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Mr J G Kenyon to Bishop Riddell: Permission for a domestic chapel, longer term build a church

Contacting the Bishop to introduce himself and family as newly into the Diocese following inheriting Gillingham Hall. Requesting permission for the privilege of a domestic chapel at Gillingham to have Mass and the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament - a large and suitable room is available. Expects to build a small chapel in time which would be open to any Catholics in the area (should there be any). If the Bishop can concede this, then "it will urge us to do, rather than hinder us, from doing, what we can to help the parochial mission and Church." Asks the Bishop to visit or send a representative to discuss these matters.

Kenyon, John George (1843-1914)

Fr Fulton to Bishop Riddell: Building style; Shrine Lamps

"... building in the Gothic style, that Norman; good thick walls & piers - massive & without ornamentation."
Hopes to find a perpetuity lamp (promised) before the Shrine of the Sacred Heart and seven perpetuity lamps before the Shrine of "Our Lady of Pitie" for the conversion of England. £50 to endow a lamp in perpetuity. Anne Kenyon received the Last Sacraments. Joseph Kenyon returned today for his Christmas holiday.

Fulton, Francis Meinrad Dom OSB (1860-1912)

Fr Mason to Bishop Riddell: Land purchase; Dispensation for a Marriage; Visit

Land owner, Mr Johnson, requires £700 instead of £500 for a piece of land of 7025 feet. One month's refusal given.
Requests for advice / dispensation for a marriage between two residents of Spain who want to be married in August.
Thanks the bishop for his Form of Application and asks if he still feels the benefits of East Coast air.

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Book of Mission - Aldeburgh

Contents from front:
1926-1930 – 2 pages of historical notes
1906 Statistics;
1907 Statistics, Bishop Riddell made first visitation & confirmation of 8 (23 April 1907);
1908 Statistics, Bishop Keating visitation & confirmation of 6;
1909 Statistics;
1910 Statistics; Bishop’s 2nd visitation& vows of Sister Mary of Sacred Heart
1911 Statistics; Bishop’s visitation – 15 for confirmation; two postulants receive the habit
1912 Statistics; collections
1913 Statistics; collections
1914 Statistics; collections; 42 Belgium refugees
1915 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit 25 for confirmation (19 were Belgian Children)
1916 Statistics; collections arrival of Fr Delaney, departure of Fr Coltee
1917 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit Sept 26; average military attendance at Mass 53
1918 Statistics; collections; average military attendance at Mass 56
1919 Statistics; collections
1920 Statistics; collections
1921 Statistics
1922 Statistics; collections
1923-1964 diary of events

Contents from Back (inverted): First Communion lists for 1907/1908/1909/1911/1912/1913 in manuscript

Permission to retain Blessed sacrament on site - Convent of BVM of Pity, Beccles

[Case] N.3538/16; Signed by Cardinal Falionio, Congregation of the Religious and embossed with his seal.
Convent at Beccles can house the Blessed Sacrament on site - provided: mass held once a week; there is a tabernacle; it is secured appropriately; no more than seven sisters on site.

Sacra Congregatio de Religiosis (1908-)

Fr Delaney to Bishop: Maintenance; Poor Mission application; House furnishing and decoration costs

Cannot form an estimate of income from the visitors during the season, therefore will ask Canon Ashmole for an application form for the Poor Mission fund soon. Costs of furnishing, repairing and decorating the presbytery were high; the nuns only advanced half his last quarter salary; getting the workmen our the house (fourteen of them) was an issue. No problem with putting the chapel on the garden in fact he might be able to get an additional strip of land as a gift. After his return from Paris, Fr Delaney hopes to do great things with building fund and maintenance fund. Would like to get building soon since it is difficult to accommodate the existing congregation without including visitors. Numbers are increasing 3 recantations in both Aldeburgh and Leiston; four ready for full baptism; three babies for baptism.

Delaney, Vincent Rev

Authority for Exposition of Sacrament

Typescript is in Latin
Headed: Convent of Saint Mary of Peace, Aldeburgh
Bishop of Northampton permits the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on first Friday of every month and on the Feast of the Circumcision. Lists feast days for Mass and benediction so long as they do not occur on the Lord's day.
Signed by the Bishop on 20 January [no year]
Manuscript annotation: "These sisters were ordered to disband by Rome in October 1927. They left Dec. 31st 1927 - were replaced by the Sisters of Mercy."

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Rev Franz Fellinger to Bishop: Petition for separation

Desciara Boulos has a petition before the Patriarchal Court for separation from his wife, Mei Giamile Damian, for adultery. Court not proceeding since his wife has made a counter claim. Asking Bishop to put the enclosed interrogatory to him since he lives at "13 Marian Arcade, Great Yarmouth".
Side 2, pencilled notes: Wife remains in Palestine, has attributed bad behaviour to you. Notes on being with unmarried women, visiting houses of prostitution, walking with a dancing woman, bad behaviour with a woman

Fellinger, Franz Rev Dr (1865-1940)

Bishop to Fr Courtney: Petition for separation - interrogatory

Repeats the content of the original letter from Rev Dr Franz Fellinger and encloses the interrogatory (not available) to be put to Mr B Boulos. The Bishop delegates Fr Courtney to do this in the presence of a responsible person to act as a notary.
Side 2, Notary's handwritten record of answers to the questions put:
"1. Yes I have been disarrayed.

  1. The accusation is false.
  2. Indignantly denies having been to house of prostitution
  3. Denies walking out with a dancing woman or any woman.
  4. It is not true denies both points of accusation
    [undecipherable 5 words] by me (signed) Bishara Boulos"

Witness to the signature of B Boulos J Courtney SJ [word?] Delegate of [Bishop of Northampton]
(signed) Edward Julius Cox Notary

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Fr Courtney to Bishop: Explanatory note re Boulos' answers

Note providing background the two enclosures: I. Petitinem ad acathol. Reconciliationem, II. Letter (Confidential) re Syrian, Boulos.
Fr Courtney makes it clear that since the Bishop did not specifically request it, the answers provided by Boulos were not on Oath. Just as well "... seeing that the truth was not well served." He quotes Can 1744

Courtney, Timothy Rev SJ

Aidan Slack to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Faculties for Gillingham

Aidan Slack, writing from Ushaw College, Durham, hopes to be ordained on Easter Monday. His first Mass will be at Mrs Kenyon's oratory at Gillingham Hall. Hopes to reconcile a lapsed Catholic there and requests faculties for Gillingham.
manuscript annotation: Gave faculties for Gillingham Hall only."


Fr Worswick to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Request for music during a marriage

Mr Banham has previously had music played at the marriage of a daughter (to a protestant) in 1918. He asks if he may have it again for another daughter also marrying a protestant.
manuscript annotation: "Organ can be played before and after but not during - no lighted candles. Priest in cassock [?] Stole"

Worswick, T Peter W Dom OSB

Fr Courtney to Bishop: Couple are sincere, so no need for written statements

Fr Courtney enclosing Fr Freeland's letter to him, writes to the Bishop about why he did not ask for written evidence of their intent. He judges them to be sincere but the man is an impulsive and defiant character who may not take kindly to being reminded of his marriage's sterility or of his own possible impotence.

Courtney, Timothy Rev SJ

Fr Thompson to Bishop: Marriage annulment requested

Refers to two troublesome people who want their nuptial entanglement unravelled. Elianna married in a Registry Office then separated lived apart from the man for many a year. Also, Andrew, a Scotsman, is a firm friend and will taking instruction after his marriage. Offers the Bishop Seasonal greetings. Happy to hear that Blessed Peter Canisius is to be canonised.

Convent of St Louis

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