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Staffing of the National Shrine

Contract between Society of Mary and the Diocese of East Anglia for the administration of the Shrine concludes on 6 December. New one needs negotiating or Marist Society withdraw. Bishop and Director greed that three priests needed in running the Shrine. Provides details of scope and work for each. Marist Sisters' role needs to be reviewed too. Changes in role and numbers over time needs to be reviewed. Lists some of the work done by Sacristan / Guestmistress / Office / Shrine Sister. Parish commitment in this should not be overlooked. Growing numbers of Catholics in the area plus the retired Parish priest has not been replaced. A deacon can do some but not all.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Papers for meeting

Pg 1: End April 1982 - Current financial situation
Pg 2: Five Stage or Year Plan
Pg 3: Plan of savings 1982
Pg 4: Staffing Structures - notes for Bishop, VG and Diocesan Treasurer only
Pg 5: Hierarchical structure - Proposed Line and Staff Authority and Relationship
Pg 6/7: Accommodation - Present and Proposed
Pg 8: Bishop Clark - statements and questions [to bring to Bishops attention?]

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Paper on September Pilgrimage

paper addressing the title of the September Pilgrimage and describing a programme which is similar to the old National Pilgrimage.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Mgr Stark to Shrine Council: Walsingham; Correct title for Shrine

Not able to attend the Council meeting - at the Ransom Reunion at Nottingham Cathedral. He would have raised the matter of the correct title for the shrine.
Argues that the Shrine is "of" Walsingham and is not a Roman Catholic Shrine but a National Shrine. Originally known as the "Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham at King's Lynn" from 1897. Strictly speaking it should be either " the Slipper Chapel" or " Houghton-St-Giles". Fr Birch's excellent potted history would be better worded "National Shrine in the 14th Century Slipper Chapel under the care of the Marist Fathers. Shrine founded 1061; destroyed 1538; restored by Pope Leo XIII at King's Lynn 19th August 1897; translated to the Slipper Chapel by Cardinal Bourne 19th August 1934. The Walsingham Trust, &c." It is important to emphasise Cardinal Bourne's intention, despite the Second Master,Mgr John Filmer, taking his objections to Rome and finding the Cardinal was within his powers to do as he had.

Memorandum on scope and authority of the Council of the Shrine

Introduction - discussion on constitution
Origin of Shrine Council - [reference to a memorandum written by the previous Shrine Administrator Fr Connelly]
Anomalies from the Past - [outline of shrine property/development activities in Walsingham]
The Future - [of the Shrine Council] - membership, Terms of Reference, Function

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Memorandum - All saints Church: Burnhams Sutton & Elph

A review of the legal situation for an incumbent granting a lease and options thereby. Suggestion is to go for a "Sharing Agreement" in which the Catholic community have the church for all but one day of a year - the CofE community have it for one day in which to hold a joint service; a degree of tact required from both sides.

Head, Adrian Herbert Judge (rtd) (1923-2012)

Mark Little to Bishop: No reason not to write to Huntingdon DC. Julian Limentani can draft a letter.

A memo from Mark Little to the Bishop. Having spoken to Nick Safell, there is no reason why the Bishop shouldn't write to Huntingdon DC in support of the parish's planning application. If he does do so, it would be useful to talk to Julian Limentani who submitted the bid. He is prepared to draft a letter for the Bishop.

Little, Mark

Interim Report to the Council of the Shrine

"Memorandum on future needs in relationship to Walsingham Properties"
Elmham House complex
Aelred House
Youth Hostel Complex
Dow House
Future Requirements: Elmham House complex, Improvements to Friday Market Church of the Annunciation, External work to Friday Market Church, Elmham House garden and its properties, Essential maintenance, Aelred House, Youth Hostel complex, Conclusion (specifies 6 aims)
Map of area with properties highlighted

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Brewer/Trafford - Meeting notes

6 paragraphs being notes on a meeting held between Fr Brewer and Fr Trafford:

  1. Agreement on Fr Trafford's view - school managers need to take a new line for the school; taking into account Diocesan policy and needs for a future secondary and grammar school
  2. Number to not exceed 110 - can be maintained by the admission of non-catholic pupils. This will justify 4 teachers
  3. Managers exercise admission of pupils through the Parish Priest.
  4. No need for grading of the school
  5. LEA to take initiative regarding alterations to buildings
  6. Canon Brewer to take up points 4 & 5 with LEA as necessary.

Trafford, Aidan Rev OSB

A memorandum on Long-term planning for the Shrine

Memo with main headings: 1968 Bishop Grant's long-term plans; The situation today; A Forecast; Proposals for - Authority, Land, Buildings Maintenance, Inadequacies of Buildings, Development of Slipper Chapel Area (Parish Church, Confessions, Sacristy, Blessed Sacrament Chapel); Shelter; Development in the Village; Finance; Staffing (Lay, Priests, Volunteers).

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)