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Worswick, T Peter W Dom OSB
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Abbot Ramsay to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Worswick to leave Beccles

Abbot Ramsay: Need to provide resources for the missions - hence a need to move Fr Worswick from Beccles. Fr martin Campbell, currently at Little Malvern, will replace him.
manuscript annotation: "Extremely sorry! But will not embarrass you, only trusting that Beccles will not go to sleep again. Fr Worswick [illegible] her from sleep of Spiritual Starvation. I give faculties to Fr Campbell for when he comes, also for the Nuns. Fr Worswick [illegible] leave his faculties form behind, when Fr Campbell comes he can send it to me. I will just change the name. Sept 12/24."

Downside Abbey

Abbot Ramsey to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Accept being a trustee

The Abbot accepts the role as trustee for the endowment from Mr Banham's will.
manuscript annotation: "Wrote thanking. Also to RE Banham saying Abbot Ramsey accepted to act as trustee and to say that, subject to Fr Worswick's approval, appointed Dr Helsham. Also wrote to Fr Worswick telling him of the arrangements."

Downside Abbey

Fr Worswick to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Faculties for Gillingham and Fr Aidan Slack

Fr Slack, ordained yesterday, is now at Beccles and hence Fr Vermuelen wishes to take leave. Would the bishop grant faculties for Fr Slack whilst here? Mentions woman who has promise to return to communion when Fr Slack becomes a priest.
manuscript annotation: "Granted. Gillingham (& Beccles if Fr Worswick desires it - not, however, for the nuns) Also for preaching."

Worswick, T Peter W Dom OSB