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Witham, Weld & Co to Canon Hunting: Church site, Caister

Michael Kelleher, Witham, Weld & Co writing to inform the Canon that they have been instructed by the Bishop in relation to the purchase of the Church site in Caister. Contract enclosed, for signing and return, for the price of £500. Fr Dennis has agreed the terms and provided the deposit of £55.

Witham, Weld and Co

Witham, Weld & Co to Bishop: Acle - Right of Way

Michael Kelleher, Witham, Weld & Co writing to Bishop: This property and other property in Great Yarmouth is vested in the Jesuits, but it is proposed to convey all properties into the name of the Diocese Trustee. He will arrange for the Memorandum to be sealed by the Jesuits at the Diocese' request.

Witham, Weld and Co

Witham Weld to Bishop's Office: Miss Insley's Estate

Letter discusses the nature of funding and tax liabilities. When did Miss Insley die? [manuscript note: "10.2.84"]. Possible to arrange for a charitable trust to hold the funds - Witham Weld cannot advise the trustees on what to do, they need to be advised by their own advisors. The two gifts have particular problems and will need to be administered separately.

Witham, Weld and Co

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