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Teresa Bragger to Miss Wheeler: Miss Irwin passed on the letter?; Best wishes for Christmas

Miss Wheeler hopes that Miss Irwin has passed on her letter. Considers that Mother Cecilia may be treating all the women as she does her nuns, but the women have not sworn a vow of poverty and obedience. Wishes Miss Wheeler well for Christmas and says that if Miss Irwin asks her to go and see her then she must.

Bragger, Teresa

Teresa Bragger to Miss Wheeler: Are things better? If no change then she will write to the Bishop

T Bragger asks Miss Wheeler to write and let her know if things are better. If not she will write to the Bishop. Sorry to know that Miss Irwin will not go to the convent any more. Go see Fr Flanagan often. Fr Davidson is controlled by Rev Mother Cecilia and probably thinks she is behaving honourably.

Bragger, Teresa

Teresa Bragger to Miss Wheeler: An individual's concerns re care and Nuns at Aldeburgh; Fr Davidson unable to help

Miss Wheeler has written to Teresa Bragger about the mistreatment she has had at the hands of the nuns in Aldeburgh, Eaton House. T Bragger commiserates with her plight, cannot understand why she has been placed so far away and not in a Cottage Hospital in Aldeburgh. She recognises the overbearing behaviour of the Reverend Mother (Cecilia) and the injustice of it all. Understands that talking to Fr Davidson is not helpful since he is completely subdues by the Rev. Mother. She suggests writing to the Bishop, talking to Fr Flanagan and moving to a boarding house in Leiston. She will write back via Mrs Irwin to avoid the nuns getting hold of the letter.

Bragger, Teresa

Sr Francis of Assisi to Bishop: Lengthy complaint against Fr Flanagan

Mother Superior, Sr Francis of Assisi details a long set of issues with Fr Flanagan's behaviour towards her and the convent. She describes violent and abusive actions before herself, the sisters and the laity. Despite being ill herself she say she has kept her calm and tried to manage the convent and situation despite the actions of Fr Flanagan. He tried to subvert two nuns who had to be reprimanded and sent away for a while. He has written anonymous letters about her. The remaining nuns do not want to go to services or confession with him. Can the Bishop help?

Convent of Our Lady, Aldeburgh