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Parishioner to [Bishop]: Accommodation for Visitation in October

"Ann", addressing the Bishop as "Alan", writes to offer accommodation for his Visitation in October. However, it will be with their friends as she has a family party to attend in London. An alternative address is offered with her friends whom the Bishop has met. Expects to see the Bishop for a nightcap and will tell him about their pilgrimage adventures.


Fr Heath to Bishop: 175th Anniversary of APF

Fr Heath advising Bishop that next year is the 175th Anniversary of the APF [Association for the Propagation of the Faith]. He is asked to lead a Mass at the Cathedral on 20 October 1997. Other diocesan directors are making similar requests to their respective Bishops. Complain about the Key's coverage which did not mention the support given by schools - £300 this year, £2000 since the Bishop's letter.

Heath, Bernard R Rev (-2013)

Fr Back to Bishop: Pancreatitis hospitalisation described; Parish report

Fr Back has been in hospital for 3 days with pancreatitis. Description of his condition and stay in hospital. Sees in his diary that he has been out to 40 meals since just before Christmas! Situation report about the Parish: re-heating done; repair programme for presbytery (no longer up for sale); site at Leiston; more children at liturgy; 2 receptions for Eater; assemblies at school; contacting B&Bs and hotels; expects to be chaplain to the Mayor; coach booked for Chrism Mass. Forward look to exchange with priest in London; Verona for a week; first Communions and then Aldeburgh Festival.

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

Book of Mission - Aldeburgh

Contents from front:
1926-1930 – 2 pages of historical notes
1906 Statistics;
1907 Statistics, Bishop Riddell made first visitation & confirmation of 8 (23 April 1907);
1908 Statistics, Bishop Keating visitation & confirmation of 6;
1909 Statistics;
1910 Statistics; Bishop’s 2nd visitation& vows of Sister Mary of Sacred Heart
1911 Statistics; Bishop’s visitation – 15 for confirmation; two postulants receive the habit
1912 Statistics; collections
1913 Statistics; collections
1914 Statistics; collections; 42 Belgium refugees
1915 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit 25 for confirmation (19 were Belgian Children)
1916 Statistics; collections arrival of Fr Delaney, departure of Fr Coltee
1917 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit Sept 26; average military attendance at Mass 53
1918 Statistics; collections; average military attendance at Mass 56
1919 Statistics; collections
1920 Statistics; collections
1921 Statistics
1922 Statistics; collections
1923-1964 diary of events

Contents from Back (inverted): First Communion lists for 1907/1908/1909/1911/1912/1913 in manuscript

Fr Delaney to Bishop: Confirms conveyancing actions taken; Plans and estimates being forwarded

Deeds being sent on; trustees as suggested by the Bishop; one conveyancing used for both sites. Plans and estimates to be forwarded. Smyth of Leiston is a cabinet maker and house furnisher who has started a little building; Reade is a good builder. Comparison of each bidders proposals.

Delaney, Vincent Rev

Arthur Young to Bishop: Plans for Aldeburgh Church

Forwarding the sketch plans and drawings for Aldeburgh Church design. Describes the church, Gothic with Round Tower (typical of Suffolk, with flints and plan roofing tiles). Chesham Bois church has similar floor area. Rough costing £1500 to £1600 a further £500 to complete Tower and porch. Fawcett Road is cramped and not suitable, but Fr Delaney has indicated The Terrace site, which is much better and allows room for future requirements.

Arthur Young / Allan D Reid

Trustees list

Printed heading: "Curia Diocesana Northantoniensis"
Trustees of the Presbytery and of plots of land upon The Terrace - site of the Church
The Right Rev Dudley Charles Cary-Elwes
Very Rev Augustine Peter Peacock
Rev Hugh Parker"
[believed to be Canon Tonks' handwriting]

Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)

Bertram Yorke to Canon Tonks: Matter is between Fr Delaney and Canon Tonks; Finance has nothing to do with me

Disposition of deed, etc. is a matter for Fr Delaney and Canon Tonks to sort out. Fiance is nothing to do with Mr Yorke. Fr Delaney bought the 4 plots and the presbytery in his own name. They were conveyed to the Bishop and others; however, the plots were no longer needed once a new site was found. The same process has happened for this site - acquired by Fr Delaney, subsequently to be conveyed to the Bishop and others. Fr Delaney has deposited the deeds with the bank and paid a deposit because he was concerned not to lose the site. Sort it out between you and send on the deeds for the plots to settle with Mr Reade - it being a small matter but it is hindering things.

Bertram R Yorke

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Payment due; Religious Instruction; Parnell issues

£400 due at end of month. Has asked Mr Reade to send bill to Canon Tonks. Arrangements for payment may involve a post-dated cheque as Fr Davidson wishes to see this small builder paid early. [Bishop manuscript annotation: "Do with this (Canon Tonks) as you see fit, i.e. send cheque at once or wait till Davidson's return"]. Fr Davidson will try to raise more money in Spain with help of the Spanish lady here. Lost the Bishop's questions regarding Religious Instruction - but says there are 14[13?] in Aldeburgh and 12 in Leiston who attend Catechism; he does extra help for individual cases. [Bishop manuscript annotation: [?] another copy [?][?]full up!]. Parnell trouble: with the Bishop's support Fr Davidson will have the strength to deal with her (described as a bully and ultimately a coward) and be friendly but not discuss parish business. A Real hope for the Church by December.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

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