop. List of attendees. Architect, Mr Young had died. Fr Davidson thanked Ursuline nuns who, before returning to France, had made the parish possible. Round tower with 14th century Gothic design.
b. Saturday March 28 1925 – Detailed description of opening ceremony and attendees.

Page 2 – 2 cuttings, 1 card, 1 B&W photograph
a. Image of church at an intermediate point in building; image of Bishop processing from presbytery to church.
b. “Church of Our Lady and St Peter, Aldeburgh” - description of the state of completion including the plan to reverse seating once completed.
c. Invitation RSVP card from Rev C M Davidson to attend luncheon at Brudenell Hotel on the opening of the Church.

Page 3 – 2 cuttings
a. interior of Our Lady and St Peter, Aldeburgh
b. exterior of Church

Page 4 – 1 leaflet, 3 sepia photographs
a. leaflet – Holy week 1925 details at Aldeburgh and Leiston
b. image of street from raised position
c. image towards church outline (tower visible) from raised position
d. image of tower surrounded by scaffolding.

Page 5 – 3 postcards
a. exterior view of Our Lady and St. Peter towards tower and entrance porch from South-West
b. exterior view of Our Lady and St. Peter towards tower and entrance porch from North-East
c. interior view of church (same as on page 3)

Page 6 – 1 cutting, 1 leaflet, 1 sepia photograph
a. “Corpus Christi Celebration”
b. Lantern Lecture on Dante by E Bullough in Convent Hall (Eaton House) on evening of Tuesday June 30 – towards building fund.
c. image of church and tower from East

Page 7 – 2 sepia photographs, 1 leaflet
a. Image of tower surrounded by scaffolding – from East
b. Image of partial arch way for nave – no tower, with scaffolding – from West.
c. Leaflet for Holy Week 1926

Page 8 – 1 leaflet
a. Fund raising leaflet for church building fund.

Page 9 – 1 letter
a. November 1925 – Fund raising appeal for church building fund targetting 150 existing benefactors for an additional £3 each.

Page 10 – 1 leaflet, 1 booklet
a. Leaflet for a Retreat for Ladies by Fr Fabian Dix OP at the Convent of Our Lady of Peace, Aldeburgh, 29 March to 3 April.
b. 4 page/8 side, (104mm x 165mm) printed booklet describing the Oblates of St Benedict at Aldeburgh.

Page 11 – 1 extract
a. 2 pages extracted from “The Dominican Annals” - “A festa by the Sea” describes the difference between a year before and now in being able to go to Mass in a new Church in Aldeburgh.

Pg 12 – Programme, 2 sepia photographs
a. 4 side/2 page – side 1: Programme Concert Recital Wednesday 11 August at Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh. side 2 – Part 1 to interval, side 3 part 2 to end, side 4 inaccessible.
b. & c. image of statue of St Joseph holding the Christ child (in the garden of the Church in Aldeburgh).

Page 13 – 1 cutting
a. manuscript July 1924 - “Cornerstone ceremony performed at Aldeburgh” - description of the ceremony to bless the foundation stone and a list of the principle celebrants.

Page 14 – 2 postcards, 2 photographs
a. Postcard of Statue of St Joseph in church garden
b. Postcard of interior of church, Aldeburgh
c. photo of altar (at Leiston?)
d. photo of Lady Altar at Aldeburgh

Page 15 – 2 B&W photographs
a. & b. Procession (Corpus Christi?) dated June 10 1928

Page 16 – 6 B&W photographs – all processions, possibly the same one

Page 17 – 4 B&W photographs, 1 post card
a. - c. Processional images
d. Nativity scene
e. Post card - Design for RC Church, Aldeburgh

Page 18 – 1 programme, 1 leaflet
a. Programme – a Unique Entertainment by The Eight Boy Priory Pierrots (from Leicester) in Leiston Picture House, Thursday July 28. Proceeds to Aldeburgh Church Building Fund. Inside part 1 & part 2 describe the entertainment.

Page 19 – 1 prospectus, 1 booklet (part)
a. Prospectus for the Convent High School of Our Lady of Peace, Aldeburgh. Day School Prospectus page 2, Page 3 conditions, fees, extras, page 4 inaccessible. Insert – Application form.
b. Outposts of the Faith – Aldeburgh (Sacred Heart), Leiston (Holy Souls) – only outer pages (pages 3 to 10 missing). Page 2 – letter from Presbytery Aldeburgh dated August 1921 – French community leaving; Bishop cannot help the Mission; setting out what has been done so far. Page 11 image of Altar of The Holy Souls in Army Hut, Leiston; final page – order of services for the week at Leiston and Aldeburgh.

Page 20 – 1 leaflet, 1 cutting
a. Leaflet providing programme for Holy Week 1940
b. manuscript May 1940 – “Parochial news” - evacuees make up numbers at both Leiston and Aldeburgh where the tower is fitted out as a chapel to allow two masses to be said at one time. Tea and biscuits provided for those coming to Mass having fasted after great distances.

Page 21 – 1 photograph, 1 postcard
a. photograph of Aldeburgh church with tower, from road to South-West
b. postcard from similar position to (a) but later after hedge has grown to height of gate posts.

Page 22 – 1 photograph – inside Aldeburgh Church angled from left towards Altar

Page 23 – 1 photograph – inside Aldeburgh Church facing directly towards Altar

Page 24 – 2 postcards
a. View towards West altar (windows in upper part of wall)
b. similar view to (a) but later – windows plastered over and reredos in place.

Page 25 – 1 cutting
a. East Anglian Daily Times (two dates in pencil – Oct 6 1940, Oct 8 1940) top image shows crater near to church (hit St Joseph statue?); lower image shows house demolished by a direct hit (Lee Rd. [probably 2 doors down from number 2]).

Page 26 – 2 cuttings, 1 card
a. manuscript date February 1941 – damage to church repaired after bomb explosion
b. manuscript “Leiston Observer 15.3.1941” - Fr Davidson returned to start the branch of the Guild of St Felix and St Edmund.
c. card – headed “Guild of St Felix and St Edmund” “Leiston and Aldeburgh Branch” - First meeting March 7 1941, Leiston.

Page 27 – 1 leaflet – Holy Week 1941 – programme of services/activities at Aldeburgh and Leiston

Page 28 – cutting
a. cutting from The East Anglian Magazine, Page 7 & 8 – Describing the start of the new branch of the Guild of St Felix and St Edmund; parish library; arrangements for sale of Guild magazine in the parish; appeal for books for library to be sent to Mr Banks-Warner, Hon. Secretary, at her bookshop St Michael's bookshop, Leiston.

Page 29 – 2 cuttings
a. manuscript East Anglian Daily Times, 4-4-41- [Society] Wedding at RC Church of Capt. Jervis and Miss Marriott – Fr Jolly officiated – description of bride, groom and main participants – list of guests.

Page 30 – 3 cuttings
a. manuscript “Leiston Observer 10-4-41” - Guild of St Felix and St Edmund. Manuscript amendment replacing “Father” with “Mr” - address by Mr W O Jolly, JP of Kesgrave. Branch meeting held at St Michael Cafe, Leiston – Pope's 5 Peace points were read out and discussed.
b. manuscript May 1941 – 2nd meeting of the Guild – refers to meeting described in (a).
c. wedding with image of the couple – married by Capt. Swift, padre in the Army at Aldeburgh RC Church.

Page 31 – 5 cuttings
a. monthly meeting of the Guild
b. & c. (2 parts) manuscript July 1941 – expanded description of (a).
d. manuscript 1941 – Guild meeting – a social evening at St Michael's cafe [played pin the moustache on notorious European character]
e. manuscript Aug 1941 – covers (d)

Page 32 – 3 cuttings
a. manuscript September 1941 – Fr Jolly writing on the subject of a peripatetic Guild priest. Suggest existing parish priests are better placed – why not support them instead of the suggested guild priest. Editorial comment that war time evacuees were not envisaged by the Guild – invites priests and Guild members to comment.
b. manuscript 27.8.41 – wedding report at All Souls, Leiston. Postmistress marrying. Image of the couple.
c. manuscript Oct 1941 – metal tabernacle replaces wooden one, so Blessed Sacrament can be retained at Leiston church.

Page 33 – Headed 1942 – 4 cuttings
a. manuscript Jan 1942 – birth of daughters; thanks for statue of Our Lady of Walsingham given to Leiston
b. Catholic Herald, Jan 30 1942 by Mrs Warner, Leiston – letter stating sorrow to hear of Catholic bookshops closing; hers barely pays its way; Catholic patronage practically nil – more non-Catholics buy the books.
c. March 6 (1942) – Guild meeting
d. Feb 1942 – Mass attendance in Leiston is 10.

Page 44 – 5 cuttings
a. manuscript Leiston Observer 16.5.42 – advertisement for “The Sword of the Spirit” meeting on 5 June for Top House
b. advertisement for “The Sword of the Spirit” meeting on 5 June – changed venue – Moot Hall
c manuscript Leiston Observer – article “Christian Co-operation at Aldeburgh” - meeting for Christian co-operation held at Moot Hall
d. manuscript Catholic Herald – short article about Paganism and falling under Nazi aggression.
e. short report on Moot Hall meeting; Leiston church received new status of Sacred Heart and pictures of the Prodigal Son.

Page 45 – 9 cuttings, 2 photographs
a. Advertisement for Jumble Sale and White Elephant stall on June 24
b. Report on successful Jumble Sale - £32 towards Mission debt.
c. Longer report on Jumble sale; Aldeburgh debt now £899 and Leiston debt is £60
d. Leiston Observer July '42 – Letter to editor - “The Sword of the Spirit” meeting.
e. Oct 1942 – visitation by the Bishop; Discussion group from “The Sword of the Spirit” meeting.
f. Advertisement for Christmas Gift Fair on 9 December for Catholic Church Debt.
g. Report on Christmas Fair - £40 for debt.
h. Jan 1943 – longer report on Christmas Fair – debt now £895
i. & k. 2 b&w photographs of Leiston Altar
l. article - “Air Raid Victims Funeral” - 4 victims

Page 46 – 2 photographs
a. Leiston Altar – showing full width of the Hut.
b. Aldeburgh Altar and reredos.

Page 47 – Headed “1943” - 1 page
a. The East Anglian Guild Magazine - “4. Aldeburgh and Leiston” - First page of an historical article with line sketch of Church of Our Lady and Saint Peter, Aldeburgh

Page 48 – 4 cuttings
a. continuation of article from page 47.
b. manuscript Feb 1943 - “Worst raid of the war at Aldeburgh before Christmas; Requiem Mass for Mary Walsh, husband seriously injured but recovering.
c. manuscript Catholic Herald 6.2.43 – letter to editor asking for an improved Stations of the Cross.
d. article – on February 10 meeting of Guild of St Felix and St Andrew had a talk by Canon Davidson on “Catholic Action”.

Page 49 – 1 leaflet, 2 cuttings
a. leaflet – 3 day mission by Fr Terence Stoneham OFM – programme
b. & c. Wedding picture of couple and description of event.

Page 50 – 1 cutting, leaflet
a. July 1943 – news from the parish
b. front page and 2 inside pages – Christmas fare December 1 (proceeds divided between Prisoners of War Fund and Church debt.); inside two pages listing stalls and side-shows.

Page 51 – 5 cuttings
a. advertisement for Christmas Fair on 1 December
b. report on Christmas fair
c. Christmas message – headline
d. Fr Jolly Christmas message
e. July 1943 – parish news

Page 52 Headed 1944 – 2 cuttings, 1 photograph
a. article with picture on “Mass has been said here after 400 years” at Leiston Abbey
b. Parish news re 25 August mass for American servicemen at Abbey
c. photograph of Mass being celebrated in ruined Abbey; American sergeant in uniform in foreground

Page 53 – 2 leaflets, 1 cutting, 1 photograph
a. Christmas message / card from Fr William Jolly to commemorate Christmas in England 1944
b. leaflet for USAAF to send on Mother's Day (13 May 1945)
c. Cutting – photograph of Corpus Christi parade lead by US servicemen with priest's canopy supported by 4 US servicemen
d. photograph of Corpus Christi parade with US servicemen preceding the canopy

Page 54 – 5 cuttings
a. advertisement for Christmas Services at Leiston and Aldeburgh
b. advertisement for Whist Drive on January 30th
c. short note on proceeds of whist drive amounting to £9 2s. 0d.
d. advertisement for a Jumble Sale December 4th
e. parish report – jumble sale and whist drive; return to normal peace-time numbers about 170 after variations since 1939, viz: summer visitors, evacuees (in & out) civil population evacuation, Army (British), labourers (Irish), Army (Polish), USAAF, 2nd lot of evacuees, Prisoners (Italian), and RAF (mostly Irish).

Page 55 – 2 cuttings
a. (2 parts) – manuscript date Oct 1946 “Universe” - description of Catholic community in need of additional clerical/religious resource, especially after the nuns had left and were not coming back.

Page 55 – 1 leaflet
a. flyer for Guild of Felix & St Edmund Guild Week-end in Aldeburgh, 24-27 Sept 24. Programme of events with general subject being “Catholic Action in East Anglia”.

Page 56 – 1 cutting
a. manuscript “Universe Oct 8 1945” - “Mission to East Anglia” - an article on Catholicism in East Anglia and the work of the Guild of St Felix and St Edmund.

Page 57 – 1 leaflet, 3 cuttings
a. manuscript dated 1949 – leaflet – Programme for a Mission by Fr James Leitrim from 27 March to 3 April [1949]
b. article on Garden fetes
c. 1949 – advertisement for Catholic Missionary Society (Motor Chapel) - Fr J Heenan
d. 1950 – Catholic Leiston – Leiston RC Church garden fete.

Page 58 – 1 ticket
a. ticket for Garden Fete at Barkwith House, Leiston on 6 Sept [1950]

Page 59 - 61 – empty

Page 62 – inside back page – 1 postcard, 1 map
a. Chapel, Ursuline Convent, Aldeburgh-on-Sea, Suffolk
b. cartoon map of East Anglia showing the locations of RC churches – cut from Guild Magazine (reverse has some of the objectives and an abbreviated list of officers)

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Outposts of the Faith; 1. Aldeburgh: The Sacred Heart, 2. Leiston: The Holy Souls

Front page: Title
Pages 2-5: Fr Delaney brief history of Aldeburgh and Leiston Missions
Pages 6-8: Letters from Bishop Keating to Fr Delaney
Page 8: Boundaries
Page 9: image of temporary Oratory
Page 10: design of proposed new church at Aldeburgh
Page 11: Image of Army Hut Leiston interior
Page 12: Order of services

Delaney, Vincent Rev

Pamphlet - A New Guild for East Anglia

Introduction to the idea of "Holy Suffolk" with East Anglia being the bishopric of St Felix, a benedictine monk, who centred his see at Dunwich. Some history about St Felix and St Edmund. The lack of Catholic presence in the region requiring the establishment of this Guild to make a united effort for all the faithful to arouse interest and engagement through pilgrimages. literature, masses, and Motor Missions. Last page "Objects and Proposed Schemes" list the same and state the conditions for membership of the Guild and invitation to contact the authors to enrol.

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Pamphlet: Guild of Our Lady of Ipswich

An explanatory pamphlet about the Guild - A4 folded twice with 6 resultant panels/sides
side 1: Title & image of Our Lady statue
side 2: Guild of Our Lady of Ipswich
side 3: Aims and Objectives
side 4: Activities
side 5: Prayer to Our Lady of Grace
side 6: Rosary / meetings / newsletter / Pilgrimage

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Pamplet: Retreat at St Benet's

Pamphlet announcing a retreat at St Benet's, Beccles from Sunday 9 to Sunday 16 March.
[no year given, assumed to be 1913 - but could be 1919, 1941, 1947, 1958, 1969, 1975, 1986]


Pilgrimage Walk

side 1: "Pilgrimage Walk, September 7th 1986"; Statue image
Side 2: Welcome; Ecumenical service (Canon R G Christian)
Side 3 & 4: Walk itinerary & Rosary Mysteries
Side 5: Unity through Grace prayer
Side 6: contact information; "The Madonna of Ipswich" book

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Pilgrimage Walk and Ecumenical Service

side 1: "Annual Commemoration of the first procession ordered by Cardinal Wolsey in 1528, from his Ipswich College to the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace"; "Staring from St Peter's Church 3.00pm"
Side 2: Itinerary
Side 3: History
Side 4: Unity through Grace prayer
Side 5: Ecumenical service (order of service)
Side 6: contact information; "The Madonna of Ipswich" book

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

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