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Novena in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham

16 pages
front cover - Colour image of Walsingham Virgin & Child
page 2-3: History
page 4: Day 1 The Annunciation of The Lord; Day 2 Our Lady's Visitation to Elizabeth
page 5: Day 3 The Birth of Our Lord
page 6: Day 4 The Ministry of Our Lord; Day 5 The Crucifixion of Our Lord
page 7: Day 6 The Resurrection of Our Lord
page 8: Day 7 The Coming of the Holy Spirit
page 9: Day 8 The Assumption of Our Lady
page 10: Day 9The Coronation of Our Lady
page 11: -15: Selection of daily prayers for the Novena
Back cover: An Act of Entrustment to Mary

Nihil Obstat: Rev James Walsh
Imprimatur: Rt Rev Peter Smith, Bishop of East Anglia

Walsh, James Rev

Fr Birch to Bishop Clark: Mass Offering and Stipends procedure

Fr Birch states that:

  • People expect masses to be said at the Shrine
  • they presume the stipend goes to the Shrine
  • the current system saddens them
  • they are joyous at the enclosed system.
    The new system means they know what is happening - gives figures to illustrate the system
    Naturally the canonical and traditional stipend - a Mass for those who require it - 623 on the waiting list
    [Attached is a form letter with an explanation of "Novena of Shared Masses"]

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Form letter from Fr Birch re Mass Offerings at the Shrine

Addressed to one who has made a Mass Offering
Due to the large number of requests it cannot be guaranteed that an individual Mass will be said at the Shrine.
The enclosed is an explanation of the Novena of Shared Masses. If you do not reply then the presumption is that you want an individual Mass - it may be said by another priest who will receive the offering and the intention. If an individual Mass is very special to you then Fr Birch will try to accommodate you.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Novena of Shared Masses explanation

"Many thousands" request a Mass celebrated for their individual intentions
Novena of Shared Masses makes it possible to be included in 12 noon Mass in the Slipper Chapel for nine consecutive days, and, your offering will be used to develop the Shrine. Place your offering and intention in the envelop provided.
Otherwise a private Mass for your intention will be said but not necessarily at the Shrine.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Novena to Our Lady of Ransom - leaflet

pg1: index
pg2-3: letter to Ransomers, signed Laurance Goulson, Master of the Guild
pg4: The Wilderness - image of rubble and scrub
pg5: Mass in the Cafe - image of priest elevating the host with a number of worshippers, crockery in the foreground (annotation: "Robert L McCormick")
pg6: The Travelling Chapel - image of Fr McCormick's converted bus (annotation: "Robert's mobile chapel")
pg7: Inside the Bus: Image of Fr McComick saying Mass (annotation: "Robert saying Mass in mobile chapel")
pg8: The Temporary Church: image of front of church with priest, ladies and children. (annotation: "St Matthew's / Barton Le Clay (Beds) 1961 / This was my record - from my first visit when there was no church to getting this was six months and then they got a permanent church"
pg9: A Church at Last - image of a church. (annotation "This is the new church at Newmarket opened in 1966")
pg10: What the priests say (6 comments from diocesan priests).

Guild of Our Lady Of Ransom