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Bishop Riddell to Abbot Moore: Boundary between Beccles and Bungay; Mission at Beccles

Rejects Downside Provincial (Abbot H E Moore) suggestion that Beccles district and Diss district should come under one priest at Bungay. Rather the Bishop will keep to the current boundaries - Diss and west of railway line will be Beccles' area. Asks the Abbot to appoint a priest to serve Beccles and start a mission there - may reside at Bungay for now.

Riddell, Arthur George Rev (1836-1907)

Abbot Moore to Bishop Riddell: Mission at Beccles

Hopes to have Fr Boniface Mackinlay receive Bishop's approval and be sent to Fr Guy at Bungay. But, Fr President is going to Rome on 20th and will discuss the required "H. Sec" approval. Meantime can the Bishop provide approval from Fr Mackinlay as a suitable priest to assist Fr Guy in building a church etc etc at Beccles? If so he will go direct to the Bishop for his Missionary Faculties.

Downside Abbey

S. Congregazione di Propaganda to Bishop Riddell: Need information before confirming new Beccles Mission

Cardinal Simeoni writes that Abbot O'Gorman, President General of the English Benedictines has petitioned the Congregation for the faculty to found a new mission in Beccles. But before giving his confirmation, he seeks further information and views on the matter.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Bishop Riddell: 1st draft of letter to Cardinal Simeoni, Rome

1st draft of a letter to Cardinal Simeoni (Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Propagation of the Faith) regarding an approval to assign a priest to Beccles from the Benedictine Order which has a base at nearby by Bungay.
At the base of the second side, a manuscript amendment instruction [by the Bishop?]: "(1) you will omit the 'm' in both places will you?"

Riddell, Arthur George Rev (1836-1907)

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: Establishing Beccles Mission

Requests a "line of recommendation" to the charity of the Faithful for himself and Fr Cox, the later will do most of the begging in Beccles. Requests permission to go begging for Beccles. Site (49 x 36 yards) in London Road, Beccles, purchased for £250. Requests faculties for Fr Cox and Canon Gunning. [A p.s.: "Poor old Gillett has completely broken down"]

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: New plot for Mission in Beccles

New plot advantages: 3 times the size of previous plot (1 acre); potential for a cemetery; room for a school; higher plot - not overlooked; less outlay for wall/fencing/etc.
All agree it's a better plot even being £100 more. Can raise the money but might delay starting building. If the Bishop were to donate then this would encourage the people in Beccles.

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: Boundary for Bungay; Rome and Beccles

Multi topic letter:

  1. Marriage paper included [not present]
  2. Postal Order for Jubilee Offering
  3. Statistic paper for 1886 [not present]
  4. What is the boundary between Bungay and Diss-cum-Gissing? Suggest Harleston as his boundary (not difficult to take on as no Catholics there at present)
  5. Nothing settled in Rome yet regarding Beccles & Battle

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Mr J G Kenyon to Bishop Riddell: Permission for a domestic chapel, longer term build a church

Contacting the Bishop to introduce himself and family as newly into the Diocese following inheriting Gillingham Hall. Requesting permission for the privilege of a domestic chapel at Gillingham to have Mass and the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament - a large and suitable room is available. Expects to build a small chapel in time which would be open to any Catholics in the area (should there be any). If the Bishop can concede this, then "it will urge us to do, rather than hinder us, from doing, what we can to help the parochial mission and Church." Asks the Bishop to visit or send a representative to discuss these matters.

Kenyon, John George (1843-1914)

Fr Fulton to Bishop Riddell: Superannuation for Nuns/Teachers

Fr Fulton questions whether 5/- require to be paid for certificated teachers applies to nuns. They already get £70 per annum plus sundry other expenses (£50 part purchase money of convent).
On reverse: Copy of Bishop's reply, dated 22 February 1898: "As a rule the regulation applies to all certificated teachers including nuns. But if an order of nuns decide never to apply for any superannuation for any of their members then the 5/- in case of a nun of that order need not be paid. Ask the nuns...& act accordingly"

Fulton, Francis Meinrad Dom OSB (1860-1912)

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: Fr Ford at Beccles; "Begging" arrangements; building

Room at Gillingham acceptable. Upgrading to a parochial church until Beccles is opened? H Sec will have to permit it to be opened as an oratory. Fr Ford is to be the first incumbent at Beccles. Things to be done:

  1. as Kenyons not to be permanently at Gillingham until 1890, manage as best we can
  2. Fr Ford to "beg" for £700 to complete house
  3. Supply for Fr Guy to mix begging with vacation
  4. Fr Ford to be in residence from start of Lent 1890
    Provincial sanctions all these arrangements[?] - has commission Fr Guy to build the house as Fr Ford is fund raising.
    "St Benet's Priory" foundation stone [brick] to be laid on 21st and ready for occupation in January 1890.
    Mr Kenyon has given £500 towards the house plus £100 per annum for the priest of Beccles provided Mass is said at Gillingham two days a week. Fr Ford then in good position to start free from debt.

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Provincial H E Moore to Fr Guy: Fr Ford's idea

Prefers school and chapel to be built before house but given the plans are advanced. Fr Ford to write to Fr Guy at length to urge his idea. Provincial would like to hear Fr Guy's considered thoughts on this. "I fear no protestants will like to go into a room in a house - but they would not be deterred from entering a school chapel - this is a very serious consideration."
[p.s.:] "I enclose 2 letters - read and burn"

Downside Abbey

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: Delay Church consecration?

Fr Guy has been told that the Bishop considers Mass and H. Com [Holy Communion] [indecipherable] "(of which fact I was quite ignorant last Synod)".
I reply to a letter form the Duke of N [Norfolk] I assured him of our readiness to sign the condition suggested by him, and promised that a deed should be, in due course, drawn up signed by the "Busn Secl - [indecipherable] through him (the Duke) to your lordship - in perpetuam sei memoriam[perpetual memory]. The Prior of Downside has the matter in hand."
Eric Smith considers the opening consecration should be delayed until the new presbytery is finished.

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

Fr Guy to Bishop Riddell: St Benet's Church plan

Letter, left hand side: Enclosed ground plan for St Benet's, Beccles. Hopes to get the blue portion finished in 1890 (allows 3 rooms instead of two to be used for the chapel and one room downstairs for the priest. Seating for 50. "We ran first Mass of Beccles on 30th [October]".
Plan, right hand side: "Plan shewing scheme for completion of St Benet's Church, Beccles" Bernard Smith Architect, 8 Gray's Inn Square, WC. List of areas: coloured Red (completed parts of Priory), Blue (Remainder of Priory), White ([To be done?]; costs listed, Total £8,000

Guy, Robert Ephrem Dom (-1899)

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