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  1. 17 Sept 1938 , 2 pages A4, Photocopy, "The Table" - "The Slipper Chapel Walsingham" - item on the Consecration of the Slipper Chapel on 8 September 1938
  2. 17 Nov. 2006, 1 page 293mm x 393mm, "Eastern Daily Press" - "Mix of Ancient and modern" - item on new £1.3m Church of the Annunciation being built in Walsingham
  3. c2006, unknown publication, 255mm x 210mm, picture & text - "Solar panels help church see the light"
  4. 19 Mar. 2007, EDP, 233mm x 327mm, picture & text, "Priestly pair ready for the challenge" - Frs Philip North & Philip Barnes, cycling from St Paul's Cathedral, London, to the Anglican Shrine in Walsingham
  5. 6 Jul. 2007, EDP, 294mm x 194mm, picture & text, "Shrine to be made more welcoming - redevelopment work at the Anglican Shrine in Walsingham
  6. 25 Sep. 2011, Catholic Times, 152mm x 124mm, "Final vows will cap shrine anniversary" - Sr Gabriels Gasch's final vows at Walsingham


Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Papal Blessing; Pastoral Council; Quidenham

Draft letter to the Pope [not present] asking for a special blessing and response for reading out at the close of Marian Year. Pro-Nuncio has agreed to support it.
Also attached is a letter about the Spiritual Development of Walsingham.
Trying to get the Pastoral Council together but it is not easy as every one is happy to complain but not to say "yes" and do something about it.
Sr Rachel at Quidenham has written about an application from an Anglican Sister to enter Carmel. Should Fr Allen or the Bishop interview her?
He is in touch with Gary about the diocesan pilgrimage.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Profession; Meeting; National Pilgrimage

Profession is a very moving ceremony; enjoyed deputising for the Bishop. Arrange meeting to discuss religious - David Saunders, you and I. Will talk to Gary. Need some illumination for the National; ideas from you or the Shrine Council welcome.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Pro-Nuncio's visit

Pro-Nuncio's visit went well. Asked if he might close the Marian Year and formally bless the amenities area at the Shrine, he said he was happy to do this provided the Bishop was content with it. A Quidenham sister is looking for a period of exclaustration, Sr Rachel approves and so does he after speaking to the sister. Sr Jane's inheritance from her mother is now made over to Quidenham and is considering founding an inner0city monastic fraternity - prepared to wait for dispensation from Quidenham and Rome's approval. Being kept busy by an unrelenting pilgrim season but will put pen to paper about the praying community in Walsingham. The Knights of Malta let him use one of their houses for visiting seminarians to stay.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Green to Bishop Clark: Permission for Retreat in Walsingham

Has been asked to give the Anglican nuns at the Priory of Our Lady in Walsingham their retreat in November. Asks Bishop's permission to do this. All services will be conducted by an Anglican minister. Mother Julian, the superior, assures him that the parish priest would allow him to say Mass in the Catholic Church.

Green, Maurice Rev OSB

Papal Nuncio Visit to RCDEA

Papal Nuncio visited RCDEA and a photographic record exists for OLEM, Cambridge; Walsingham; St John's Primary School, Heigham Road, Norwich; Norwich Cathedral [Anglican]

Michael Manni Photographic