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1987 Dean's report on Aldeburgh

Dean's summary report on Aldeburgh parish. Fr Ben Hammond is happy at Aldeburgh; should address his Sunday schedule; has no financial worries. The house is well decorated and in a good state. Church has new heating being installed. Concern about influx of workers at Sizewell B (last time, for Sizewell A, this resulted in the construction of Leiston Church).

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

Account at Leiston Church

Account showing list of parish donors to buy the land; the hut (The Bishop); to build & equip. ; amount owing to the builder; extra costs for laying on utilities and equipment, fixing roof and installing fencing.
Debt owed £180


Anderson to Bishop Clark: Parish Hall at Leiston construction & cost estimate

Providing details of costs for construction of Parish Hall at Leiston. 1500 sq ft, large enough for 24 whist tables; 500 sq ft for storage space; kitchen space enough for 25 people - see Banbury Commercial Buildings and Marley System Building catalogues for examples. Attachment provides a breakdown of costs totalling £4565

Anderson H R M Mr BA (Cantab) AMICE

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels

Excellent start: rent-free house and gardens; sites for Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels secured. Need to check on conveyance restrictions and re-convey the buildings to Diocesan Trustees (suggested names: Bishop, Fr Delaney, Fr Hugh Parker, Fr Austin O'Sullivan), take your solicitor's advice. Model Trust Deed available. Leiston chapel seems cheap - but need to consider extension in the future, hence make the walls higher to avoid tunnel appearance. For maintenance, use Mission receipts, but in the intervening months Bishop would provide funds through the Poor Mission Fund (Canon Ashmole will send an application form).

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Poor Mission Fund application; Deeds; Funding

Application for Poor Mission Fund, make it payable from 1st Jan. but not it is retrospective so first instalment will be April 1st. Restrictions on plots: Trust deeds to be kept in Diocesan safe. Cannot start building until you have half the money, Bishop will give a substantial donation. Hire Town Hall or similar to obtain a breathing space? Talk to your friend about his intentions for the house - do not risk reversion by being too precipitate - could make use of the chapel as a school or parochial hall.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

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