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Youens, Laurence Walter Rev (1873-1939)
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Bishop to Pope: Petition to close Convents in Aldeburgh and Woodbridge

A (rough) summary translation from the Latin:
Leo, by the grace of God and of the Apostolic See, Bishop of Northamptonshire, on his knees at the feet of Your Holiness, humbly sets forth the following:
In 1923, three sisters of the congregation of the diocese, "Sisters of Mercy", with the permission of their Ordinary and of the Bishop of Northampton and Minever, arrived at Woodbridge in the Diocese of Northampton, and set up a home and school.
In 1927, the number of the sisters grew, now in Aldeburgh in the same Diocese of Northampton, in a rented house and founded the school. They seemed to be always in a better financial state than might be is they had been carefully monitored. In 1935, some sisters left and founded a convent in the Diocese Plymouth.
Taking on his diocese last year, the Bishop of Northampton discovered the sisters in two Convents: in Woodbridge and Aldeburgh. Because of the problems (of their own making) they have gone to the Archdiocese of Birmingham to start again leaving one sister in Woodbridge. The Bishop of Northampton has visited this sister and heard that the sisters are in debt to £1450. Two sick sisters are there and the religious life is disrupted.
There is little hope of addressing these difficulties, except to release these few simple sisters from debt. The Bishop of Northampton deems it necessary for the seven sisters to be assigned to the same order in the Archdiocese of Westminster.
The sisters themselves and the Superiors-General of the Congregation of Westminster gives their consent. The convent of this Congregation in Crispin Street, London, had lately been a refuge for the sisters from the Woodbridge and Aldeburgh.
For that reason, the Ordinary in Westminster and Bishop of Northampton most humbly implore the help of the Bishop of the Apostolic See to recognise these extremely difficult circumstances and allow that the sisters are provided for, and through the sale of the house and its furniture to pay the debt for Woodbridge.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Claude Fisher to Rev Hughes: Picture of Bishop Youens

Claude is writing a paperback on the two Shrine and wants to include a picture of Bishop Youens as the founder of the Slipper Chapel Shrine. He has an image of Father Hope who founded the Anglican Shrine. You may have already been asked by Mgr Diamond who has been helpful in some research.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Fire Insurance - receipt "re Building of Chapel at Lakenham" - 1934 to 1941

Insurance cover (£800) for Lakenham Church and contents. £3 premium drawn against L Youens.
Receipts for !934/5/6/8/9/40; 1 memo endorsement dated 17-1-1941 changing policy interest to Bishop of Northampton "for the time being".
1938 receipt endorsed to exclude risks of war (declared or not) and Civil War.

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd

Fr Clare to Bishop: Child for adoption; visit to Ireland; Ceiling fell in at Ramsey

Family in which mother died, father bad catholic, and boy's future to be decided. To get in touch with Canon Youens enclosing Mgr Cummins' letter. Asks for leave of absence to go to Ireland on business & asks for celebret. Some of ceiling of Ramsey Church has fallen down. May the agent attend to it?
Bishop annotation: "Please send a line to Mgr. Cummins letting him know what I have done & like to do. Get a verification thro' the agent for the necessary repairs. I send "Celebret" but who is your ?? ? he using recent faculties! July 9 1929".

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Fr Clare to Bishop: Description of proposed new Church; Plans attached; Cost estimate £1050

Enclosed plan & Frost's sketch of 1st portion of new church for March. Describes proposal in detail & reason for various aspects. New sacristy also needed. He would like to dedicate the Church to Our Lady of Walsingham as theirs was the first in the diocese to install a statue of Our Lady according to original model. If Bishop approves plan, he will send specifications. He encloses cheque for cathedraticum from Deanery clergy

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Fr Flanagan to Bishop: Asking permission to sue Sr Mary of Aldeburgh Convent

Fr Flanagan is asking for permission under Canon Law to take legal action against Sister Mary of Aldeburgh Convent. Canon Tonks has a copy of the "grave statement".
Manuscript annotation (on reverse of page): "Kindly write and say that I cannot and will not grant such permission +Laurence B. of N."

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Fr Flanagan to Monsignor [Tonks?]: Bishop's solution; Convent affair; legal action

Fr Flanagan mentions that the Bishop's solution last April was "a thorough Visitation of the Convent". He says that he was sent to Aldeburgh to settle the Convent affair as Fr Davidson had difficulties with the Revd. Mother, and that the Bishop had promised to back him up. It would be fair & just for the Bishop to forward the letters to him so that he could provide a written answer to the "alleged charges". Fr Davidson says he has asked leave to take legal action against Sister Mary (the Superior).

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Fr Flanagan to Monsignor [Tonks?]: Wants an interview with the Bishop to put his case

Fr Flanagan writing to "Monsignor" [Canon Tonks?] that he has asked the Bishop for an interview to present his documents and bring some supporting parishioners. Majority in Aldeburgh know nothing of "this agitation". The Bishop has been asked to visit on 3 occasions - he did not come. He is not being treated well with an external priest in the parish and interfering with it. Fr Davidson has written to the Vicar-General about this matter. Only fair to have a hearing.

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop: Fr Phillips bid for land without permission - now Fr Ketterer's problem

Fr Phillips had bid £500 for one and three quarters of an acre of meadow close to the Church - apparently without gaining Diocesan permission - now bid has transferred to Fr Ketterer. The Post Office's bid has been accepted for £300 for three quarters of an acre. The remainder would be suitable for a church and presbytery. Canon Squirrell knows of this and suggested writing to the Bishop to explain the position. This is a useful bit of land; can he bid around £350 for it? Since the Bishop is in Norwich that week he can come and see it.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop: Sale of property in Wymondham - "The Elms" (Norwich Road)

Fr Ketterer has not hear the results of the sale but presumes that the "Elms" is now in Diocesan possession - he and his parishioners thank the Bishop for that. He wonders if he should be giving up the leases on Church and Presbytery, or, if the Bishop intends to use the property as his summer residence. Fr Ketterer alludes to several issues but will not bother the Bishop with his "tales of woe", Canon Squirrel will hear them instead.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Ketterer to Canon Tonks: Land sold; expansion of Wymondham; new site identified

Writes to Monsignor (assumed to be Canon Tonks): Receipt for Bishop's generous gift to the Mission enclosed. Post Office has acquired the piece of meadow, rendering the site too narrow for Church & Presbytery. Describes the nature of planned expansion in Wymondham. Has identified a site 10 minutes walk from current address. Has obtained pews & chairs for the two churches in Wymondham and Dereham. Increased seating accommodation, more dignified and silent when congregation sit or stand.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Mullett to Bishop: House furnishing arrangements; need for money

Fr Mullett describes the contents of the house all being removed except those belonging to the Diocese - his, and the housekeeper's, curtains have gone too. He is very short of money, the bank has told him he has 14/9d in the account. Being the eldest in a family of fourteen means that his father will not be able to support him. Hence can the Bishop help out even for one quarter? Fr Macgregor is happy with the Bishop's arrangements.

Mullett, James Hubert Rev (-1955)

Fr Wilson to Claude Fisher: Picture of Bishop Youens

Fr Wilson is the successor to Fr Hughes as the Administrator for the Children;s Society. He cannot find any photographs of Bishop Youens, although he is sure that Mgr Diamond will have informed Mr Fisher that a picture hangs in the dining room in the Bishop's House, Northampton.

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

McDowell to Bishop: Complaint against Fr Flanagan

Begging the Bishop to remove Fr Flanagan. in 11 months he has alienated very member of his flock in Aldeburgh and Leiston. His manner is ruse, violent and insulting. Fr Flanagan is described not as a shepherd but as a ravening wolf amongst the flock. Mr McDowell mentions both Canon Peacock and Canon Marshall who will vouch for his steadfastness.
Manuscript pencilled annotation (on reverse of page 2): "Letter considered, action later"

McDowell, J K Mr

Pugin's Little Gem. Brief history of the RC Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Front cover: image of RC Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus; Title
Inside front: map showing location of parish in relation to neighbouring parishes
Pg 1 Forward by Fr Porczak, PP; pg 2 ; image of bells; pg 3 Contents:
Early beginnings 5
A Recycled Church 6
Pugin's little gem 9
The church exterior 9
The church interior 10
Continued expansion - the church hall 15
Celebration of 100 years 16
Solar Installation 17
Legacy 17
Glossary 17
Bibliographies 19
Appendix 21 [inside rear cover]
(Bishops of Northampton Diocese, Bishops of East Anglia Diocese., Parish Priests, Assistant priests, Deacons)
Rear cover: image of Plaque from Civic Society of St Ives - "Church of the Sacred Heart"

Porczak, Karol Rev

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