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Basil and David Hatcher to Dr Heley: Listed Building consent; planning application

Meeting with Church Advisory Board for Redundant Churches, The Borough, IHCT and Meryemana Foundation - did not get the necessary assurances regarding pew removal. Borough Planning Officers - need a change of use if the vestry is to become a caretaker's flat - lists alterations which will attract need for Listed Building consent. Work (more than expected) done so far requires payment and a review of brief

Basil and David Hatcher

Basil and David Hatcher to Dr Heley: Stairway; Drawings; Listed Building Application

Discussed plans with Mr Mellamphy - only one disabled toilet required - plans acceptable. Stairway to bell-ringers floor impractical - will be excluded. Drawing enclosed for Vestry/Caretaker accommodation. Application to the Borough for Listed Building application for the Vestry, Toilets, Pew removal; and change of use for vestry to living accommodation. Mr Mellamphy is going away for a few weeks.

Basil and David Hatcher

Basil and David Hatcher to Dr Heley: Vestry & Chapel; Schedule of fees

Discussing with Mr Mellamphy, recommendation that plans for Vestry etc. are discussed with English Heritage and Ipswich Chief Planning Officer before going to far. Includes a schedule of hourly rates.
As a member of ICHT he informs that both phases of external repairs are to start in early Spring 1991 and will include re-roofing the vestry

Basil and David Hatcher

Basil and David Hatcher to Dr Heley: Vestry works; Lease

Sufficient work to enable the Vestry to be used for meetings. Need to agree the lease with IHCT before incurring too much cost. Ready to discuss with the planners but the proposals need the blessing of the IHCT and English Heritage. Look to the future and phase 2 or 3 if possible

Basil and David Hatcher

Berry & Walton to Bishop's Office: [Insley] Estate Funds

Writing to Myles Osborne (Diocesan Financial Administrator): Clarifying the position with regard to the Estates Funds and the ability to retain Church, Presbytery and House. Necessary to meet tax liabilities consequently the House (40 Manor Road) will have to be sold but need the Bishop's urgent consent to proceed.

Berry & Walton (1983-2018)

Berthelay to Bishop: New church; £10 gift; conditions/requests re Ursuline Sisters

Image caption: [crossed out: "Monastere et Pensionnat de Religieuses Ursulines"] manuscript: "Institution St Alyre" a Clermont-Ferrand.
[Original manuscript in French.]
Given to understand that your Lordship will lay the first stone for the Catholic Church in Aldeburgh on 16 July. We thank God and are grateful to you for all the interest you have in the small mission in which we have worked so much. Enclosed is a cheque for £10 and apologies for the small sum, but cannot afford more. Allow me to remind you what was agreed with his Lordship Mgr Keating. 1st - that a small plaque of stone or metal will commemorate the stay of the Ursulines in this place; 2nd - Each year 4 masses will be said for the 4 religious who lay in the vault. You may find these conditions in the papers of the Aldeburgh Mission.
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Thanks, very much. Do not know whether I can fix the Masses on the Parish [indecipherable] as there is no money to cover this. Will look up the agreement when I find it. (Mentioned it to Archbishop Keating in my Letter)."

Berthelay, L

Bertram Yorke to Canon Tonks: Matter is between Fr Delaney and Canon Tonks; Finance has nothing to do with me

Disposition of deed, etc. is a matter for Fr Delaney and Canon Tonks to sort out. Fiance is nothing to do with Mr Yorke. Fr Delaney bought the 4 plots and the presbytery in his own name. They were conveyed to the Bishop and others; however, the plots were no longer needed once a new site was found. The same process has happened for this site - acquired by Fr Delaney, subsequently to be conveyed to the Bishop and others. Fr Delaney has deposited the deeds with the bank and paid a deposit because he was concerned not to lose the site. Sort it out between you and send on the deeds for the plots to settle with Mr Reade - it being a small matter but it is hindering things.

Bertram R Yorke

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels

Excellent start: rent-free house and gardens; sites for Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels secured. Need to check on conveyance restrictions and re-convey the buildings to Diocesan Trustees (suggested names: Bishop, Fr Delaney, Fr Hugh Parker, Fr Austin O'Sullivan), take your solicitor's advice. Model Trust Deed available. Leiston chapel seems cheap - but need to consider extension in the future, hence make the walls higher to avoid tunnel appearance. For maintenance, use Mission receipts, but in the intervening months Bishop would provide funds through the Poor Mission Fund (Canon Ashmole will send an application form).

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Poor Mission Fund application; Deeds; Funding

Application for Poor Mission Fund, make it payable from 1st Jan. but not it is retrospective so first instalment will be April 1st. Restrictions on plots: Trust deeds to be kept in Diocesan safe. Cannot start building until you have half the money, Bishop will give a substantial donation. Hire Town Hall or similar to obtain a breathing space? Talk to your friend about his intentions for the house - do not risk reversion by being too precipitate - could make use of the chapel as a school or parochial hall.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop Blackburne to Bishop Clark: All Saints project

Comments very helpful. Next time must avoid delays; make firm decisions to avoid costs rising all the time. Might be a good situation for a church sharing scheme - however have not mentioned this to Fr Richmond nor Rev Isaacson - doubt that they'd want to start over again.

Blackburne, Hugh Rev (1912-1995)

Bishop Blackburne to Bishop Clark: All Saints project

Share the sadness that these negotiations have fallen through, but can understand why. Can Bishop Clark comment on whether he'd have taken a different view if things had been different? The transfer of St Mary's in Thetford is going ahead satisfactorily on the basis of a lease.
manuscript ps: hoped Bishop Clark had a happy time at Ely Cathedral for the ecumenical service.

Blackburne, Hugh Rev (1912-1995)

Bishop Brown to Bishop: Oblates of St Benedict

Bishop Brown confirms the Oblates of St Benedict are under a foundation of Abbot Egan. They will be in dire financial difficulty if they cannot sell their property (school, convent and grounds) according to Philip Fooks of Arnold Fooks & Co. Their problems arise from a new Secondary School opened by nuns at Chatham. Fr Nugent [PP?] thinks well of them.

Brown, William Francis Rev (1862-1951)

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