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Philpot, Anthony Rev (1935-2016)
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Bishop Clark Celebrates 40 years in Priesthood

"Nearly 80 priests and 500 young people will join the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia, Rt Rev Alan Clark, at St John's Cathedral, Norwich, on Monday, February 11th to celebrate his 40 years in the priesthood."
Short biography of Bishop Alan Clark. Fr Philpot to give the address.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Clark to Bp Grant: Diocese division; Downham Market; PP changeover

Suggest Canons Burditt and Frost and Frs Philpot and Wace for Commission on the division of the [Northampton] Diocese.
Downham Market is an issue on which we must stand - "whatever the personal holiness of Ossie (and God alone is the Judge here), he is corrupting a holy thing - and this is the hidden evil." Unwavering leadership is required. Confront Ossie with the obedience he owes, and, that the Pope has formally specified the circumstances in which the rite may be celebrated.
Tony Sketch should be given Downham market as his charge and say a publicised Mass there.
PPs (Aldeburgh, Wymondham, Felixstowe and Ipswich) make change-over on October 7th.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Richmond: Visit to St Henry's. [Reverse side: Meeting notes]

Wednesday June 8 to meet informally with the St Henry's people. Important that the parishioners see him now they have a parish in their own right.

Reverse side: Meeting manuscript [probably Bishop's handwriting] notes but no date/subject/objective - Philpot / Drury / Rogers all mentioned - topics "prayer", "Preaching" "human relationships", "emotive issues"

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop goes by Jet, Jeep and Horse

Bishop Clark is travelling, with Fr Philpot, to Bolivia to visit one of his priests, Fr John Drury. Fr Drury has been in South America for 5 years and the last 12 months have been spent in the foothills of the Andes. He returns to East Anglia in the Autumn and has sent an open letter to all those in the diocese who have helped him with the prayers and alms.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop to Fr Kerby: Ordination of John Gardner to Diaconate - testimonials required. 50th Anniversary of Papworth Church - dates

Re ordination of John Gardner to Diaconate: Bishop requires testimonials from Fr Philpot & Fr Rogers. If time is right for John, then Bishop can come on Friday 16 July 1982.
Re 50th anniversary of Papworth Church, 18 June 1982 is out for the Bishop but perhaps the Chancellor can stand in for him?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Kerby to Bishop: Ordination of John Gardner to Diaconate. 50th Anniversary of Papworth Church.

Re ordination of John Gardner to Diaconate: instructors Fr Philpot & Fr Rogers happy with progress, Fr Kerby happy with his diligence and service during 7 months at parish.
Suggest ordination on Friday 16 July 1982, the feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.
Re 50th anniversary of Papworth Church original arrangement for the Bishop to come to be changed to a more suitable date (2 days later) on 18 June 1982

Kerby, Raymond Rev (?-2009)

Fr Wilson to Bishop Clark: Southwold Tower; Mildenhall presence; Lynford future

3 topics in this letter:

  1. Southwold - Suggest that Fr Sloan get on with the repairs to the tower

  2. Mildenhall - Tony Philpot's suggestion that a more permanent presence in Mildenhall i agreed. Place in housing estate instead of edge of town; a 50% grant fro New Missions Fund, about £20,000 - where to get the rest? Also, staffing - retired military chaplain? Consider a parish of Mildenhall and Brandon?

  3. Lynford - what to do with it when [Fr] Flannery goes? Merge into parish for Mildenhall/./Brandon?

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

RCDEA Archives to Fr McCormick: Photographs received; dimensions

Mrs Dora Cowton writes. Have received the photographs and will add them to the Travelling Mission notes already held. Provides dimensions for the altar with a description. Fr Fears cannot explain how the altar came to be in Brandon. The previous priest Fr Ivan Rudkin has died; Fr Antony Philpot was PP at Bury St Edmunds and served Brandon, which was also served from Newmarket where Fr Peter Leeming was one of the priests - should she write to them?

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