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Bishop Clark to Fr Clothier: Visitation Day

Thanking Fr Clothier for the day - full of the Spirit. Good learn of the congregation's view of your pastoral care and that Tom Murray has chaperoned you into East Anglian parochial life. Thanks him for the Sony Clock/radio with the generous offering. Hope you can bring the Abbot with you for lunch on 1st July. Do take care of yourself - having a proverbial day-off and cosseting/feeding yourself!

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Form letter from Fr Birch re Mass Offerings at the Shrine

Addressed to one who has made a Mass Offering
Due to the large number of requests it cannot be guaranteed that an individual Mass will be said at the Shrine.
The enclosed is an explanation of the Novena of Shared Masses. If you do not reply then the presumption is that you want an individual Mass - it may be said by another priest who will receive the offering and the intention. If an individual Mass is very special to you then Fr Birch will try to accommodate you.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Bishop Clark: Mass Offering and Stipends procedure

Fr Birch states that:

  • People expect masses to be said at the Shrine
  • they presume the stipend goes to the Shrine
  • the current system saddens them
  • they are joyous at the enclosed system.
    The new system means they know what is happening - gives figures to illustrate the system
    Naturally the canonical and traditional stipend - a Mass for those who require it - 623 on the waiting list
    [Attached is a form letter with an explanation of "Novena of Shared Masses"]

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: Boundary for Bungay; Rome and Beccles

Multi topic letter:

  1. Marriage paper included [not present]
  2. Postal Order for Jubilee Offering
  3. Statistic paper for 1886 [not present]
  4. What is the boundary between Bungay and Diss-cum-Gissing? Suggest Harleston as his boundary (not difficult to take on as no Catholics there at present)
  5. Nothing settled in Rome yet regarding Beccles & Battle

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Fr Pillot to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Crib Offerings; Midnight Mass in the Hall Chapel

Sent £2.4.0 Christmas Crib offering for the bishop to dispose of as he wishes. He apologises for having had Midnight Mass at Gillingham Hall chapel - realises that he should have had a diocesan permission to do so. Has spoken to Mrs T [Todhunter] and Fr Campbell. There were 22 at Holy Communion (Hall family members and staff) no one from Gillingham village attended.
manuscript annotation: "sent money to 'Universe' Miners[?] Fund. Church at Gillingham for Sundays. Hall Chapel only for weekdays. Jan 19/29."

Pillot, Milo Charel Rev CRP

Novena of Shared Masses explanation

"Many thousands" request a Mass celebrated for their individual intentions
Novena of Shared Masses makes it possible to be included in 12 noon Mass in the Slipper Chapel for nine consecutive days, and, your offering will be used to develop the Shrine. Place your offering and intention in the envelop provided.
Otherwise a private Mass for your intention will be said but not necessarily at the Shrine.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM