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Accompaniments to Plain Song for Schools

Accompaniments to Plainsong for Schools. Imprimatur Richard Archbishop Liverpool 15th Dec. 1930
Original cover fragile. Re-covered with taped spine repairs.
Manuscript title on front cover - "Accompaniments to Plain Song. Church of Christ the King, Lakenham."

Rushworth & Dreaper Ltd

Bishop Clark to Fr Peter Allen: Liturgy at Walsingham

Wants to re-direct the Sunday Liturgy in to the right channel. Clive may have mentioned that the Diocesan Liturgy Commission would be involved in the three major pilgrimages: East Anglia Diocesan, the Sick and the National. The decisions remain with Fr Allen but they are an "ex natura" advisory group. Bishop says he has suffered misery over the music. He prefers responsorial with the congregation involved as far as possible. (so resist attempts by all small choirs trying to muscle in). Fr Walsh can help with the music. There are other points but they can wait. Fr Tony Rogers is the Chair of the Diocesan Liturgy Commission and PP at St George's Norwich. Fr Gary Dowsey is my secretary.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)