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Bishop Novati to Bishop: Request for information about validity of baptism

"There being at Lodi young Lady who was baptize at Aldburgh on Sea by Protestant and she desiring now to become a christian, I pray you to relate me what protestant sect there is in that City for know the validity of the Baptism."
Manuscript annotation: Answered: Our practice [?] is to Baptize "sub consitione" all converts from Protestantism as we are never sure of the validity. [?] [?]. Dec 3/30"

Novati, Peter Calchi, Rev (1868-1952)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Visitation - 13-14 October 1990

Bishop thinks the programme is excellent. One request. He wishes to administer a Baptism in Brantham on 14 October (part of St Mark's parish, Ipswich). Ann has organised well and arranged supper on Saturday with John & Pauline Matthias - are you coming too?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Lydiate: Advice on a child in foster care regarding permissions needed to bring up as a Catholic

Fr Lydiate needs to take care when considering that a fostered child is a Catholic - foster parents, birth mother and authorities all need to be consulted. Beware the March Clerk who is a bit awkward. Fr Hardwick at Shetford deals with such cases if you need to contact Catholic Child Protection Society to intervene or remove the child (it). p.s. has Fr Flanagan taken his furniture yet?

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop's Mission - "I got a loving welcome everywhere"

Article; 2 columns; 3 images - "Roman Catholic Bishop Alan Clark is back from his expedition to South America..."
Mentions in the article include: witnessing a terrorist bomb attack in Lima; baptism of a sick child; visits to settlements; aid sent by the Catholics of the diocese; Bp Clark's passion for Christian unity.

Eastern Evening News (1882-)

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Kimber Dalmas will come undone; Requested baptism; Holiday

Fr Davidson believes Kimber, given enough rope, will hang himself and his fraud will be discovered soon. Captain Mayne is involved. Kimber has asked for his adopted six year old boy to be baptised. Fr Davidson has requested proof of adoption. and does not expect to hear from him again. Manuscript p.s. "I enclose Kimber's letter in an advert from La Croix. I have stopped the Universe One."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Delaney to Bishop: Maintenance; Poor Mission application; House furnishing and decoration costs

Cannot form an estimate of income from the visitors during the season, therefore will ask Canon Ashmole for an application form for the Poor Mission fund soon. Costs of furnishing, repairing and decorating the presbytery were high; the nuns only advanced half his last quarter salary; getting the workmen our the house (fourteen of them) was an issue. No problem with putting the chapel on the garden in fact he might be able to get an additional strip of land as a gift. After his return from Paris, Fr Delaney hopes to do great things with building fund and maintenance fund. Would like to get building soon since it is difficult to accommodate the existing congregation without including visitors. Numbers are increasing 3 recantations in both Aldeburgh and Leiston; four ready for full baptism; three babies for baptism.

Delaney, Vincent Rev

Fr Hulme to Bishop Parker: Lourdes; Property; Baptism; Pilgrimage

Celebret requested for trip to Lourdes- supply requested from East Bergholt. Mortgage due on a Blakeney property, then chapel and ground will be given to the Diocese outright. Mr Hoy has the Oddfellows Hall document; Bishops clause raised with him. How to make an entry in the registered for a baptised adopted child and what goes on the certificate? Thanks for help in obtaining the loud speaker system being given by Canon Malone. Written to Fr Hignett as suggested. Glad to hear the Bishop and Bishop Cunningham are coming to Walsingham in July. Successful vigil pilgrimage held.

Hulme, Gerard Rev (-1978)

Fr Richmond to Bishop Clark: Marriage; Raising Children as Catholics

A couple wishing to be married (Male, CofE; Female, RC). Man wishes all boys to be baptised and raised in CofE. Woman having difficulty signing a form to have children baptised and brought up as Catholics. Whilst a good woman, she is lax in her duties at St Henry's and signing would not mean anything. The man is an irregular attender of the CofE. They have been given advice and instruction by Fr Richmond. The couple are not antagonistic about the situation, just sad. Await a decision from the Bishop.

Richmond, Hugh Rev SDS (1912-)

Fr Riley to Bishop: Further information relating to the Farr case

Fr Riley put the questions the Bishop required asking to Robert Farr. Provides details from the answers: first marriage; second marriage (to Ada Louise Fret, described as "average intelligence, respectable, of poor surroundings formerly, but good moral character"); baptised? (mother relates that it was a standing joke that the clergyman sometimes used water, sometimes not - so case is back to its old state). Fr Riley did not let on that he, and the Bishop, knew Farr had written to the Pope.

Riley, John Rev SJ ( -1935)

Fr Riley to Bishop: The Farr case

Fr Riley describes the current situation that the Farrs find themselves in. He considers that both would be good Catholics if these circumstances were not so. They both attend Mass and Benediction regularly. The nature of Farr's baptism gives cause for concern since Farr cannot provide evidence one way or another.

Riley, John Rev SJ ( -1935)

Fr Worswick to Bishop Carey-Elwes: Reception into the Church

Petition enclosed [not present] for the reception of a woman who will be ready to be received at the end of July. Bishop's view requested on whether she is baptised as "Her mother says she was baptised by the parson making the sign of the cross on her forehead with a wet finger."
manuscript annotation: "Sent. Baptise absolutely!"

Worswick, T Peter W Dom OSB