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Burst Pipe damage at Walsingham - Report

Royal Insurance representative's Report. Two bursts for which a claim is being made. Bedrooms Aethelred House; Bathroom and Bedroom in Elmham House. Details of cause, damage and emergency repair work.

Royal Insurance Co Ltd

CAFOD to Bishop Clark: Donation for Slipper Chapel repair

Mr R A Hood (Administrator) writes that Fr Rimmer of Manchester mentioned that the Shrine at Walsingham had suffered damage during severe weather. This would require £5000 to repair. Are these facts correct, and are you obtaining reimbursement from insurance? He may make a personal donation to the Shrine.

CAFOD (1960-)

CAFOD to Bishop Clark: Slipper Chapel damage

Insurance damage claims categorised as "Storm Damage" but many cannot be so covered as the buildings are old or frail. Expense is relatively high not least since 4 pilgrimages have been cancelled. Bishop describes work done - new roof; refurnishing; maintenance and capital repairs. Hence Fr Rimmer's description is not wrong and the outgoings are not all covered by insurance. About to engage an architect to give a plan for the Slipper Chapel area, but, have to find £10,000 for the Chapel alone. If this elicits your [Mr R A Hood, Administrator, CAFOD] charity then I would be exceedingly grateful.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Canon Garnett to Canon Tonks: Life Insurance

Canon Garnett asks for the Life Insurance policy document held by Canon Tonks in order to endorse it for access to the bonuses. The church at Wellingborough has been repainted and he is planning to obtain new bellows for the organ. Fr Hyde is improving and will recover; is Fr Harris still alive? Canon Garnett has a very bad cold, is not fasting, has not applied for a dispensation as he may be placed on the sick list, which would not help the Diocese.

Garnett, Ernest Edmund Rev (1872-1948)

Canon Hunting: Schedule of Deeds and Documents for Oddfellows Hall, Walsingham

Deeds and documents relating to the freehold property "Oddfellows Hall, Walsingham, Norfolk"
6 documents listed from 1908 to 1 August 1956
Initialled "WHH" [Cannon W H Hunting] on 3-10-1968
[Reverse page - inverted - typed impression for a "Instalments and interest due on a loan of #100 for 5 years" c 31 March 1968]

Hunting, William H Rev (-1969)

Catholic National Insurance Trust - Walsingham

Policy from 20-12-1973 - Building / Contents insurance: [nb names in square brackets are manuscript notations]
Church of the Annunciation
St Joseph's Hostel [Aelred House]
Oddfellows Hall [Pilgrims Hall]
41/43 HighStreeet [Falcon House]
37 High Street
39 High Street
Dwelling Rooms?Toilets [attached 39 Youth Hostel II]
Barn Hostel [YH I]
Slipper Chapel
St Catherine [Chapel of Holy Ghost]
Slipper Chapel Cottage
Church of St Henry
Walsingham House [Elmham House]
National Shrine of Our Lady
Amenity Block [Pilgrim Centre]
Building Insured sum total £247,945; Contents insures sum total £22,800; Premium £300.10

Catholic National Insurance Trust Ltd

Catholic National Services Office to Fr Wilson: Insurance for Golden Crown

Insurance of the golden crown of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham. An insured value of £10,000 for the statue which included £6,000 for the crown. You consider that the insured contents of the Slipper chapel is adequate to include the statue itself, but the crown being irreplaceable need not be insured. However whilst it is outside the control of the Diocese you want to insure it for the duration of the Papal visit. Premium is subject to agreement with Catholic National Mutual Ltd and that Papal Visit Ltd. should be debited for it.

Catholic National Services Office

Correspondent [Insurers?] to Fr Pritchard: Thefts

No evidence that the silver bowl and altar frontal was in fact stolen hence not reported to the police. Hence cannot consider claim under Theft Policy. Regarding the money lost from the presbytery - as the offender has been apprehended and confessed a cheque for £50 (limited by policy) will be sent as settlement of the claim.
manuscript annotation: "Copy for Fr Moorcraft"


Director's report April 1982

Reservation of Blessed Sacrament in Slipper Chapel - decision required from Shrine Council
Sacrament of the Sick
Masses Timetable
New Organs - requests for use by eminent organist and to make a commercial recording
Sub-committee report - (formed by Bishop Clark to consider financial matters) - number of decisions and policies need to be made by Shrine Council & Executive Committee
Publicity - a number of decisions made by the director for which he apologies, not having realise that he should have consulted with Shrine Council
Papal mass - Listed the 20 seats decided by the Exec Committee; Fr Colven has his own invitation; insure the statue and gold crown for £10,000
Conclusion - despite the gloomy financial situation; the shrine was built through faith and hope; Walsingham embraces all walks of life, and increasingly, denominations

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fire Insurance - receipt "re Building of Chapel at Lakenham" - 1934 to 1941

Insurance cover (£800) for Lakenham Church and contents. £3 premium drawn against L Youens.
Receipts for !934/5/6/8/9/40; 1 memo endorsement dated 17-1-1941 changing policy interest to Bishop of Northampton "for the time being".
1938 receipt endorsed to exclude risks of war (declared or not) and Civil War.

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd

Fire Insurance for Christ the King in Lakenham

Mgr Provost Freeland requested Fire Insurance for "Chapel at Lakenham"; cover being from 1-12-1933 to 25-12-1934. £3.0.9 is due. The agent, R T Cook, advises the cheque for the premium is to be £2-11-9 having deducted his fee of 15% i.e. 9/- .

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd

Fr Birch to Fr Wilson: Accounts; Insurance claim

Agency in Fakenham looking after the accounts. Burst pipe claim is fine - whose account does the money go into? Been told that the Bishop had told Fr Wilson to "take over" - is this true?

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Connelly to Fr Moorcraft: Accounts and Appeal Fund

Shrine Accountants asking for value of Appeal Fund for the 1975 accounts. Also insurance dated February 1976 values buildings at £413000 and contents at £25,708 - correct? What are the debts owning to the Diocese?
manuscript annotation: "Shrine Capital re National Shrine "E" A/c = £56457.76"

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)

Fr Connelly to Fr Moorcraft: Responsibility for Diocesan Buildings in Walsingham

Parish Priest is responsible for all buildings in Wells-next-the-Sea, Blakeney, Burnham Market and the parish church in Walsingham.
Shrine is responsible for all other Diocesan buildings in Walsingham.
The responsibility entails costs, maintenance, rates and insurance.
manuscript note: "We should have to apportion the Insurance costs of Walsingham in accordance with the above! [G]"

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)

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