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"From Geneva to Rome" by Charles H Thomson

Opening line: "I am writing this for my dear good grandchildren. Sooner or later they will be asked to justify their adhesion to the Roman Catholic religion by someone for whom they have a respect, possibly for whom they have ventured to develop an affection."

Thomson, Charles H

"Red Letter Men" - an History of Brindle Mission 16th /17th Centuries - Draft Manuscript

First Paragraph:
"The old Church Calendars had important Holy-Days printed in red the rest being in black. As the principles of the Reformation spread the observance of these Holy-days fell into disuse, only there she refused to have anything to do with these principles paid any serious attention to them. These latter called themselves "Catholics" or "Roman Catholics", their opponents had for them nick-names whose courtesy values varied considerably. In the Ribble Valley the term "Red Letter Men" was a popular one, arising from the fact that those so denominated held steadfastly to the observance of the Red Letter Holy-days. "


"The Mass as a Lancashire Layman sees it" - Manuscript & drafts

1 bundle comprising:
Version1: Page 1 "The article on the attached sheets has been approved by the competent authority for the Archdiocese of Liverpool. It was intended as an appendix to an historical treatise dealing with the privations endured by the "Red Letter Men" of the Ribble valley in the 16th and 17th centuries. Unhappily, before this was completed the author died and it was never printed. The "appendix" however, was published in the Diocesan Journal the "Cathedral Record". Pages 2-5: typescript; single-sided.
Version2: 7 pages, blue feint lining; typescript with manuscript annotations in pencil. Final page has "Excellent. But (1), Solemn Mass is the house of worship & should be understood & appreciated & joined in by the people - very much depends on this. (2). And the truth [underlined], doctrinal & spiritual, of the prayers of the [?] needs emphasising. (3). We need to enter into the "universal" [underlined] note of the church & not be Lancashire or Sunney or French or English mainly."
Version3: As for version1 - 8 pages; line numbers at LHS 560 to 742; some ink manuscript annotations; final annotation: "Approx. 10,380 words on 22 sheets. Charles H Thomson, 33 Oxford Drive, Liverpool 22"
Version 4: As for version 1 (no first page; "Lancashire men" crossed out and replaced with "Englishmen"; similar amendments to widen the scope from "Ribble valley" focus. [Perhaps this is the version that was published in the "Cathedral Record"?].
Version 5: as for version 1 - few annotations.