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Bishop Clark to Mgr McBride: thanks for help; Lowestoft

Sure that McBride will guide a priest firmly
Anniversary was a deeply memorable affair thanks to Mgr McBride.
Fr Sketch, letter enclosed, [not present], was let off lightly - the lapse rate at Lowestoft could frighten us to death. Pouring over plans at home is not the right use of resources.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Innes: Fund management; Leaving for Liverpool

Includes [not present] documentation required for Fr Trafford - grateful if he will undertake to hear the Lowestoft nuns confessions.
The management of the Banham Trust is quite constrained and has worked until now - sets out major aspects of the trust. The Bishop recommends that it stays as it is. However he'd be interested to hear anything Mr Coney or the Abbot can come up with.
Wishes him well in his new activity in Liverpool.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Canon Brewer to Correspondent: Education Committee decision

Policy in the matter of parental choice in schools is available from HMSO. Means tests will apply when that choice involves an independent school. Fortunate that the Local Authority has agreed to meet some of the costs. The Bishop does not wish to be burdened by such letters when the correct approach is via the parish priest. Need to convince the LEA that the local school cannot meet the daughter's educational needs.

Brewer, Arthur T Rev BCL (-1972)

Correspondent to Bishop: Means test meant paying all fees for a school

Daughter allocated to John Leman school, Beccles, after passing examinations for entrance to a Grammar School. Contacted Chief Education Officer that their preferred school was St Mary's, Lowestoft. Following a means test she has to pay all fees but travelling fares are met by the committee and part of meal costs was offered. Are she being treated fairly?


Dedication of St Nicholas, Lowestoft by Bishop Peter Smith

Bishop Peter Smith reaching up to anoint a cross on the wall of St Nicholas Church, Lowestoft. Priest behind him holding up a container of chrism.
Reverse: affixed is a statement declaring the dedication of the church with date. [Possibly cut from the order of service]


Fr Campbell to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Ordination of Cyril Banham; statistics

Good news regarding Cyril Banham's ordination. Have written to Fr Squirrell re number of priests required. Requests return of the papers associated with the "Chaplow & Such" case as the woman involved has asked for them. Statistics included [not present] do not include Confirmed - ten from Southwold and one from Lowestoft

Campbell, Henry Martin Dom OSB

Fr Dinley to Bishop: Accepts duty of Extraordinary; Education Committee; Fr Thompson's hobby paraphernalia

Accepts the duties of Extraordinary at Kirkley Cliff Convent [St Mary's Convent, Kirkley Cliff, Lowestoft]. First meeting of Gt Yarmouth Education committee - shame no English Education Act in the same manner as the Education(Scotland) Act of 1918. Fr Thompson's many hobbies and related gear and appliances need assessing before putting aside for sale - hence his visit to Northampton will have to be delayed.
Manuscript annotation: "Ans: Sent faculty as Extraordinary for Lowestoft Convent. Don't expect to see you this side of Easter!".

Dinley, Patrick Rev SJ

Fr Dinley to Bishop: Renew faculties; Invitation for Confirmation; Bad weather

Faculties as Extraordinary Confessor at Lowestoft Convent expire 2 March - renew? Three years since last Confirmation; invitation to visit on one of three dates in June. The violent gales of past three months have done little damage: bent weather vane on the church; a few slates from the roof of the presbytery. Hopes the bishop has completely recovered his normal health.

Dinley, Patrick Rev SJ

Fr Hyland to Bishop: Appointments vacant now he has moved; Now established in Woodvale, Southport

Now established at St John Stone's in Woodvale, Southport. Moving house has been a terrible headache; a bit lost in the new surroundings but now have time to write. Official appointments now vacant as a result of his leaving Yarmouth: Chairman of Governors, St Mary's School; Chaplain to new hospital, Gorleston; Confessor to Sisters of St Mary's Convent, Lowestoft; Governor of St Edmund's School, Gorleston; Chaplain to Knights of Saint Columba (KSC) Council 534, Yarmouth & Gorleston.

Hyland, John G Rev OSA

Fr Mason to Bishop Keating: Appeals; Parish Finance; Wooden chapel offer

Thanks the Bishop for authorising his appeals; explains costs associated with appeals can outweigh income from them. £100 only in Church Fund. Beautiful site (paid for by the Benefactress, who built Lowestoft Church); 60 in congregation (from 12/15 at start); decent chapel in town with a fair rent - need a priest's house more than a church. The wooden chapel from Birmingham suggested by the Bishop would be too small to accommodate 150-200 in Summer.

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Fr McBride to Canon [?]: Halesworth Loan

£300 loan from Mr Dwyer was under special condition. Will enquire about it. If £76-11-1 was subtracted from what is owing me the rest could be paid out. But can wait another year for the £76. The widow of Dr Stephen can be contacted through his son in Lowestoft.
[no name only "Canon" - writing to Bishop's Office/Diocesan Treasurer?]

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

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