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Abbot Moore to Bishop Riddell: Mission at Beccles

Hopes to have Fr Boniface Mackinlay receive Bishop's approval and be sent to Fr Guy at Bungay. But, Fr President is going to Rome on 20th and will discuss the required "H. Sec" approval. Meantime can the Bishop provide approval from Fr Mackinlay as a suitable priest to assist Fr Guy in building a church etc etc at Beccles? If so he will go direct to the Bishop for his Missionary Faculties.

Downside Abbey

Altar #3 at Long Melton

Image of altar fully dressed.
Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Pre Vat II Portable Altar - Third Model.
This altar was made of oak by my friend. It was completely one folding unit. The op opened up to form the reredos, the bottom folded down to form the legs, the cabinet between the top and the bottom contained all the other mass requisites. Including the telescopic credence table! The whole altar fitted into a heavy brown canvas cover with carrying straps. See Landrover photo when I was loading all my gear! Taken in a house at Long Melford (Suffolk)(haunted?!)
Altar No. 3"

Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)

Altar #4

Altar dressed for Mass; Madonna & Child to left (in its carrying case); framed poster of the crucifixion to right; seven chairs set for the congregation.
Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Altar No. 4. This is post Vat II.
This was in two main pieces - a heavy wooden folding table & a large wooden case made of marine plywood with aluminium protective moulding on all corner edges. The case has a detachable lid which when removed allowed the altar top to be unfolded outwards - under this folding top were stowed all the altar requisites.
This was the altar I left at Mr St John Foti's museum at Downham Market.
Note. This photo shows my hand-carved statue of O.Lady in a protective oak case - I used to stand it near my altar. On the left is one of my seasonal posters by an artist friend. (Boxford Suffolk)
Altar No. 4"

Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)

Altar set for house Mass

Altar dressed for Mass with family[?] posing alongside.
Reverse: "Fr Mac2's Post Vat II Portable Mission Altar No. 4.
This is as described on the photo taken at Boxford, Suffolk.
This one was taken at the house-mass at Snettisham, Norfolk - can't remember the year!
Altar No. 4"

Northampton Travelling Mission (1948-1975)

Altar, man, boy

Undated / unknown location / unknown man & child.
The mix of household chairs indicated this venue is in a domestic residence.
Note the Madonna & Child on left - specially made and boxed for Fr McCormick

McCormick, Robert L. Rev (-2015)

Berthelay to Bishop: New church; £10 gift; conditions/requests re Ursuline Sisters

Image caption: [crossed out: "Monastere et Pensionnat de Religieuses Ursulines"] manuscript: "Institution St Alyre" a Clermont-Ferrand.
[Original manuscript in French.]
Given to understand that your Lordship will lay the first stone for the Catholic Church in Aldeburgh on 16 July. We thank God and are grateful to you for all the interest you have in the small mission in which we have worked so much. Enclosed is a cheque for £10 and apologies for the small sum, but cannot afford more. Allow me to remind you what was agreed with his Lordship Mgr Keating. 1st - that a small plaque of stone or metal will commemorate the stay of the Ursulines in this place; 2nd - Each year 4 masses will be said for the 4 religious who lay in the vault. You may find these conditions in the papers of the Aldeburgh Mission.
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Thanks, very much. Do not know whether I can fix the Masses on the Parish [indecipherable] as there is no money to cover this. Will look up the agreement when I find it. (Mentioned it to Archbishop Keating in my Letter)."

Berthelay, L

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels

Excellent start: rent-free house and gardens; sites for Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels secured. Need to check on conveyance restrictions and re-convey the buildings to Diocesan Trustees (suggested names: Bishop, Fr Delaney, Fr Hugh Parker, Fr Austin O'Sullivan), take your solicitor's advice. Model Trust Deed available. Leiston chapel seems cheap - but need to consider extension in the future, hence make the walls higher to avoid tunnel appearance. For maintenance, use Mission receipts, but in the intervening months Bishop would provide funds through the Poor Mission Fund (Canon Ashmole will send an application form).

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Poor Mission Fund application; Deeds; Funding

Application for Poor Mission Fund, make it payable from 1st Jan. but not it is retrospective so first instalment will be April 1st. Restrictions on plots: Trust deeds to be kept in Diocesan safe. Cannot start building until you have half the money, Bishop will give a substantial donation. Hire Town Hall or similar to obtain a breathing space? Talk to your friend about his intentions for the house - do not risk reversion by being too precipitate - could make use of the chapel as a school or parochial hall.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop Clark to Bishop of Auckland: Priest for Dersingham

A Rev Peter B Flynn has been identified by the Trustees of Dersingham as a potential [temporary] priest for their town. Describes the priest, his address and the understanding of his wish to return to either Ireland or England. Bishop Clark asks for the Bishop of Auckland's, New Zealand, comments.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Nesden: Hunstanton/Dersingham structure

Cannot contact by phone. Time to accept a new church at Dersingham as part of Diocesan Trust; hence assuring responsibility for it and caring for the congregation. Structure: mission within Hunstanton parish with Fr Nesden as the parish priest over a priest-in-charge in Dersingham.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Nesden: Welcome for Deacon; Finances for Dersingham

Grateful for the warm welcome to Deacon Matthews. Will allocate a chunk of "Ransom Money" for the first year plus trust you to allocate Dersingham collections to them with a grant from Hunstanton to cover the anticipated £1000 per year costs for Dersingham. Set up an account in your and Len's name which he could manage in situ; he will account to both Diocese and you.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Parishioner: Closure of Travelling Mission

Copied onto Travelling Mission headed paper [by Fr McCormick?].
Letter from Bishop Clark to Stephen Lennane of Reepham. Explains the reasons for the closure of the Travelling Mission. Suggest that others could be of help: Sister Maeve (St Louis Convent, Bury St Edmunds) and Canon McBride who has been asked to see how the Diocese can help those in Reepham.
"... we can work our an alternative to the devoted care of Fr McCormick."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop goes by Jet, Jeep and Horse

Bishop Clark is travelling, with Fr Philpot, to Bolivia to visit one of his priests, Fr John Drury. Fr Drury has been in South America for 5 years and the last 12 months have been spent in the foothills of the Andes. He returns to East Anglia in the Autumn and has sent an open letter to all those in the diocese who have helped him with the prayers and alms.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Riddell to Abbot Moore: Boundary between Beccles and Bungay; Mission at Beccles

Rejects Downside Provincial (Abbot H E Moore) suggestion that Beccles district and Diss district should come under one priest at Bungay. Rather the Bishop will keep to the current boundaries - Diss and west of railway line will be Beccles' area. Asks the Abbot to appoint a priest to serve Beccles and start a mission there - may reside at Bungay for now.

Riddell, Arthur George Rev (1836-1907)

Bishop to Correspondent: Effort to build bridges; Refusal to accept renewed mission of the Church

Every effort, long hours and many miles involved in finding bridges to attempt to persuade Fr Baker to enjoy the privacy of the Downham Market presbytery. Bishop has for many months been on TV and in print trying to explain what is at stake. "... not just a question of a liturgical rite; it is a refusal to accept the renewed mission of the Church ..."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Fr Dreves has permission for a missionary sermon. Sell a consecrated Chalice?

Permission for Fr Dreves to preach a missionary sermon given and granted him faculties. Cannot see how Fr Phillips can sell a consecrated Chalice. Offers to send one to the Mission if he returns Mrs Jump's Chalice to him for re-gilding.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

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