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Abbot Moore to Bishop Riddell: Mission at Beccles

Hopes to have Fr Boniface Mackinlay receive Bishop's approval and be sent to Fr Guy at Bungay. But, Fr President is going to Rome on 20th and will discuss the required "H. Sec" approval. Meantime can the Bishop provide approval from Fr Mackinlay as a suitable priest to assist Fr Guy in building a church etc etc at Beccles? If so he will go direct to the Bishop for his Missionary Faculties.

Downside Abbey

Abbot Ramsay to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Worswick to leave Beccles

Abbot Ramsay: Need to provide resources for the missions - hence a need to move Fr Worswick from Beccles. Fr martin Campbell, currently at Little Malvern, will replace him.
manuscript annotation: "Extremely sorry! But will not embarrass you, only trusting that Beccles will not go to sleep again. Fr Worswick [illegible] her from sleep of Spiritual Starvation. I give faculties to Fr Campbell for when he comes, also for the Nuns. Fr Worswick [illegible] leave his faculties form behind, when Fr Campbell comes he can send it to me. I will just change the name. Sept 12/24."

Downside Abbey

Archbishop's Office to Bishops: Warning about an ex-priest

David Norris Vicar General, Westminster writing to all bishops warning them about an ex-priest, a Rosiminian, who approaches priests and begs for money - operating in at least two diocese - Plymouth and Salford. The Provincial says he has all the tricks and plausibility of a first class con man.

Archbishop's Office

Bishop Cary-Elwes to correspondent: Distribution of £45 for Masses

To Miss Preston; £45 cheque received from solicitors in Manchester for distribution to poorer clergy of the Diocese. Lists 11 priests. As Fr Ketterer was the young man, going to be a priest, known to Mrs Gosselin, he has therefore received the larger sum [£2; rest received £2.10]

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Clark to Bishop of Auckland: Priest for Dersingham

A Rev Peter B Flynn has been identified by the Trustees of Dersingham as a potential [temporary] priest for their town. Describes the priest, his address and the understanding of his wish to return to either Ireland or England. Bishop Clark asks for the Bishop of Auckland's, New Zealand, comments.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Australia; Gulf Crisis; Dersingham

Returned from Canberra, Australia, after heading up the Vatican delegation for VII Assembly of the World Council of Churches - chaotic but epic. Thanks the Cardinal for his leadership in the debate on the Gulf Crisis.
Francis Selman: happy for the Cardinal to see him (provides a short pen picture) - thought he had settled at Quidenham - but that is obviously not the case.
Fr Andrew Morley at Dersingham: Asks the Cardinal to withdraw him as he has caused offence and gone to the provincial press.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Visit to the Holy Father

Acknowledges receipt of the "aide mémoire" - clear and outlined the problem perfectly. Accepted the Cardinal's point to Canterbury regarding the differences between ourselves on the approach to Anglican Orders. Reconciliation of the respective churches first, then easy to make good any defect in present Anglican Orders.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Catholic Group: Miss Insley's bequest

Writing to Catholic Group in Dersingham. General position remains it being impossible to envisage a priest appointed to Dersingham. A retired priest is a retired priest. Very keen to help the Catholics at Gaywood who have a heavy debt for their new church. Regret that Miss Insley did not see the growth of Lynn as in need of her generosity.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Correspondent: Dress Code at Downham Market

Fr baker had issued detailed directives about what women could wear. The Bishop thought that a general directive might be more adequate - he had no idea of the lead up which horrifies him. "In many ways this miserable affair has only just begun" but your bishops are trying to find a solution compatible with Catholic faith - likely to be firm action.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Dersingham Catholic Group: Dersingham Church Building

manuscript annotation: "26-I-88 Our letters crossed - but are, I think, substantially the same".
Off to Peru soon. Outlines the parameters in the design of a church with associated priest's bungalow. Dersingham is in the Hunstanton parish and therefore its monies will be subsumed into that account. Whilst Fr Flynn's personal expenses will be quite small, need to consult Fr Nesden about the expenses for running the church from parish funds.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Dersingham Committee: Andrew Kingcomb; Priest at Dersingham; Fr Howarth

Defective screen letter passed onto Fr Richard Wilson (Finance Office).
Whilst the departure of Andrew Kingcomb is a blow you are showing great courage in filling the gaps left by him. However, the appointment of Eucharistic Ministers is made by the Parish Priest (Fr Nesden) and approved by me - after a period of training. Fr Charles Howarth has his duties in Massingham and his residence there.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

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