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Abbot Egan to Bishop: Arrangements for selling property in Strood; Going to Surrey for 3 weeks treatment

Mr Took is dealing with the sale and will try to ensure that a fair price is obtained for the Sisters. The property is well placed for developers to use as the town in expanding rapidly and houses are going up quickly. Any move to get them canonically established should wait until the financials are settled appropriately. Any risk in moving to Aldeburgh will soon work out as the Sisters are courageous and work hard. Any further letters should be sent to "Metcalf's Hydro, Richmond Hill, Surrey", as the Abbot is have 3 weeks treatment for his aches and pains.

Egan, Erkenwald Abbot OSB

Abbot Egan to Bishop: Information about the Oblates of St Benedict

Abbot Egan provides information in response to the Bishop's questions.
The Oblates of St Benedict are attached to his Abbey but are not religious in the strict sense of the work. They live and work within the community under a rule drawn up by the Abbot with Bishop Amigo's approval. He provides some history of the group and reports that Mgr Serafini of the Congregation of Religious in Rome supports their intent to become a proper religious group. Abbot Egan says that they a hard working and zealous and will be sorely missed by their Parish Priest. Indeed if he could find room for them in the Abbey then he would snap them up. They have no income except for that derived form the school which has 100 pupils (protestant children from Strood and Chatham). They are mortgaged to £2750 to Fooks & Arnold. Sr Scholastica is very well educated. He recommends them to the Bishop and suggests that a decision to let them go to Aldeburgh will not be regretted.
manuscript annotation: "Answered. Thanks for information."

Egan, Erkenwald Abbot OSB

Abbot Neve to Bishop: Establishing a foundation in Aldeburgh

(French manuscript) Abbot Neve has pleasure in telling the Bishop that the Prioress of the Bethany Monastery [Priory?] agrees to send a professed religious to Aldeburgh with a view to a foundation there. She will not be able to come before 8 December. The Prioress will send details to the Superior of the Oblates of Aldeburgh. The nun must contact Rome to obtain canonical direction for the new congregation - this will not happen until next Spring. After that they will come under the Bishops control. Finishes by saying he will be in England at the end of October and will try to meet the Bishop.
Manuscript annotation "Wrote [undecipherable]. Away till Nov. 10 home till 17th Nov. Oct. 28/26.".

Nève, Théodore Dom (1879-1963)

Bishop Brown to Bishop: Oblates of St Benedict

Bishop Brown confirms the Oblates of St Benedict are under a foundation of Abbot Egan. They will be in dire financial difficulty if they cannot sell their property (school, convent and grounds) according to Philip Fooks of Arnold Fooks & Co. Their problems arise from a new Secondary School opened by nuns at Chatham. Fr Nugent [PP?] thinks well of them.

Brown, William Francis Rev (1862-1951)

Bishop Cary-Elwes to Fr Heptonstall: permission granted; Cheque for special intentions

Glad to hear Fr Heptonstall was not seriously injured in the accident. Sisters' Confessions are permitted provided a screen is rigged up between him and the penitent. Very few sea coast resort priests can get away during their season - so permission for a private retreat. Enclosed small cheque [for £5] for 10 masses for private intentions.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Clark to Fr Mossey: Will be missed; departure

Thanks Fr Mossey for his priestly work in the diocese over the years; apologises for any failure in support. Fr Mossey will be missed; the sisters remarked how in spite of frailty he does his utmost to provide their daily Mass. Ben Hammond's generosity means Henry will cover when Fr Mossey leaves for Northampton on June 9th. Bernard [Nesden] will be launched once more on the pastoral road - please pray for him there has been too much grief in his life.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Innes: Fund management; Leaving for Liverpool

Includes [not present] documentation required for Fr Trafford - grateful if he will undertake to hear the Lowestoft nuns confessions.
The management of the Banham Trust is quite constrained and has worked until now - sets out major aspects of the trust. The Bishop recommends that it stays as it is. However he'd be interested to hear anything Mr Coney or the Abbot can come up with.
Wishes him well in his new activity in Liverpool.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop's secretary to Fr Stratton: Query identity of Fr Kennedy SJ; Appointment of an Extraordinary

Bishop's secretary writes on behalf of the Bishop: Fr Stratton is Extraordinary Confessor for Bletchley's Thornton College nuns; the Mother Superior has asked for a different priest as Fr Stratton has been unable to attend. Is he willing to relinquish this office? Fr Kennedy is helping out at Yarmouth and following a request from the nuns at Beccles for him to give conferences and hear their confessions, the Bishop is confused over what faculties to give, if any. The Bishop believed Fr Kennedy SJ to be an Army Chaplain but asks whether he is correct in his understanding and asks for more information. Also, confirms date of Bishop's visit to Yarmouth for Confirmation - 30 May at 3.30pm.

Bishop's Office

Carmelite nuns at prayer in Quidenham chapel

Chapel area with 2 rows of stalls either side of a central aisle which leads to a circular altar before a pair of full height wooden doors/shutters. Beyond can be seen figures (not nuns). 13 figures in habits on left side; 1 figure in a habit in centre foreground; On the right: 11 figures in habits, one not in a habit. All are facing toward the altar end of the chapel.


Carmelite nuns at prayer in Quidenham chapel (2)

Chapel area with 2 rows of stalls either side of a central aisle which leads to a circular altar before a pair of full height wooden doors/shutters. Beyond can be seen figures (not nuns). 14 figures in habits on right side; 7 figures on left side. All are facing toward the central aisle.



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