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Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: Sensitivity to ecumenism

Acknowledges that Fr Birch is disappointed and irritated, and, the correction to his history. However, there are [outlined] sensitivities in ecumenism, which the bishop as a seasoned ecumenist is aware of, but he cannot agreed to "institutionalise this in the way you wished". Need to trust one another and find joy in that.
Bishop has drafted a preliminary paper for the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference (who decide on the agenda for the Low Week Conference)
p.s. Would Fr Birch serve on the Liturgical Commission's Music Committee?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Peter Allen: Liturgy at Walsingham

Wants to re-direct the Sunday Liturgy in to the right channel. Clive may have mentioned that the Diocesan Liturgy Commission would be involved in the three major pilgrimages: East Anglia Diocesan, the Sick and the National. The decisions remain with Fr Allen but they are an "ex natura" advisory group. Bishop says he has suffered misery over the music. He prefers responsorial with the congregation involved as far as possible. (so resist attempts by all small choirs trying to muscle in). Fr Walsh can help with the music. There are other points but they can wait. Fr Tony Rogers is the Chair of the Diocesan Liturgy Commission and PP at St George's Norwich. Fr Gary Dowsey is my secretary.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Director's report

Report (4 PAGES) (Allen)
Introduction - 8 years as Director; last meeting; personal assessment/view
The Season - Statue vandalised; TV publicity; next year Easter Mass will be televised
Ecumenism - describes a number of events; thanks a number of Anglican clergy
Music - continuing funding advised
Memorial Book - Mr John Lyons' enthusiasm and industry; an expensive project paid for by voluntary contributions
Finance & Major Projects - Financially the Shrine is improving; various property sales; toilets built; planned project is new lighting system for Chapel of Reconciliation
Conclusion - thanks a number of individuals associated with the Shrine for their help and support. Work has been hard but rewarding.
APPENDIX (7 PAGES) (Hawkes) - Estimates of Income and Expenditure for: Summary; Administration; Hostel; Kitchen; Slipper Chapel Shop; Shrine; Walsingham Association

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report October 1993

The season - Easter Mass celebrated by Bp Clark and broadcast by Anglia TV
Ecumenism - Fr Roy Fellows retired and replaced by Fr Martin Warner as Anglican Shrine Administrator
Memorial Book - Commemorative Book of the pilgrimage of the Crosses in 1947
Finance and Major Projects - allowance being made for major items of expenditure next year; property behind Black Lion to be completed soon and accommodation available to pilgrims
Walsingham Trust - donations to Romanian Orphans appeal
Walsingham Association - working with them
Music - Festival funding issues; successful first season for Mr John Jordan as Director of Music
Staff - John Hawkes retires; other staff changes

[no surname] Lucian